The story of the series Bi Tuhaf Hikaye – A Strange Story


The new Turkish series Bi Tuhaf Hikaye A Strange Story is the new series “Kerem Bursin”, which is scheduled to be shown soon. Produced by Al-Qamar Production Company. It is a wonderful work about the relationship of a girl with her father. Let’s get to know all the information about the Turkish series Bi Tuhaf Hikaye and who are the heroes of this wonderful series.

What is the story of Bi Tuhaf Hikaye series?

A new series, starring Kerem Boursin, “Hekayat Gharibiya”, has been announced. Which will be shown in 2023.

Although the series was announced some time ago, there is no clear information about its story.

Karam had previously announced his participation in the series “Lemmy”, and the name of the work was changed to a strange story.

In the promotional posters for the series, “Karm Boursin” and the child, Abrar Alia, appeared side by side, and it is certain that the story revolves around the relationship between Karam and Abrar.

When will the series be shown?

A wonderful series with a lot of humanitarian events has been announced. Bi Tuhaf Hikaye will bring together Karam Boursin and the child artist “Abrar Alia”.

What is the broadcast channel for the series “Bi Tuhaf Hikaye”?

This series will be shown on a digital platform.

How many episodes does it have?

The number of episodes of the Bi Tuhaf Hikaye series is 8.

What are the names of his heroes

The Bi Tuhaf Hikaye series is one of the most important series expected to be shown on the screens. Let’s get to know the full list of the names of the heroes of the Bi Tuhaf Hikaye series, the name of the series’ hero, and the name of the heroine. And more information about the co-starring cast of Bi Tuhaf Hikaye.

Bi Tuhaf Hikaye - A Strange Story

Who are the actors of Bi Tuhaf Hikaye?

The heroes of this wonderful work are Kerem Bursin and the young star Abrar Alya Demirbilik.

What is the name of the heroine of Bi Tuhaf Hikaye?

The heroine’s name is Abrar Alya Demirbilik. She is a child actress who started acting when she was only 6 months old, after which she began appearing in television commercials. Then she participated in the series You Are Mine, episode 13.
The star child, Abrar, who proved her talent, was born in Istanbul in 2014 AD, but she is of Arab origin. Her mother said that she was called Abrar, which is a name mentioned in the Qur’an meaning essence, the right thing, goodness, or believers. Her parents are modest people, her mother is a veiled housewife and her father is a boutique owner. She inherited blue eyes from her mother. She has an older sister named Sudi, but her sister does not look much like her, as she has black hair and black eyes.

What is the name of the hero of Bi Tuhaf Hikaye?

The name of the hero of the series is the Turkish star “Karm Bursin”, who participated in the most famous Turkish series, including When You Wait for the Sun and other series. Our star agreed on this work months ago, and he promoted it on the basis of the name of the series “Lemi”, but he went out on his official website on Instagram, confirming the change Work name to “Strange Tale.

About our star, he was born on the fourth of June (June) 1987 in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and in it he grew up loving acting from an early age, as he used to imitate Turkish actors during his childhood. His family moved from Turkey to the United States of America, and settled in the US state of Texas, and there Karam Bursin obtained his high school diploma. He won the starring role in the series Beyond the Sun, and this series is one of the most important and prominent Turkish youth series.

the actors of Bi Tuhaf Hikaye