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Ibrar Alya Demirbilek and her life story, date of birth, when did she start her artistic career, her religion and her astrological sign, and her daily way of life. For all fans and fans of the actress, this is a complete article about everything she likes to know about her nationality, and her social networking sites. For all fans of the actress, a complete and comprehensive article about Everything you like to know about her, including her work, her life secrets, her upcoming projects, her biography, what is her height and weight, special details about her life, her talent, her favorite sport, and her favorite star, if any.

Who is Ebrar Alya Demirbilek?

Ibrar Alya Demirbilak date of birth: September 30, 2014.
Omar Ibrar Alya Demirbilek in 2023: 8 years.
Place of birth: I was born in Turkey – Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkey.
Religion of Ibrar Aliya Demirbilek: Muslim.
The name of Ibrar Alya Demirbilek’s husband or boyfriend: Not married.
Weight: 30 kg.
Height: 120 cm.
Astrological sign: Libra.
Academic Qualification: None.
When did she start her acting career: She started her career in 2017.
What is her favorite sport: swimming.
What is her talent: Her talent is playing the guitar, singing and acting.

Ebrar Alya Demirbilek’s Instagram and Facebook

Her Instagram website: https://www.instagram.com/ebrardemirbilekresmi/?hl=tr
On Facebook: https://tr-tr.facebook.com/EbrarAlyaDemirbilek
Her website is on imdb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9641105/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t11

Ebrar Alya Demirbilek

Series, movies and plays

Çocuktan Al Haberi – The Love of Angels series 2018 AD – Klavye Delikanlilari. Strange story series.

Ebrar Alya Demirbilek Life Story and Biography

A child actress, born in Istanbul in 2014 AD, of Arab origin, she was named Abrar, which is a name mentioned in the Qur’an meaning essence, the right thing, goodness, or believers. Her parents are humble people, her mother is a veiled housewife, and her father is a boutique owner. Her name is Sudi, but her sister does not look much like her, she has black hair and black eyes.

She attracted everyone’s attention, as she is a girl who has not completed her fourth year and has become the talk of everyone. She was known through the Al-Habiri program, which was shown on television, in addition to some television commercials. She is distinguished by wonderful and clear blue eyes, and natural yellow hair. Jamahiriya after appearing in a famous TV program.

Series Ebrar Alya Demirbilek

Her start as an actress in 2017 AD through her role in Klavye Delikanlilari, she was a little girl, only three years old, but she won the role of Sherine in the series Love of Angels. She is a young artist, but she has a great future in acting. She has a large fan base, and the number of her followers on Instagram has reached about 464,000 in 2018. She loves playing the guitar and singing, and considers her talent besides acting. She owns a big dog and considers it her loyal friend.

Ebrar Alya Demirbilek is co-starring in the series A Strange Story with actor Kerem Bursin, which is shown on one of the digital platforms as a premiere. The number of episodes of the series is only 8 episodes

Strange story series