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Meltem Akçöl is a young Turkish actress who is the star of the series Duy Beni, who played the character of Hazal. Let’s get to know the beautiful star more closely. The story of her childhood life. Her family religion, age and date of birth.

Who is Meltem Aksol?

She is a beautiful Turkish actress, born in Istanbul, and she is also a famous social media celebrity. She was known for her role as Hazal in the Duy Beni series, and her role was very popular.

Meltem Akcol

is a popular phenomenon on social media and has a lot of followers from all over the world. This is because of her love for photography, as she takes pictures and explores a lot, and she also publishes pictures of herself in different clothes on Instagram.

Meltem Akçöl her religion

Maltese religion is Islam.

Meltem Aksol date of birth

Maltem Ekşol was born on January 1, 2001 in Istanbul.

The length

Her height is 166 cm and weight is 48 kg.

Meltem Akçöl
Meltem Akçöl

Meltem Akçöl and her boyfriend

Many are wondering who Meltem Akçöl’s lover is. Meltem does not think about entering into any emotional relationship now until she finds a suitable person for her who accepts her talent and acting profession, which she hopes to reach the top.

Hazal Meltem participated in the series Duy Beni

Meltem Akcol series

Meltam’s first role was in the series “Kirik Hayatlar”, which was shown on screens for the first time in 2021. It was a major and powerful role. Directed by: Bekir Dadash, Elkinur Oguz Arslan and screenplay: Pinar Ordu (Story), İbrahim Güler (Story), Melik Ordu (Story), Yasar Aksu, Nilufer Yenidoğan Özmekık. His story was about what happens in Kokabe Palace that happens between families for money and power.

In 2020, she played the character of Hazal Demir in Duy Beni series. His story began when a car hit Akim’s friend “Laila” while she was on her way to school. Her best friend was Laila (Helen Kandemir), and the car disappeared, and people on the street tried to chase the car, but they could not, and the owner of the car hid inside a private school.

Meltem Akcol
Meltem Akcol

In order to hide the story, the school was forced to take three children to study at the school for free. Akeem found it an opportunity to find out who was responsible for her friend’s accident. To get into many problems and wars with children of the same age.

Hazal, the heroine of the Duy Beni series

Hazal Meltem participated in the series Duy Beni and played the character Hazal. It was a fun youth summer role and series. It contains many real stories that happen to girls and boys in different schools. Especially in private schools attended by the children of the wealthy. How much bullying is there and how are girls and boys affected by such incidents?

At the beginning, the story was about friends in one school, and while two girls are going to school, a car accident occurs, only to find that the car enters a private school. In order to manage the incident, the school agreed to accept three boys. On their first day of school, they treat them as if they came from outer space. Then they encounter a phenomenon that will change their lives from that day on.

This place has its own system. The students of this rich school established their own system in a system they call imitation, sometimes to enjoy and sometimes to spend exciting moments. No one intervened because they were unharmed. Until that day a new teacher is appointed at the school. Salim Bandar (Berk Hakman)! Starring: Helen Candemir, Gökçe Güneş, Kaner Topçu, Rabia Sweetürk, Sumaya Aydoğan, Burak Can, and Meltem Aksol.

Meltem Akcol
Meltem Akcol