The story of the message series – Mektup


Rabia Switrek agreed on the story of the Mektup series as a new work for her after she finished her series “Listen to me. The series Al-Risala will be shown on Canal D. Let’s get to know all the information available about the series, what is its story, who are its heroes, and a lot of details about the stars of the show.

About the series “The Message” – Mektup

The written “Mektup” or the message is a new Turkish series, starring the star of the series, “Listen to me,” the actress “Rabiya Switrek,” who played a wonderful role, and the series was very popular, as it was watched by many viewers around the world.

This work is produced by Most Yapım Company for Kanal D. He sits in the director’s chair, “Deniz Dikelitas”.

The story of the message series – Mektup

The story of the series, Al-Risalah, or Mektup, revolves around a girl who finds what she is looking for in a letter left for her.

The names of the heroes of the series Al-Resala – Mektup

It was agreed with the star “Rabi’a Suetrek” to be the heroine of the Turkish written series.

Rabia Switürk, the star who will play the starring role among the actors of the series Al-Risalat, here is some brief information about her:

She was born on March 11, 1996 in Istanbul. The beautiful actress, who graduated from the nursing department, is 166 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. Rabia Soyetürk, who studied theater and acting at the Sadri Alicek Cultural Center, got her first acting experience with the TV series “Character”. The beautiful actress, who gained a popular identity with the series My Name Is Malak, was last seen on screen with the character October in the series Listen to Me. Rabia Soyetürk, who has 3 million followers on the Instagram platform, does not have a boyfriend or lover yet. It was said that the beautiful actress Rabie Switürk was in love with the actor Mustafa Mert Koc for a while, but Rabie Switürk is currently single.

The date of the presentation of the message series – Mektup

The date for showing a written series or a message will be determined upon completion of the selection of the entire cast. However, it was said that the work will be shown in the next season of Canal D at the beginning of 2023.

The name of the hero of the message series – Mektup

There are many names expected to participate in the Turkish series Risala besides Rabia, so who do you expect to be the star of this new show.

The name of the heroine of the message series – Mektup

A new series has been announced under the name Maktoob, which will co-star in the actress “Rabiah Switürk”, who became famous recently in the series Esma’ni, which was shown on the Turkish Star TV channel. But this work will be shown on “Canal D”.

Rabia’s latest work was the series “Listen to me”, which starred Berk Hackman, Ege Kokunli, Rabia Sweeturk, Kaner Topshu and Sumi Aydogan, reaching the final.

Our star is a famous actress who has more than 3 million followers on social media around the world. To be the choice of directors and producers for their upcoming works. After the success of her role in the series, he was presented with the script for the series “Risala”, and she quickly agreed to it. It has agreed with Most Production, which is the head of Gül and Mustafa Oğuz, who signed dozens of TV series projects that entered the history of Turkish TV series and brought many star names to it. Industry.

the message series - Mektup