The story of Taçsız Princesses, Princess without a crown


Get to know the stars and the story of the Taçsız Prenses series “Taçsız Prenses”. Let’s learn more information about his story and heroes and a lot of information about the name of the hero and heroine and the role of each character in the series Taçsız Prenses.

Information about the series Princess without a crown

Taçsız Prenses is a new Turkish series for Fox and will be produced by MF. And there are a lot of negotiations with the beautiful actress “Yağmur Tanrısevsin”.

A new series will start filming soon. Many details have not yet been clarified. All that is currently available are attempts with actress Yamour to star in the series Princess without a Taj.

According to the existing information that the agreement between Fox TV and MF Production has been made, among the information is that the series will be filmed in Beykoz, Istanbul The TV series is set in Beykoz, Istanbul. With the arrival of new information about the “A Princess without a Crown” series and details about the filming locations. We will share it with you on our topic. The TV series that will start in 2023 are here.

The story of the series Princess without a crown

From the name of the series, it is believed that the story of the series revolves around a girl who has dreams like princesses, but her life is like servants.

The names of the heroes of the series “A Princess without a Crown”

This work, produced by MF, who signed many series from the previous period, is finally preparing for a new series called Princess Without a Crown. To be shown on Fox TV.

The production company signed Yamore, a beautiful actress who previously played the lead role in TV series such as Heartache and May Queen While Waiting for the Sun. We will continue to add to our topic as soon as it becomes clear the actors of the series The Uncrowned Princess, in which Vulcan will sit like a knife in the director’s chair.

The story of Taçsız Princesses

The date of the series “Princess Without a Crown”

We can’t write many details about the series. The uncrowned Princess series will be broadcast on Fox TV. The cast of the series, which is in preparation and casting continues, will be completed by the end of the year. The series, which will begin filming in the new year, is expected to premiere in the spring of 2023.

As for the show channel, successful productions will appear on screens this season as well. There will be a fierce battle for ratings among the many successful series. FOX TV, one of the most watched channels on the screens, has signed on to several projects of TV series. Here is the TV series that will be broadcast on FOX TV in the new season.

The name of the hero of the series Princess without a crown

It is not known who the hero of the series is yet.

The name of the heroine of the series Princess without a crown

The name of the heroine of the series Princess without a crown will be the artist Yamour. She was born on August 24, 1990 in Mersin. She became the main actress in the series The Uncrowned Princess. Finally, the beautiful actress. which has appeared in soap operas like Heartache and Calls My Manager. She will take the title role in the series The Uncrowned Princess that will reach 2023. Yağmur Tanrısevsin, who studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University, started her acting career for the first time with the series Dirty Seven. The beautiful actress, who has appeared in many series and films, has also appeared in many commercials.

Princess without a crown