the Turkish series hayr ettin

The story of the Turkish series hayr ettin



Hayr Ettin is a new Turkish historical series for the star “Tolgahan Sayisman”. To be a new historical and biographical story about Khair al-Din. Let’s learn more exclusive information about the series hayr ettin, its heroes, when it will be shown on small screens and when it will be shown.

Khair El-Din series

It was agreed on a new historical series called “Khair al-Din” and it is one of the historical series on which it was agreed to work on the Turkish actor, star of the Turkish drama “Tolgahan Sayisman”.

The Turkish series hayr ettin will be shown on TRT1 channel.

The story of the Khair El-Din series

The story of our new series revolves around “Khayr al-Din”, or as they call him Hayr ettinpasha al-Bahri or Barbaros Pasha. He is a naval fighter and later an admiral in the Ottoman Navy. His naval victories secured Ottoman control of the White Sea in the mid-16th century.

Born in Lesbos, hayr ettin began his career as a sailor and naval fighter under the watchful eye of his first brother, Oruj Reis. In 1516, the two brothers liberated the state of the Republic of Algeria from Spanish conquest, and Arouj declared himself a sultan. After Aruj’s death in 1518, hayr ettin inherited his brother’s surname, “Barbarossa” (red-bearded in Italian). He was also given the honorary name “Khair al-Din”. In 1529, Barbarossa recaptured the fortress of the Rock from the Spaniards.

In 1533, Barbarossa Kapudan Pasha (chief admiral) of the Ottoman Navy was appointed by Suleiman the Magnificent. Barbarossa led the consulate in the state of the French Republic in the same year, and conquered Tunisia in 1534, and achieved a decisive victory over the sacred relationship in Baruza in 1538, and stood on his feet in joint campaigns with the French in the 1640s. Barbarossa stopped his work in Constantinople in 1545 and died the following year.

The names of the heroes of the Khair El-Din series

The list is not complete yet, as the series is currently under construction. Actor Tolghan has been hired to star in the series.

The date of the Khair El-Din series

The work will inevitably be shown in the next season of TRT1 after the start of filming and the completion of preparations.

The name of the hero of the Khair El-Din series

The official name of the hero of our story is “Khair El-Din”, whose role is embodied by the actor “tolgahan sayisman.” Tolgahan is a great artist with talent and a mighty beauty. With all of his works, his roots go back to immigrant families from Selanik, born on December 17, 1981 in Istanbul, Turkey, his astrological sign is Capricorn, his mother Aisha Sayishman is from Trabzon, and his father Haluk Saysman is from Turkey, he obtained his secondary certificate from Kadikoy International School Kadıköy and completed His undergraduate studies at Doğuş Üniversitesi Business School.

The name of the heroine of the Khair El-Din series

The heroine of the series, hayr ettin, has not yet been agreed.