eyvah ramazan bey

The story of eyvah ramazan bey, Yalweel Al-Sayyid Ramadan



The story of the Turkish comedy series eyvah ramazan bey, the work in which the artist Altan Erkikli plays the starring role, and the star Nokhet Doro in the series Yallweel El Sayed Ramadan. Let’s learn more information about his story and heroes and a lot of information about the name of the hero and heroine and the role of each character in the series.

Information about the series “Yalweel Al-Sayyid Ramadan”

Production company Sekans Yapım decided to work on a new comedy series. In favor of the TRT Dijital platform, he chose to be called “Yalalweel Al-Sayyid Ramadan”. It is starring Turkish actor Altan Erikli, and filming is scheduled to begin in the first week of November 2022, to be shown in the new year.

The story of the series “Yalweel Al-Sayyid Ramadan”

His text was written by Aisha Banu Pasarichi and Hossein Pasarichi. The cast of the comedy series has been announced. Which is scheduled to start in the first week of November and where the reading exercises began.

The main actor Altan Erkikli, who made an agreement with Eva Ramzan Bey, will appear on the screen. In which Yalda Gurkan serves as her chosen director, with the character “Ramadan Bey”.

The names of the heroes of the series “Yalweel Al-Sayed Ramadan”

Altan Erkikli, Turkish singer Nokhet Doru, Murat Akoyunlu, Mahtab Bayri, Aisha Bator Cegdem and Burak Alkash. Essin Gundoğdu

The date of the series “Yalweel Al-Sayyid Ramadan”

Filming for the series will begin in November and is scheduled to premiere in December or the new year.

The name of the hero of the series “Yalweel” Mr. Ramadan

The protagonist of the series is Altan Erkikli. The artist Altan Erkekli was born in Istanbul in 1955 AD, his astrological sign is Scorpio, he studied at Kadıköy Maarif High School and started working on the high school theater, but he gave up theater to be a civil engineer, but then decided to enter the Theater Institute of Ankara University, after graduating from the Faculty of Management Theatrical speeches He worked as a lecturer at the university and lasted from 1985 AD until 1989 AD. He practiced acting on the stage for children and adults until he appeared on television and starred in his first television series Have You Ever Seen the Firefly, entered the Republican People’s Party elections in 2009 AD, and won many awards, including Best Actor Award from the Art Foundation in 1996. As for his personal life, he is married to Ebru Erkikli.

The name of the heroine of the series “Yalweel” Mr. Ramadan

The heroine of the series, Nocht Doro, is a popular music artist who has presented many classic songs, and has presented many albums in the period from the early seventies until now.

Nocht began her musical career in the dance music orchestra of the Fleury Deniz Club in 1971. In terms of her attractiveness. On the other hand, her type of music and tone of voice. And its review has achieved many successes through the single works it presented.

In 1974, as a result of her artwork, she presented songs such as (You are in my mind, and my thought), (The Black Eyebrows). As for the wide audience who became her fans, she presented “Leave me with myself” in 1975, “Enter Al Raha” in the forty-fifth tablet. The artist Nocht Doro got the gold titles as a result of this palette and songs.