The story of the series feverish head sıcak kafa and actors


the stars and the story of the sıcak kafa series, the work in which the artist Osman Sonant plays the starring role, and the star Hazal Subasi is starring in the series “Feverish Head”. Let’s find out more information about his story and heroes and more information about the name of the hero and heroine and the role of each character in the series “Fever Head”.

Information about the series Overheating Head

The new Netflix series Sıcak Kafa is a horror, action and science fiction action series. It has a lot of drama, mystery, and imagination.

The story of the series feverish head

Its events revolve around a world full of viruses and epidemics that are increasing day by day. To the extent that it spreads quickly through speech and verbal communication only.

Only one person is immune to this predatory epidemic. This strangely and unknown cause, and very mysteriously, this linguistic expert “Murad” became the only fortress and became chased by one of the authoritarian institutions.

Let’s see in the episodes how the disease and epidemic spread and through what this epidemic spread quickly. And how is it discovered? How can the linguist Murad be protected from this epidemic in a mysterious and strange way of doubts. Suddenly becoming a stalker from many institutions.

The names of the heroes of the feverish head actors

Hazal Subasi. and actor Osman Sonant.

The date of the series “Feverish Head”

The first trailer for this series was published on November 5 on social media, which is scheduled to be shown on Netflix very soon on December 2.

We will see how the institutions dealt with the spreading disease, how sick people were excluded, and how the disease was defined because of the hot head first.

Haluk Belinger believes that the Turkish series Sıcak Kafa is one of the best Netflix series. And this great actor we haven’t seen in many works for a long time and he chose sıcak kafa to be his strong comeback.

The name of the hero of the feverish head

Murad, played by actor Osman Sonant. Osman Sonant is a Turkish actor. He started his career in 1997 at Bahçelievler Municipal Theater and was trained by Yılmaz Gruda. In 1998, he continued his career at the Ortaoyuncular Nöbetçi Theater directed by Farhan Şinsoy and the following year he joined the Art Institute of Istanbul University and finally graduated with a degree in Performing Arts Studies.

Osman presents the role of Murad, a linguist who discovers that he is immune to the epidemic spreading in the world. who becomes a stalker from a tyrannical institution.

The name of the heroine of the feverish head

Sulli, played by Hazal Subasi. She is a Turkish actress, beauty queen and model, born in Izmir. She was born on May 2, 1996, in the Faculty of Communications from the University of Izmir, studying public relations and advertising. Since her childhood, she has dreamed of stardom and fame. She participated in many competitions at school and university related to beauty and fashion shows. She also participated in the Miss Turkey competition in 2015, and won the third place in the competition.

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