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The Turkish actress, sitare skbaş, who managed to attract the audience and producers to her with her great talent and beauty. Let’s get to know the star Satara Akbash more closely and learn a lot about her secrets, her family, her personal life, and what her religion is, is she Muslim, Christian or otherwise. All this and more in the next article.

sitere skbaş

Television and Film Actress. Diversity of her appearance in TV series and movies as well. She did not lock herself in a special range or one color. Rather, she drew her expertise from everyone around her. To give her full potential in the role she chose.

She appeared a lot in many of the works that she presented and quickly became the star of the works that she co-starred in. As she is one of the actresses who quickly attracted the public to her and made herself a large and strong fan base. Especially since she has a strong personality of her own, she quickly caught the spotlight.

Akbash curtain religion

What is the religion of Sitare Akbaş, the beautiful Turkish actress. After researching a lot about Sitare Akbaş and her religion, she is a Muslim, not a Christian. But she does not like to talk about her religious belief.

sitare skbaş
sitare skbaş

Date of birth, age and astrological sign

As for the date of birth of Sitare Akbaş Star You Knocking on My Door is October 6, 1988. I was born in Istanbul. In 2023, she will be 35 years old. To work, our star completed her primary to high school studies in a school in Istanbul. Then I decided to enroll in university to enter the Central Higher Institute of Arts in Istanbul, which is one of the government institutes.

Upon her graduation, she decided to work in acting and enter the art world, especially after she gained a great deal of experience while studying at the institute. She started working as an actress in 2002 through the Turkish series “Alam Al Asrar”. And she continued to present successful Turkish works and series.

Sitare Akbaş and her husband

Sitra was in a relationship with the artist Murat Dalkij. There is a great love story between them. But after a short while they both came out and denied those allegations that they were lovers. But she is not married yet and there is no specific information about her having entered into any new relationship.

Her lover and her personal relationship

There is no romantic relationship in Setara Akbash’s life so far. Her last relationship was with the actor Murad Dalkij.

Sitare Akbaş series

Sitra began acting in 2007 through a small role in one of the series. She was able to draw attention through the series “The Seeds of Figs” in 2009. She continued to work in this series until 2011. At that time, she entered a new work, which is the series What is the fault of Fatima Gul.

She also presented the character of Zeno in the series Acacia Station from 2008 until 2011. She excelled in her presentation of this wonderful role. It was a comedy series about taxi drivers who work at the Acacia station.

Sitara did not stop working for one year, as after finishing the series Acacia Station, she entered the series “Ms. Della” in 2012 until 2014 and played the role of Yasmine. To enter in its new role in Asia series Amana. To leave him and start her role in the series “Orvali since time immemorial”.

Among the most important series in which Sattar “Mothers and Mothers” participated, about young mothers, or giving birth to a child and raising another in love.. And after years, who is this child? She also appeared in the series “Streets of Istanbul” in the role of Effat in 2016.

Figen Yildirim, “You Knock on My Door” series

Sitara played a strong role in the TV series You Knock on My Door, which is Vigen Yildirim. Although it is not the role of the main heroine, but she played a strong and significant role. It is the story of a businessman who uses a girl to make her his fiancée in front of people, and it is one of the comedy and romantic series.

She also co-starred in the Ramo series and played the role of Dilber, and the series was shown in 2021. The series will focus on the conflict between the two families and the great love that will flourish between this conflict.

Sitara also appeared in the series The Red Room in 2021 and played the character of Sari. It is a series of series that presents stories of sick psychological cases, and a psychiatrist tries to solve their diseases and live with them through them.

Sitare Akbaş Instagram and Facebook

Our star has a lot of followers on social networking sites such as Instagram, which has become more than 800 thousand followers and is constantly increasing.