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the stars and the story of the series Zehirli Sarmaşık. The work in which he met with the starring role, Onur Tuna, and the star, Borchin Tarazi, in the series Zehirli Sarmaşık. Let’s learn more information about his story and heroes, and a lot of information about the name of the hero and heroine, and the role of each character in the series, zehirli sarmaşık.

About the series Zehirli Sarmaşık

Goldfilm production company decided the toxic series zehirli sarmaşık in favor of the Bein Connec platform. This work is directed by director Gokshan Usta (Fazila and her daughters, my daughter, Scorpio, my son).

Onur Tuna’s partner, Burchin Terzioglu, was chosen to be the star of the toxic Turkish crime and drama series Zehirli Sarmaşık.

The story of the series zehirli sarmaşık ivy flower

The events of the series begin with a murder case, and the search for the killer begins. To unlock a lot of cards and events that appear during the search for this killer.

The names of the heroes of the series zehirli sarmaşık

Actor Onur Tuna, Fayaz Doman, and actress Burchin Terzi. Fayyad Doman is the first to join the cast, and there are meetings with other strong names.

The date of the presentation of zehirli sarmaşık

The date has not been set yet. This work is directed by Gökçen Usta, produced by Gold Film for BeIN Connect, and written by Savaş Ecevit Korkmaz.

The name of the hero zehirli sarmaşık

Fiyaz Doman has agreed with the production company Gold Film to star in a new digital series titled Zehirli Sarmaşık for the Bein Connec platform. Fayaz Doman began his artistic career in 1999 through the short film “Buran”, and he also played the character of Farouk in the movie “The Image” in 2001. He also participated in many artworks, especially cinematic films, and the most prominent of these films is the movie “My Mother’s Song”, which He embodied the character of Ali, and Fayaz won the Best Film Actor Award for this role. The film also won many awards, including the Golden Orange Award for Best Film.

Fayaz Doman participated in the Bosnian film “Never Leave Me” with the Lebanese actress and producer Carole Abboud, and this film was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Award at the ninety-first Academy Awards.

Fayaz Doman’s first participation in television was in 2016, through the series “Inside”, and this series achieved great success in Turkey, and he played the role of Serkan in this series, and participated in the series: Chatay Ulusoy, Aras Bulut Enimli, Bansu Soral, Although Fayaz Doman participated in many works of art, he was known as Arraf, which is the role he played in the series “Woman”.

The name of the poisonous zehirli sarmaşık heroine

The starring role will be played by Burchin Terzioglu. Burchin Terzioglu has participated in successful projects such as Boyraz Karayel and Hakan Hafiz (The Protector). Meanwhile, Onur Tuna starred in series such as Mohkam and Yasak Elma.

She appeared on television since she was a child. She appeared in many artworks and commercials when she was a child. Because her family belongs to the world of art and this is the reason for the growth of her talent and her deep love for art, she decided to complete her career by studying acting at Majdat Jezzine Art Center. After graduation, she appeared in Sirilsiklam series, which was produced in 1998.

Her first work was in 1985, “The Director Does Not Hear”, which was when she was five years old, and in the same year she starred in the movie “The Naked Citizen”, and in the second year she was called “Sister Periham” when she participated in or her drama TV series Borchin played the role of Zainab for the first time in the series “Whirlwind” in 2006, then she played the starring role in the series “Rahma” and she performed in the Dordeniz. Jansu Dairy

The plot of Poison Ivy develops around a murder and is written by Savaş Ecivet Korkmaz. Project management under the leadership of Usta Guxin (Oglum). This information is from Bersin Altuntas.

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