The story of İçimdeki Yabancı series, staff, dates and show channel


İçimdeki Yabancı brings together Handa and Burak Deniz again. Let’s know the full story and many information about its heroes and other information about the date of the presentation of the series İçimdeki Yabancı, the channel it shows, and more. The new Turkish series İçimdeki Yabancı, agreed upon by the Turkish drama star Burak Deniz. To be his series in the next season of 2023.

İçimdeki Yabancı series

What is the story of the series İçimdeki Yabancı?

The novel, according to Thread magazine, is about Asli, who wakes up one day to find her husband and daughter kidnapped by someone she does not know. She calls one of her old friends to come and help her find them. She receives a text message on her phone assuring her not to tell the police and to pay a sum of money to get her family back.

Asli paid the required money only to find her daughter has returned but her husband is still hidden and Asli begins to doubt about her husband and the nature of his life to find many secrets around him.

Who are the stars of the series İçimdeki Yabancı?

A strong return for the star of the Turkish series Burak Deniz and the star Handa. Let’s remember together their role in the series “Love Doesn’t Understand From Kalam.”

The series and its idea were first shown to the Turkish actor Burak Deniz. After reading it carefully, he agreed to the series. The star Burak is awaiting the approval of the rest of the series team in order to start filming the first episode of the series The Stranger Inside Me

What is the date of showing the series İçimdeki Yabancı?

A new series called İçimdeki Yabancı, starring Burak Deniz, and we are waiting for Handa Archil’s approval to be a duo for the second time. Then filming begins quickly for the series to be shown in the winter season of 2023.

What is the İçimdeki Yabancı show channel?

The series İçimdeki Yabancı will be shown on Fox. Where FOX is preparing for a major serial attack with the new season. After the giant deals for Disney Plus, the channel ordered 10 TV series of the leading production companies of our country. Gold Film, Ay Yapım, O3 Medya, Medyapım, MF Production, NTC Media, Tims & B and Pastel Film will shoot ambitious series for FOX.

How many episodes of İçimdeki Yabancı?

The number of episodes of İçimdeki Yabancı has not yet been determined. But we are waiting for the first episode of the series İçimdeki Yabancı to be shown at the beginning of the year 2023. The story will tell about a man who was a policeman in the past and suffers from separation and disorder in his personality.

Who is the heroine of İçimdeki Yabancı?

Actress Handa Archil, who co-starred with Burak in the series Love Doesn’t Understand From Words, was offered an original role. While she agrees, she will play the role of Asli, the wife who is looking for her husband and daughter, who have been kidnapped.

Production company Tims & B will be filming The Stranger In Me, which was his story about Multiple Personality Disorder, for the new year. Burak Deniz and Hande Ercel are mentioned for the lead roles. Star names like Engin Akyurek, who made a trademark agreement for Disney Plus, will also be among the main roles of the highly anticipated series.

the heroine of İçimdeki Yabancı

Who is the hero of İçimdeki Yabancı?

Burak Deniz plays Asli’s best friend, a former policeman. Where he lost his family in a traffic accident to discover a lot about his wife. To play the role of a person who is very troubled in his feelings and actions because he discovers a lot about his wife and her truth.

Asli spoke to him about the disappearance of her husband and daughter and demanded a ransom for their return. The kidnapper insists that he never tells the police, which is why she turns to her old friend. Will this former policeman help her despite the psychological problems and disorders he is experiencing?