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Hilal Yıldız is an actress who presented the character of Zuhal in the series Al-Amanah. Which dazzled the viewer with its beauty and presence. To enter into many successful television works and made the audience wonder about who the actress Hilal Yıldız is, her date of birth, age and religion. Who is her lover, and is she really related to the artist Khalil Ibrahim Jihan? All this and more in the next article.

Who is Hilal Yıldız?

Hilal Yıldız is a star who became famous through many Turkish series that left a great impact on the viewer’s life. Such as her roles in the series “The Child”, “The Kinna, Al-Amana” and other Turkish series.

Hilal Yildiz is one of the young actors. And the most beautiful TV and film actors in Turkey. But it is not a very popular name at the moment. Hilal Yildiz Eisha, who graduated from Kocaeli University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting is the representative of the Irgan Department. Hilal Yildiz, who loves to travel and take photos, is also interested in the modeling business.

She has previously participated in plays and loves theatre. Now she wants to transform from a theater actress to an actress in TV series and movies, that is, acting in front of the camera. The first series of Hilal Yildiz will be the series Al-Amanah.

Hilal Yıldız’s date of birth and age

Although actress Hilal Yıldız has appeared on screens since 2012, there is not much information about her date of birth. But the artist’s age is estimated to be 23 years until proven otherwise. It is said that she was born in 1997 in Istanbul.

her religion

Actress Hilal Yıldız’s religion is believed to be Islam.

her husband and boyfriend

In the question about Habib Hilal Yıldız, after searching her personal social sites, we did not find any close friend to her. There is no famous name in her life. Especially since the existence of special relationships in the life of a novice artist negatively affects her career.

Pictures of star Hilal Yildiz
Pictures of star Hilal Yildiz

Hilal Yıldız and Khalil Ibrahim Cihan

Because Hilal appeared alongside Khalil Ibrahim as a result of the work they presented together, which is the Trust series, they appeared together in many places, and this made the followers believe that there was a relationship between them. But this is not real.

Hilal Yildiz series

Hilal Yıldız started working in television by appearing in the series “The Land of the Ottomans” in 2012. It is a Turkish historical television series about the killers, the tulip period and the Patrona Hilil rebellion in the Ottoman Empire in the eighteenth century. It was originally broadcast on Turkish state television TRT.

In 2013, I participated in a role in the series “I will give you a secret.” The story of a series revolves around a group of young men and girls who gather in one place. The series revolves around problems, difficulties and obstacles facing the characters.

Hilal did not give up on her dream that her role would grow by offering her a role in “The Hope Cannot Be Constrained” and this in 2016. Then, her participation in the Ostoura series. Which was his legendary story when Tariq Aksoy, who was once a legend in basketball, tries to make life work after his wife’s death. His daughters, Melis and Zainab.

Our Turkish star Hilal Yıldız’s work to present her most famous TV role “Tears of Jannat” did not end. Jannat was abandoned when she was a child, and she struggled bravely through life, in dire need of the motherly love that she missed. She was raised by her grandmother.

We also saw a wonderful role for her in the series “The Child”, which was shown for the first time in 2019, and his story revolved around a child who was given to a wealthy family to live a better life, but the mother had given birth to another son and began to treat this child in a bad way.

She participated in writing the series “The Penthouse” in 2022, and also co-wrote the series “The Dusty Eleqa”.