Story of Ateş Kuşları Birds of Fire

Casting and Story of Ateş Kuşları – Birds of Fire



Ateş Kuşları is a Turkish series with a large cast of young and old Turkish drama stars. Let’s enjoy together all the details of the story of the Ateş Kuşları series, who are its heroes, the crew of the Ateş Kuşları series, and many pictures of its stars.

Information about the series Ateş Kuşları

The Ateş Kuşları is a Turkish series produced by Bozdag for the show on the atv channel. The series has many beloved stars from young people, along with an extensive list of big acting stars in Turkey.

Ateş Kuşları, directed by Benal Taheri, who directed many television works, including the epic, which ended soon with a high viewership. And also the series Black and White Love, Shepherd’s Star, Trinity Flower, and the Red Chamber Traitor. It is a list of very successful works, and none of them has been suspended due to lack of viewership. We expect a strong business from her and we wish her success with more business

The story of the series Ates Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları’s novel revolves around the children of the street who were raised in the cold and freezing cold, and no matter how their conditions changed, they never forgot how the frost was on the street they were exposed to.

The names of the heroes of the series Ates Kuşları

We have a very large work list. We recall that the names of the heroes of the series Ateş Kuşları are Handa Sural, Ilayda Chan, Evkan Jan Wardam Şanlı and Gorkam Civendik.

In addition to the addition of new names, such as the child Shinar Yokshekir and the actress Yasim Dagesher.

In addition to the star’s agreement, Basak Gumolcinellioğlu, to star in the work, but she retracted at the last moment because of her agreement on another work.

Actress Asia Kassab also recently joined the crew alongside the star of the epic series “Teoman Kumbrajbashi”.

It is said that the series was offered to the actor “Ulash Tuna”, but he refused the role because he was busy with another work to take the role of the star Jokram Sivedenk.

The date of the presentation of the series Ates Kuşları

Filming of the Ateş Kuşları series will begin at the end of October 2022 if the filming preparations are completed and the rest of the crew has been selected, or at the beginning of November.

It is planned that the series will be shown on ATV in December 2022 and will complete its episodes in the new year 2023. Produced by Mohamed Bozdag, producer of the epic series and founder Othman.

The name of the hero of the series Ates Kuşları

Ulaş Kuşları was offered the series Ateş Kuşları, but he refused the role. This is said because of his work in another series. Then he was offered to the Turkish actor Gorkam Sivednik. He is one of the actors who loved and adored acting and art since he was young, and all his dream was to become a famous actor and artist, so he joined the Art Center to study and teach acting, starting his artistic career since 2010 and his first appearance on Turkish screens through his participation in The famous Turkish series Valley of the Wolves c 5, and it was known that it was from its artistic beginnings.

The name of the heroine of the series Ates Kuşları

Actress Elida Alishan will star in the lead role. The young Turkish actress, Elida Alishan, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on January 1, 1996, and therefore she is 25 years old and her astrological sign is Capricorn. About an opportunity through which she will be able to reach the world of art and acting, and she has already become famous in a few years and was known a lot through her role in the series “The Hole”, which was shown in 2017, and she also participated in several other works of art, and her artistic career began in 2011. And that is through her role in the successful Turkish series “I loved a child”, which co-starred with Turkish star Bulent Enal, Kulkan Arslan and others.

Pictures from behind the scenes of the work of Ateş Kuşları

A set of photos from behind the scenes of the work and the stars of the series Ateş Kuşları.

Actress Elida Alishan
Actress Elida Alishan
Story of Ateş Kuşları Birds of Fire
Story of Ateş Kuşları Birds of Fire
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