Who is Yagmur Ozturk ? religion boyfriend series


Yagmur Ozturk, a Turkish actress who co-starred in the series Founder Osman Aham for its second season. She also participated in the series “You are my homeland” and other series.
Yagmur Ozturk is a beautiful actress at the beginning of her acting career. She was lucky enough to work in famous and powerful series. To be known by the audience and followers of the Turkish drama in the world.
Here is the extensive information about Yagmur Ozturk, her religion and her lover, who is he? When did her acting career start? And more about Yagmore in the next article.

Yahmur Ozturk

About Yahmur Ozturk

She is advertisements, fashion, actress and like programs. She has great artistic energy. She started acting when she was fifteen years old.

Yagmur Ozturk was born in Ankara in 1999. She has contributed to the large number of various festivities.

Here is the most important information about Yagmur Ozturk:

Yahmur Ozturk was born on January 1, 1999
Her age in 2022 is 23
Place of birth in Ankara – Turkey.
Her religion is Muslim.
She is 174 cm tall.
She weighs 57 kg.

Her family and childhood

Yagmur Ozturk was born in Ankara in 1999. She started her life as a young energetic child in a big energy industry. I participated in various classes and activities.

She studied at the Department of English at Ege University, Faculty of Arts. She took intensive studies in acting alongside courses at the Baskent Academy of Communication Sciences. She also worked in car shows.

Yagmur Ozturk is one of the talents who is making her way to fame. Let’s remember her as a 15-year-old girl through the series Forgive me. Stylish cartoons in the memories of the cartoon through the role of Layla.

She studied at the Department of British Language, Ege University, Faculty of Arts. She received an intensive degree in acting in courses at the Baskent Academy of Communication Sciences. She worked in the field of fashion shows for the amount.

Yagmur Ozturk is one of the talents who is making her way to fame. She is a 15-year-old girl from the series Forgive Me. But she was stuck in the memories of spectators by the role of Leila.

Excellent TV series “Son Nefesime Kadar”. Turkish Made TV Series, September 9, 2019.

The beginning of acting

Yagmur Ozturk started acting through the series “Forgive Me” in 2014. Forgive Me is a Turkish TV series of family, love and drama genres. It was broadcast between 2011-2018. The series was broadcast every day of the week.

It began broadcasting on ShowTV on October 17, 2011 and aired here until Episode 100 on March 2, 2012, and continued on Star Channel from Episode 101 on March 5, 2012. It ended with episode 1477, a viewing that aired on December 28, 2018, through Final Action. It consists of 8 seasons.

She played the character of Leila in the fantastic TV series “Son Nefesime Kadar”. Turkish-made drama television series, the first episode of which was broadcast on September 9, 2019.

to attract her attention.

Yagmur Ozturk and her boyfriend

As for Yagmur Ozturk’s emotional relationship, she publishes pictures of her with a young man and clarifies that he is her friend and lover.

Yagmur Ozturk and her boyfriend

Yagmur Ozturk series

One of Yagmur Ozturk’s most important series “Acemi anneler” is a Turkish family drama television series that began broadcasting on October 19, 2020.

Starring Yagmur Ozturk in the series Until My Last Breath, produced by the movie Pastel, the first episode was broadcast on February 23, 2022, directed by Deniz Çelebi Dekilitaş, written by Hatice Mariam, and starring Nurgul Yesilcay, Emre Kenai and Ertan Saban, adapted from the series Happy Valley.

Donya in the series Fate

Yagmur Ozturk won the starring role in the series The Destiny Yazgi, which is scheduled to be shown daily on TV8. One of the episodes of TV8 is shown repeatedly every day. Starring Erkan Meriç and Yamur Ozturk. The series is written by Borgo Ofar and she is the writer of all of Sad Flowers, Maui and Love, Love Weeps, My Brothers.

Publication and promotional publication of the first episode of the legendary series. From Umut “Erkan Meric” who shocks Donya at the wrong hands. But nothing came of her. And life begins to bring them together more than once to fall in love.

The series will be directed by Hakan Şahin. It’s actually quite curious, since he’s one of the leading directors of action and action series. It presents a dramatic emotional action. This proves the existence of a limited number of action and global movement.
Filming of the series “Al-Masir” began in August 2022. It was written by Yasar Aksouqtah.

For a period of time, the search for the cast of the series lasted against Arkan Meric. To be accepted on the star Yagmore. I agreed to the job after I read the Roman Code. I also like many pixel code corners in terms of effort with the output straight away.

Donya in the series Fate Yazgi

Instagram yammour ozturk

Yagmur Ozturk has multiple accounts on Instagram. Watch where her photos and videos are published again.