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The new Turkish series, Abı Hayat, is for fans of Turkish dramas. Here is the story of the Abı Hayat series in detail. You will also get to know the actors of this wonderful series. All this and more in the next article.

Confirmed negotiations have begun with Birkan Sokullu and actress Hilal Altan to star in the series Abı Hayat. Whereas, actress Hilal Altan Bilik followed up on the OGM production company, which is expected to be shown on Star TV.

About the series Abı Hayat

A series produced by OGM and the show channel is Star. The meetings began with Hilal Altinbelik, the star of Once Upon a Time in Cukurova, in front of the Turkish star Birkan Sokullu. Finally, Birkan Sokullu agreed to star in the series Abı Hayat. Berkan, who co-starred with Izji Mola and Merv Dezdar in the series Apartment of the Innocents, in the new season of Abu Hayat.

The story of the series Abı Hayat

About the story of Abı Hayat According to the Turkish newspaper Birsin, the series “Abu Hayat” tells the story of people who live in palaces. There is not much information other than that. But it is certainly a false story and completely different from what the stars presented in their previous works.

The date of the series “Abı Hayat” and the broadcasting channel

No date has been set for the series. As for the show channel, it is Star TV. Emmy Award-winning director Hilal Saral will sit in the director’s chair of the series Ab-ı Hayat, which will begin filming in October 2022.

The countdown to filming the Abi Hayat series, which is expected to be broadcast on Star TV, has begun. Written by Nuran Evren Gate, Abu Al-Hayat talks about the mysterious events that took place in the palace. Birkan Sokullu was previously approved for the lead role in the series.

The heroes of the series Abı Hayat

About the crew of the series, there are negotiations with Birkan Sokullu and star Hala Alten Bilik. The countdown to filming the Abi Hayat series, which is expected to be broadcast on Star TV, has begun. Written by Noran Efrain Gate, Abu Al Hayat talks about the mysterious events that took place in the palace. Birkan Sokullu was previously approved for the lead role in the series. The famous actor was looking for a partner.

Birkan Sokullu in Abı Hayat

There are negotiations with Turkish actor Birkan Sokullu, read more about Birkan Sokullu. Birkan Sokullu is one of the most popular Turkish drama actors in the world. He has an outstanding artistic balance and wonderful roles that are loved. He is one of the stars who does not like to stay away from his followers and TV dramas. To finish his latest project series Apartment of the Innocent. He quickly enters into a new business.

Birkan Sokullu is a Turkish actor and artist, one of the great drama stars who has managed to prove himself among his competitors of his generation. Berkan was born on October 6, 1985 AD, he is a Libra, he is 35 years old at the moment.

He was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and studied at Maltepe University in Turkey in the field of radio and television. He loved basketball, and he was one of the most basketball players in the basketball club until his feet were wet during the game, so he continued in that field for ten years.

He stopped at work and changed the course of his work and his life at all. And he began his effort as an advertising model and was able to prove himself in that field, and he was awarded the Most Valuable Advertising Model Award in 2013. So far, this has entered the world of acting and succeeded in it and participated in a large number of practices and dramatic and romantic serial episodes and was able to become one of the most famous stars of that generation. Unfortunately, that marriage did not last for a long time, and the marital relationship between them was dissolved in the year 2015 AD, but they have maintained friendship between them until this moment and currently have a romantic bond with Dylan Denise, a heroine of the series Harem Al Sultan.

Hilal Altınbilek is the heroine of the series

Negotiations with the Turkish star Hilal Altınbilek to be the star of the series Abı Hayat. She followed the production company, writer Nouran, and director Hilal Saral. Which confirms her approval to star in the series. Where he left a touching memorable story with the audience, he impressed his fans. While he will appear on the screens of the series Ab-ı Hayat in the new season, negotiations have begun with his partner, the famous actress Hilal Altınbilek.

Hilal Altınbilek is an artist with ample practices with distinguished and brilliant specifications. She became famous since 2011 and rose after the actions of the Hilal Altınbilek competition. Her most famous work is her presence in the real world. Her studies and whether she mastered art as a study or a hobby. Hilal Altınbilek and her acting career. .

A 28-year-old Turkish actress, born in Izmir, studied and raised in Turkey, became famous on CELEBS TREND NOW. She is one of the successful TV actresses. The most famous Hilal is one of the most famous individuals in the database. Hilal went to Cukurova and took her two sisters to work in the town and search for a good profession. They started the effort as branded workers in the facts farm, and described and photographed that in the events of the series “Once Upon a Time”, which was a resounding success. .

Pictures of the actors of the series Abı Hayat

Action representatives have not yet been confirmed. But actress Hilal Altınbilek is sure to join. And negotiations with actor Birkan Sokullu.