The crew of the series Yazgi

The story of the Turkish series Yazgi – The Destiny



Yazgi The Destiny  is one of the daily series that is shown on TV8 daily. It is one of the romantic drama series.

Let’s get to know together all the available information about the Yazgi series in terms of its story in detail. The cast and crew of the series are its protagonists. A set of photos from behind the scenes of the series.

About the series Yazgi – The Destiny

One of the TV8 series shown on a daily basis. Starring Erkan Meric and actress Yamur Ozturk. The series is written by Borgo Ovar, who is the writer of (Sad Flowers, Maui and Love, Love Weeps, My Brothers).

Show the first teaser of the first episode of the legendary series. Let’s find that the story begins with an accidental road accident from Umut who accidentally hits Dunya. But nothing happened to her. And life begins to bring them together more than once to fall in love.

The series will be directed by Hakan Şahin. Which is really curious, since he is one of the leading directors of action series. A romantic drama will be presented. This may indicate the presence of some action and movement at work.

Filming of “Yazgi” series began in August 2022. Written by Yasar Aksu and his team. For a while, the search continued for the cast of the series, especially for a partner for the hero in front of Arkan Meric. To be approved for actress Yagmore. I agreed to work after reading the script. He also liked the corners of the script very much and started working with the director directly.

What is the story of the series Yazgi?

A love story that arises between Umut and Dunya. The series will tell the touching story of two girls who grew up in an orphanage. One of them, Donia, falls in love with a businessman who accidentally hits her with his car. Then they meet more than once and their heart begins to beat.

The crew of the series Yazgi

The female lead will be played by Yagmur Öztürk. And the hero in front of her will be the actor Erkan Meres. Bahar Shaheen, Soda Zelal Gular and Doğan Bayraktar, starring in the series The Innocent and the Beautiful, produced by Avşar Film, joined the cast of the series, and it will be shown on TV8.

Erkan Meric plays Umut in “Yazgi” and has been looking for a co-star for a while. Yagmur Öztürk has been settled as Erkan Meric’s co-star in the series “Yazgi”. Yagmur Öztürk will play the role of “Donia” in the series.

Yagmur is 23 years old born in Ankara in 1999. She had her first acting experience in the TV series Forgive Me in 2014, 2019 – she played the character of Leyla in the TV series Sevdim Bir Kere, which aired between 2020. She played the role of Serene in the series Mothers which were published between 2020 and 2021.

The heroine of the series Yazgi

About the heroine of our series, Yagmur Öztürk, who plays the role of “Dunia”, the girl who will fall in love with Umut.

Model, TV series actress, presenter. Born in 1999 in Ankara. He is 1.74 meters tall and weighs 57 kilograms. He studied acting at the Baskent Faculty of Communication.

Yagmur Öztürk who was a former model started acting in TV series since 2014 through acting training. After the series Forgive Me in 2014, she played the character of Laila in the TV series I loved you for once in 2019.

And Serene’s character in the TV series Newborn Mothers in 2020, and Sevda’s character in the TV series Until the Last Breath in 2022. She also worked as a TV presenter for a while. Continue to participate in new projects.

The hero of the series Yazgi

As for the main actor in the series Yazgi, actor Erkan Meric. He was born in the city of Adana in Turkey. He received his primary and secondary education from schools in the Mersin region. As for the undergraduate period, Erkan Meric joined Mersin University, Department of Electronic Devices. After graduating from university, his family and a group of his close family got up, advising him and directing him to join a modeling agency in Turkey. And actually, actor Erkan Meric joined a modeling agency in 2008 and brought him noticeable eyes for his good looks, handsomeness, grace, and grace.

In 2009, he was nominated in the competition for the best model and model for Turkey and was chosen as the best model from Turkey in the wonderful competition, the best model from Turkey. For the first time, he was nominated in the aftermath of the competition for the best fashion model in the world. Which was held in Bulgaria, and Erkan Meric won the title and became the third model in the history of Turkey to get that title after Emir Zalioglu and Kivanc Tatlitug.

Erkan Meric, one of the young stars in Turkey, entered the artistic and acting field through his work in the field of fashion shows, and he caught the eye with his handsome and distinguished characteristics. The Turkish star Erkan Meric started his acting career in 2011 and was proven for the first time in artwork by a strong Turkish series, which is the Valley of the Wolves series, which achieved huge public success for all its heroes and despite his first appearance in artwork until fans and viewers loved him for his excellence and sincerity in his performance Personal.

Behind the scenes at work

The promotion of the daily epic romantic drama series “Yazgi” began, as filming of the work began and the publication of promotional pictures of the series’ heroes on a daily basis. Actress Bahar Shaheen joined the cast of the series.

She is originally from Artvin, her birth was on May 26, 1997 AD, beautiful, her face is all innocence and beauty, since childhood she has been acting and singing, and it was a dream for her to become an actress when she grows up, and indeed that happened, she talks about herself, saying that she does not dream of acting abroad, all her dream Is to become a famous actress in her country. She does not want to become a phenomenon or an ideal. She only wants to be an actress and be studied next to her artistic career. Bahr Shaheen, who gave life to the character of Sirin in the unjust Istanbul series, which continues to be broadcast on Kanal screens, is de. She is 1.60 meters tall and 48 kilograms. Her astrological sign is Gemini.