The story of the Sipahi series, date, and show channel


Information about the story of the new Turkish series “Sipahi”, the new action and movement. Let’s get acquainted with his story, his heroes, and detailed information about him.

Sipahi is one of the wonderful Turkish series that has an attractive dramatic story about a man who works for the Turkish intelligence. Let’s enter this policeman’s life. We get to know more about each of the actors. We get inside the scenes of the work and see many pictures, so follow us.

The story of the Sipahi series

Information about the Sipahi series

An action and movement series that will tell us about an intelligence man who works for the intelligence services and is considered one of the most important and famous intelligence men in the recent period.

Filming for the first episode of Sipahi will begin on October 3. On display in the winter season. The life story of the best man trained by the Turkish intelligence agency in recent years, Ali Terkoglu, will be presented.

The series is produced by CNP Film. Its director is Hakan Annan. Screenwriter Ali Doganjay. Sipahi is expected to air on Show TV, which is scheduled to be filmed on September 12, and shown in October 2022.

What is the story of Sipahi series?

The Sipahi series tells the story of an intelligence man, Kurt Ali Turkoglu, who is one of the best men with tough missions in a Turkish intelligence agency in recent years. Let’s enter the life of this man and the difficulties involved and interviews with great mafia men.

The story begins when a hat full of secrets and important information about an operation in Bulgaria falls into the hands of Kokkut Ali Terkaoglu. To find secret information about one of the important men, Goran Lucic, who was confronted with this information.

To become the task how to prove a lot of the correctness of that information

his heroes

As for the crew of the series Sipahi, the lead role is played by KaanYıldırım, with actress Özge Gürel, and Sinan Tuzcu joined the cast.

The heroine of Sipahi

The female lead is played by Özge Gürel. Gürel entered the world of acting as “Zeynep” in Where’s My Daughter?. In 2014, she became the main star of Cherry Season. Good luck with Serkan Cayoglu boyfriend. Gurel’s Affet song clip was produced in 2016. In 2016-2017, Cherry Season was published and rumored on Canale 5, one of the most popular Italian channels, and became the first Turkish TV series to complete its broadcast on Italian TV.

The appeal of Serkan and Özge Gürel, the main actors of the series that was published in Italy, to one of the programs was completed. She played a lead role in the TV series Yıldızlar Şahidim in 2017. Gürel played the lead role in Dolunay with actor Can Yaman in 2017.

In the year 2020, she began playing the main role of Ezge in the Turkish series The Wrong Master), instead of Can Yaman. The series is a Gold Film version, directed by Deniz Yorolmazer, and written by Asli Zengin and Banu Zengin Tak. It premiered on FOX in June 2020 and concluded in October 2020. On July 14, 2022, Ozge and her longtime boyfriend Serkan Çayoğlu tied the knot in the Federal Republic of Germany. Relatives and close friends attended the intimate ceremony.

Sipahi series hero

The male lead role is played by actor Kan Yildirim. His artistic career began in 2013 and in a short period of time he was able to gain the admiration of viewers, followers and followers not only in Turkey but in a number of other countries when his artworks were shown there.

Followers and viewers loved him for his nature and simplicity of his acting performance, in addition to his handsome characteristics, elegance in appearance and elegance. Strength through the distinctive and successful artworks that he presented, which achieved very great successes.

Actor Sinan Tuzcu also joined the series. He started acting at Arcola Theater in London, in 2006 he started appearing in front of the cameras and contributed to his first cinematic work in 2003 AD (The Construction) directed by Omar Farji. His voice was dubbed by the Syrian star, Iyas Abu Ghazaleh, with the Turkish artist, Tuba Boykston, better known as Lamis. In 2014, he was the writer of the code in the strategy of the Urfalıyam Ezelden series that was broadcast on D channel and Kanal Star.

In 2016, he wrote a story and script writer for the Amber series on ATV. He worked part-time at the Ankara State Theater. He started working professionally at Bilkent Drama Studio. In 2014, he decided to retire from acting and devote himself only to writing, but he returned again at the hands of the role ( Mustafa) in the series (Explain, O Black Sea), it is one of the businesses that he has contributed the most.

Pictures from inside Sipahi series

Lots of pictures of Sipahi stars who fascinate us inside this amazing mega series.

Özge Gürel



Sipahi series hero