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Can Yaman All you need to know about Can Yaman from his birthday. Place of
birth. Study it. His acting debut. Religion works. His current and future
projects, if any. His physical characteristics are from his height and
weight, his own capabilities. Learn also about his favorite sport. His pet.
The secrets of his life.

Can Yaman Series and Works

Who among us does not love 2015 – Early Bird 2018 AD – Dada Danniess 2014 –
Heart Affairs – Love Stubbornness – El Turco 2022.

Can Yaman’s birth and upbringing

In this article, learn about the actor and his life story. We start with his
childhood. He was born in Istanbul. Can Yaman’s birthdate is November 8,
1989. Omar Jan Yaman in 2019 is 30 years old. Place of birth Turkey –
Istanbul. His nationality is Turkish. What is the religion of Can Yaman and
is Can Yaman a Muslim. His religion is Islam, most likely. His sign is
Scorpio. The length is 180 cm. Weight 80 kg it was an only child. A
distinguished and intelligent child. His parents loved him despite their
separation at the age of five. He studied many languages. His aim was to
reach the largest amount of world culture by learning new languages and
reading about them. His academic qualification is a graduation from the law
department of Yeditepe University in 2012 from the Faculty of Law. After
graduating from university, he worked as a lawyer and in order to improve
his accent and ability to speak. He took lessons to improve pronunciation
and speech in order to become better and more professional.

About Can Yaman Religion Height Beloved

Jan Guven Yaman that’s his full name. He was born in Istanbul in 1989. Only
his family. His parents divorced when he was five. He was an only child who
did not have a brother. He was a spoiled child. His parents loved him very
much. And his mother took great care of him. He was a student, a Prophet and
Zakia. Easily, he obtained a student exchange and traveled to the United
States of America for a period of study, then returned and completed his
studies in his home country until he entered the university and studied at
the Faculty of Law. He graduated from the university in 2012. He worked as a
lawyer at Pricewaterhouse for six months. Because of the separation of his
parents, he moved between his grandfather and his grandmother a lot. He goes
to his grandmother to study in Macedonia. And to his grandfather in
Yugoslavia as an exchange student. Because of his academic excellence, he
obtained a scholarship to study in America.

Can Yaman, his studies and legal career

He studied in the United States and completed his elementary and secondary
education at Bellevin College and his Lycian education at Liceo Italiano.
Then he completed his law studies at Yeditepe University. He received a
scholarship and graduated from it in 2012 and became a lawyer in a company
for a period of 6 months only. But he learned a lot from her, learning how
to speak fluently and be confident. But with time, he felt that he was
wasting his time in a profession that he did not like and began to search
for another profession close to his heart. During his university studies he
participated in acting on the university stage. At that time, he felt that
there was a great talent inside that must be exploited.

Can Yaman and his acting career

His acting debut was at the university when he joined a theater group.
Although acting was not his first talent, he loved it and decided to get
training in it. The first artistic work he participated in in 2014 AD in the
series (Affairs of the Heart). It wasn’t a big role but it has garnered the
attention of the public and producers since that time. Because of this
series, he had to lose more than 6 kg of weight in order to remove his broad
shoulders and change his shape greatly to suit his work as an actor.
Interest in studying acting began alongside a marked change in its shape and
size to match the role. About his current projects, he is starring in the
first episodes of the series (The Early Bird) in June 2018. The number of
episodes of the series, or even the number of seasons, has not yet been

about Can Yaman’s childhood

Can Yaman is young since he was a child and is fond of sports. He played a
lot of sports. Including badminton, table and basketball. Next to strength
games and boxing. He also plays musical instruments such as the piano and
guitar, as well as sports dances and horse riding. He knew that he did not
like to talk about his personal life. loves to separate his personal life
from the media. But he was linked to actress Besty Musa and they broke up
after 8 months of their engagement.

Can Yaman’s first series

It was the first TV series he appeared in the Gonul Isleri series as Bedir.
In 2014 AD. His story is about three sisters and two parents living together
in one house. Their mother left them. They want to marry, but a lot of
things happen to them and change their lives. Then he got the title role in
his second work in (Inadina Ask) Love Matters in the role of Badr. It is a
romantic comedy series which are funny stories between Devne and Yalin who
work for the same company but don’t cooperate well with each other. So that
they fall in love with each other.

Watch how the features of Can
Yaman have changed, the protagonist of Early Bird, who made the first
absolute lead in the drama series (Who Doesn’t Love?). Tuba Erdem
Championship. Yales Covance. Celine Sweder. Then he presented the Al-Badr
series championship in 2017. It is also a romantic comedy series. It
revolves around the businessman (Frit Aslan) who plays Kan. He is a
successful businessman and entrepreneur. He has an organized way of working
and his personal life. On the other hand is the girl Nazli, who studies
cooking. She is looking for a job to cover her expenses and her home
expenses. She is stubborn and intransigent. Freit met each other and had
many problems and quarrels between them until they fell in love with each

Can Yaman Erkenci Kuş series

He played the youth role in the series (The Morning Bird) opposite the
Demet Ozdemir. It is a romantic comedy exciting series with lots of action, fun and
comedy. The audience liked him since his first episodes. Everyone liked the
cheerful situations between him and Demet in the role of “Hump”. The series
received the most views from the second episode of the series. He became the
most followed Turkish actor on social media after the role of Jan in the
series The Early Flying. This series is one of the Turkish series that was
shown in the summer of 2018. And it became the first in terms of viewership
for a series that premiered and in its early episodes. It is followed by
many viewers from the Arab world, Italy, Brazil, and around the world. Actor
Jean enjoyed charisma and a strong presence. He caught attention with his
new look and strong performance.

Can Yaman, the hero of the series Master Wrong

One of his series that was shown in 2020, but it did not last for long,
as some saw him repeating himself and did not attract much attention. The
viewership was lower than expected. Especially since it is the work he
launched after the great success of his last summer series, Morning Bird. Is
the actor really affected and his popularity affected after his recent
statements? As for the story of the series Mr. Al Bukha, it revolves around
the Turkish series “Mr. Wrong” by Google Trend. Following the clarification
of the first episode yesterday, Friday. Just as the series Trend Google is
published in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Although his story is repeated and
presented dozens of times, he admires the mood of the viewer, who searches
for emotional stories.

The novel of the series revolves around an
emotional and comedic environment about the character of Ozgur, who is one
who does not believe in love until he watches Yazji and falls in love with
her without understanding this. His personality completely transforms. Then,
many funny love fights arise for them. In an interview with a journalist,
director Farouk Turgot talks about the novel of the series. He said that the
viewpoint of the series revolves around the choice between love or logic,
and whether only women fall in the wrong love or not.

The series
Mr. Wrong from the singer competition Can Yaman and the star, Ozge Gorel and
the star Fatma Toptaş, the actor Zonguldak, its show is exclusively on Fox,
Turkey. The series The Wrong Master is produced by Gold Film and directed by
Eurolmazer. And the original script and Banu Zinjin.

Demet Azdemir and Can Yaman

There are many things that bother him from his fans. Especially from girls
who perform acts that are embarrassing to the point of embarrassment for him
and them. For example, he was accompanied by one of his friends, and some
fans approached him for a picture with him. But one of them insisted that
she approach him exaggeratedly and in a very intimate way. He turned away
from her and warned her, but she became angry at him and caused trouble. She
screamed and hit him with a cup of coffee, wounding Yaman’s hand.
Journalists asked him a lot about this incident, but he refused to talk
about it and said it did not deserve to be mentioned. 

can yaman new series El Turco 

Can Yaman series scheduled to be shown on the Disney platform. Greta Ferro” agreed to star in the series El Turco.

can yaman new series El Turco