The story of El Turco – Can Yaman new series


El Turco is the new Can Yaman series scheduled to be shown on the Disney platform. Which co-stars with the Italian actress “Greta Ferro”.Let’s get to know the story of the El Turco series. Who are the crew of the series in detail. Where will it be filmed, how many episodes will it be filmed, and when will it be shown on the platform? Will it be shown on TV channels or not? All this and more in the next report.

The story of El Turco

What is the story of the series El Turco

It’s the new Can Yaman series for Disney+. Filming for this series will start in September 2022 and it will be in English. He will be co-starring with the Italian actress “Greta Ferro” who traveled to Budapest to catch up with the initial preparations for this work.

The heroes of the series El Turco

The heroes of the series El Turco Can Yaman and Greta Ferro.

Can Yaman action hero

The main role of El Turco is played by Jan Yaman. He is one of the famous Turkish art that began to enter the world from its widest doors.

The star Jan arrived in the Hungarian capital Budapest to shoot his first scenes in the series. This work is produced by the Moon Company. for the Disney Plus platform.

Here is a brief information about this popular Turkish star Can Yaman. The artist got many roles in series such as “Erkenci Kus”, “Inadina Ask” and “Dolunay”. In 2014, he appeared in the Turkish TV series “Gönül İşleri ıs”.

It is directed by Türkan Derya and premiered. In 2017, he appeared for the first time in the series Dolunay ı with Özge Gürel, playing the character Ferit. It was Yaman and conversing four languages ​​near the Turkish language.


Can Yaman new series

He performed roles in the theater in plays published in the theater of ordinary novels, during the course of the abundant amount of his pictures on social media, he gained huge popularity on Instagram, gaining more than 1.5 1,000,000 fans.

Early Bird or Morning Bird (Turkish: Erkenci Kuş) is a Turkish series that was first published and rumored on the Turkish Star channel in June 2018. The novel begins with Sanam, a young girl who works in her father’s shop.

She finds herself forced to marry if she does not find a job. She is a different girl from her sister, Laila, who is natural, cheerful and full of vitality. And throughout her search for effort.

She discovers that the advertising establishment in which her sister, Laila works, is looking for an assistant worker, so she registers to acquire the craft, and so far the effort has begun there, a new venture will be launched.

Greta Ferro, the heroine of El Turco

The star “Greta Ferro” agreed to star in the series El Turco, so that the Italian Greta was one of the first to join the series’ crew.

Greta was born on September 19, 1995 in Vastu. She belongs to a family of Abruzzo and Camania ancestry. Her upbringing was in Campobasso. Her father worked in the food sector. Her mother is a professor of entrepreneurship at Sanyo University in Benevento.

Our star has one sister and she is younger than her, her name is Geneva. Studied in China and obtained a Classical High School Diploma at Mario Pagano High School in Campobasso, Greta Ferro moved in 2013 to Milan where she studied Economics at Bocconi University.

She started working while she was in her second year at university in modeling shows. When she introduced herself to a modeling agency. She even caught the attention of a talent scout to start working as a fashion model in Milan.

She continues her studies and takes courses at the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Theater and discovers his passion for acting. Her real breakthrough came in 2018, through her role in a short film called “The Jacket” directed by Marco Armando Piccinini under the direction of Michele Placid.

El Turco Showtime

Filming for the first episodes of the series began at the end of September 2022. The first episode of El Turco, El Turco, is scheduled to premiere in October on Disney+.


Greta Ferro, the heroine of El Turco