Greta Ferro and her boyfriend

Who is Greta Ferro? religion boyfriend, series Bio

Greta Ferro,

star of Jan Yaman Turco El Turco series. Actress actress. Submitted by business.

She was chosen to be the female lead opposite Jan Yaman. Who is Greta Ferro? And what is her nationality? Her age and religion. Its length and weight.

Lots of information about her personal and emotional life. It started with acting. And how did you become the star of the series Jan Yaman?

About Greta Ferro

Many Turkish actor Can Yaman ask the star who stars opposite him in his series for Disney Plus.

Our beautiful star was born in Vastu. Her date of birth is September 19, 1995. Of Abruzzo, Campania and Molise ancestry, Greta Ferro was raised in Campobasso.

Greta’s father is Giuseppe Ferro, a food entrepreneur and business owner since 2011 Pastificio La Molisana in Campobasso, her father is its CEO.

Her mother’s name is Gilda Antonelli. She works at Sanyo University in Benevento as a professor of entrepreneurship.

Who is Greta Ferro?

About Greta Ferro is an actress and model who will star alongside Jan Yaman in the series “El Turco”. I thought you would disgrace her

Her real name is El Turc
Greta Ferro was born on September 19, 1995
Her age in 2022 is 27 years old.
Her Christian religion
her nationality.
Its length is 175 cm.
She weighs 45 kg.
Her lover is there.
Green eyes and brown hair

Her upbringing, age, religion, height, weight

Greta Ferro was born in Italy in 1995 in Vasto. Different cultures in China.

She received her high school diploma from Mario Yagano High School. Was she in Campobasso?

Then Greta Ferro transferred to study economics at Bocconi University in 2013.

The beginning of acting

During the series Greta Ferro acting, during the series “Made in Italy” in 2019. But a little before that and during her sophomore year, she started a little while ago during a period of showing herself to modeling agencies.

I tried reading her fashion agencies. And because of the standard specifications in terms of height, weight, agility and natural beauty, her entry into this field was not difficult.

It was discovered in a media advertisement. And she continued to follow the acting courses on the stage. For her passion for acting.

She took evening courses at the Paolo Grassi Civic Theater School for acting training. In front of the cameras and in front of people on stage.

Serials and works by Greta Ferro

The star Greta Ferro participated in many Italian series. He was one of the interpreters for a short film for Armani. Directed by Marco Armando Piccinini under the direction of Michele Placido this 2018.

At the time, director Armani noticed her and chose her for the Emporio campaign, a beauty line, and made her his face. She even starred in “Made in Italy” as the heroine, “Irene,” a journalist making her way into journalism.

Her role caught the directors’ attention, as she directly entered another small role in Kiara Lubic’s Love Wins It All.

The year 2020 I participated in the weekend movie “A movie released on an electronic platform. Its story is about four friends, themselves, themselves locked in a secluded hut in the mountains where their friend lost his life seven years ago in mysterious circumstances. The intent of the prison, which happened by strangers , is to explain the true causes of the friend’s death.They will find themselves facing themselves from the outside.

Greta Ferro and her boyfriend

Italian actress Greta Ferro is in a relationship with “Germano Invernesse”. She constantly posts her photos with him on Instagram. He has more than 108,000 followers on Instagram.

Known for girls who like to volunteer for charity. Where she placed her studies at the university. In addition to volunteering in the Order of Malta to protect the homeless.

Greta Ferro in the series El Turco

Greta Ferro has agreed to offer Disney Plus to star in her new series alongside can Yaman. The Turkish newspaper “Persin” said that the one who published the assignment of the role of Gloria to Greta.

Filming of the series began in September 2022 in Hungary. He has gone to Jan Yaman got primary services. to take your turn.

Persen confirms that Greta Ferro is the heroine of Jan Yaman series.

 Instagram Greta Ferro Facebook

Other accounts on social media. She always looks great aesthetically. Her followers always ask her the secrets of her makeup. Goodbye, she does not like to put on makeup to show the money of her eyes and enhance the oval shape of her beautiful face.

Greta told us that one of the secrets of making her own makeup is lasting hydration for the skin. This makes it flawless skin. To say that she uses a strong moisturizing cream before putting any cosmetic on her face.

You are also waiting to leave the moisturizing cream until the skin is fully absorbed and in sufficient time. Then apply a corrective concealer, then a full coverage lotion with a soft, light texture. She prefers the use of flat brushes for each product to achieve a perfect blending of the products.

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Greta Ferro
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Greta Ferro and her boyfriend
Greta Ferro and her boyfriend