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Turkish actress Dilin Doger, a Turkish actress at the beginning of her acting career. She appeared in a small number of Turkish dramas. To be her ticket about a month series that girl.

In which she plays the main female role. We get to know that girl Dilin Doger who she is and all the details about her detailing her age, her religion, does she have a boyfriend, her childhood story and  her own secrets.

Her first role as an actress. Her first television work. Her most famous roles. Her astrological sign, height, weight, and her favorite things are all this and more in the next report.

Who is Dilin Doger?

She is a rising actress who started working as an actress in 2021 through a role in the series “Ex Askim – Ex-lover.” Here is her personal card:

Dilin Doger’s birthday is February 22, 1995.
Her age in 2022 is 27 years old
Her religion is Islam.
Place of birth in Diyarbakir, Turkey.

length is 165 cm.
weighs 45 kg.
Her astrological sign is Aquarius.

Dilin dogger’s genesis

Our star, Dylan, grew up in Diyarbakir. She was born there in 1995. Her first and last talent is imitating her favorite artists and actors. This made her family more interested in her talent and development.

Her family: Dilin Doger, the father of a government employee, lived in Diyarbakir. She spent most of her childhood there and most of the others moved to Mersin. Those two cities helped her a lot in developing her life.

Diyarbakir is the city in which she lived her childhood to the fullest. As for Mersin, that city gave her a lot and brought her a lot into her life. Since her childhood her heart has been attached to art. With her family’s interest in this, especially her mother, she made her join the ballet school “Tan Saghturk”. This was a strong reason to take her chance to face the audience on stage and get daring and strengthening her talent.

dilin dogger religion

Dylan enjoyed her life as a child in her Muslim family. As her religion is Islam. Her family gave her a lot of opportunities and tests to develop her thinking and strength her event. As Dylan

dilin dogger
dilin dogger

mentioned in her childhood

As a child, I was given paints, brushes and even rice cereal and asked to make something.

She also has a lot of artists in her family as her aunts are art and music teachers. Her uncle is a writer. To be her childhood in a large library in her home. This also made her love to read a lot.

This is in addition to seeing her aunt’s somat on a lot of huge paintings and listening to classical music of great art and music.

She also won a scholarship to enter Haji Tepe University to study linguistics, including English. Dilin Doger thinks she will continue her life like this and sees it as the right way to root herself.

Dilin Doger and her boyfriend

Dilin Doger does not have a friend or lover and is not married yet. She is actually interested in her studies and talent her artistic career. After she completed her primary education in Mersin, she moved with her family to Ankara. Graduated from Haseetep University, Department of English Linguistics.

She decided to enter the art world while she was in college. During her college years, she also studied dance, music, painting, ballet, opera and singing. “The life in which she grew up played a big role in her desire to work as an actress. Art was the biggest advantage in the places where she spent her childhood years.”

Dilin Doger and her boyfriend
Dilin Doger and her boyfriend

The beginning of acting

How did Dilin Doger start acting? The turning point in her career is when she signed up for an art agency. She meets the agency’s director, Yagmur Jokaya, and he devises a plan to train her in acting before embarking on that acting adventure.

She did her acting training at the Talent House Academy of Arts. By valuable people, especially my teacher Korkut Baran.

She worked in several commercials for the brand. When she was in her last year of college, then she decided to be an actress and took action with every opportunity possible at that moment.

The process of searching for an opportunity to act as an actress was a bit difficult for her. Until Leonard Coheny appeared in her life when she submitted to an acting agency and was accepted to get her first role in a movie “Beit El Fan” with director “Heiner Selim” in 2019.

Dilin Doger’s work and series

The first project in which she participated in the film House of Art with director Heiner Selim. It is an international feature film and is expected to be shown in international festivals.

Her first adventures began with TV dramas, through the series “Al-Eshq Al-Sabeer” in 2021. She played the character of Afifi. It was greatly appreciated by the public.

Dylan was delighted with the presentation of her first series on the screens. And she got this role thanks to the director of the series team, who contacted her manager, “Yagmore”, and asked him for a suitable actress for the role.

She went through many auditions to be chosen from a large group of rookie actors like her. For this work to have a special place then.

She participated in a feature film called “Good Night, Soldier”. She will also play the role of Zainab in the series That Girl.

Zainab in that girl

Dylan presents the character of Zainab in the series That Girl, which premiered in 2022.

Dilin dogger’s Instagram

Our star Dilin Doger has an account on Instagram and other social networking sites. Here is a collection of photos that our star likes to publish on her personal accounts daily.

Dilin Doger says that in her spare time she draws and meditates, because her painting is very useful. She also started learning French. You also discover music to learn to play the ukulele.

Dilin Doger
Dilin Doger