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Özlem Yilmaz Damla, the heroine of the Aglama anne series, who is famous for her role in the role of Rasha in the series Al Hob Al Moustaheel,

complete information about her and her life story, her personal card, her work and upcoming projects,

her upbringing and family, her marriage, divorce and children, many secrets about her life that she knows for the first time, her talent and the work she loves to do. , her favorite foods and her highest ideals in acting, and a new photo album for her.

Who is Özlem Yilmaz?

Date of Birth: July 17, 1986 AD.
Age in 2018: 32 years old.
Place of Birth: She was born in Istanbul – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Özlem Yilmaz’s religion: Muslim.
Özlem Yilmaz and her husband: In a love affair with Talip Selimoğlu, she was married to Ahmed May in 2013 AD and separated from him in 2015 AD and she has one daughter.
Weight: 60 kg.
Height: 175 cm.
Hair colour: dark brown.
Eye colour: dark brown.
Astrological sign: Cancer.
Academic qualification: She studied at the Atakoy Republic School. She joined the Mujdat Gezen Art Center to graduate as an actress in 2006.
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2006.
What is her favorite sport: She loves to run constantly.
What is her hobby: She is a multi-talented actress, loves dogs, loves to ride horses, enjoys spending time with her friends.

Özlem Yilmaz Films, TV shows, plays

Impossible love – black bread – honesty – detective Mimoli – don’t forget – fortune hunter – Rabat – Tigris – we meet in dreams – what is a hangover.
Kadin- Aglama anne – Kara Ekmek – Emanet – Kaçak – Karaoglan- Unutulmaz- Dantel – Zoraki koca – Dicle- Rüyalarda bulusuruz – Karagümrük yaniyor.

Secrets, his life story and biography

A well-known Turkish actress, born in Istanbul in 1986, she dreamed throughout her childhood to become a well-known actress, and to play the beautiful roles that she had always dreamed of. Immediately due to the death of her father, she began to take private lessons from Müşfik Kenter to study film and theater, attended Mjdd Gezen Art School to continue her education, graduated from Müjdat Gezen Actor Studio.

Acting work

After completing her acting studies, she began searching for an opportunity to enter the world of art. She played the role of Elmas in (Karagümrük yaniyor) in 2006 AD, then played the role of Emine in the short television series Roilalda Polosoroz, starring (Selda Alkor – Mahmoud Kiefer – Ozlem Konker), then for the third year Successively, she was chosen to play a new role in the series (Dicle – Tigris) in 2007. She began getting major roles in 2007 in the comedy-drama series (Zoraki koca Forced Marriage – Rabat), starring the well-known Turkish artist Burak Ozcivit and Aysel Yossoy.

She continued to present various artworks, including the drama TV series (Unutulmaz – Barez), the historical comedy series Karaoglan, directed by Kudret Sabachi, and by the writer Rana Mamatlioglu. A mafia undercover, he killed the son of a mafia chief, and also fell in love with a woman who does not want him.

In 2014, she participated in the romantic series Amana in the role of Zilal, starring Kankat Aydos – Nihan Balyali – Filiz Kaya – Murat Tatli, then she got the absolute starring role in 2015 and 2016 AD through the crime and drama series Black Bread, starring Engin Hebleri, Aushan Çakir and Gulsen. Sankiroglu, Anil Elter and Basque Dasman.

The role of Damla and the story of the Turkish series Aglama anne

Damla’s role is a new role, since the first episodes and got a large viewership, she was able to present the role of a girl who has a daughter without marriage, love or pregnancy, the story of a girl named Elif, who had an illegal relationship with a wealthy young man, after that night she traveled to study, and this The young man also traveled to study, they did not know that there was a pregnancy until his symptoms began to appear on her, she went to the father of the young man (Adnan), and told him about her pregnancy from his son, but he threatened to kill her and kill what was in her stomach if she did not abort him, but she was unable to abort her child.

On the day of her daughter’s birth, she tried to kill her to hide her, but they caught her before the girl died, whom she named Zainab, whom Damla took by her aunt and named her after her. From prison, Damla demanded that she give her her daughter again, and there was a war between two sisters over motherhood.

Özlem Yilmaz and her husband

About the actress’s personal life, she had met the lawyer Ahmed Ayyar when she was training in acting, and they began to meet again and again until they became close friends, he said at the time that the girl I would marry, and indeed they married in a beautiful and elegant wedding, attended by the family and some artists, But after a marriage that lasted a year and a half, the divorce took place in one court session.

After a marriage that lasted more than a year, and a story of love and great agreement between them, a divorce was agreed upon due to the severe incompatibility between them. The actress said that marriage has become impossible, as each of us has become unbearable for the other, despite their attempts to correct the course of their lives, but they failed.

Turkish actress biography
Turkish actress biography
actress Özlem Yilmaz
actress Özlem Yilmaz