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Demet ozdemir, the heroine of the series Erkenci Kuş, who became famous in the role of Sanem Aydın,

all the available information about her, her date of birth, her age in , her relationship with the actor Sichkin Ozdemir,

is there love between her and can yaman, her websites Facebook and Instagram. is demet ozdemir muslim?

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Birth, upbringing, and study demet demet özdemir religion

Demet Ozdemir is a Turkish actress, she was born in Kocaeli, Turkey, her date of birth is February 26, 1992 AD, she is 27 years old, 2019 AD, her religion is Islam, and her weight is 50 kg.

Her height is 167 cm, her sign is Pisces, she is from a very small town in Izmit, her childhood was free, in a simple city but she was beautiful. She has no violence against children, women, not even animals.

She has a strong personality since she was young, and her family has trusted her with great confidence. They did not set her back home, but gave her a space to choose her life and how she would go about it.

Who is demet ozdemir Husband ?

Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan Koç are engaged in 26-6-2022. Handa Dogandemir and Ferkan Balali, who attended Demet Ozdemir’s wedding separately, approached the whole evening and left together, then the press camera caught them hand in hand, and refused to answer the questions.

demet ozdemir Husband

Even when she went to Istanbul, she was returning home at night, her family did not specify a return to her home, but she was not as happy in Istanbul as she was in Izmit.

What bothered her in Istanbul was the great crowding, chaos and difficult traffic. She finished her university studies and then looked for an opportunity to enter the world of acting.

She started working when she was 15 years old. She could not live like her peers. She went to school while her friends were going to the movies.

What she experienced made her able to present more roles and brilliantly, and also made her present the role of a woman at an older age than she was not a difficult role for her, one of the things that bothered her is the end of all work.

Especially the end of long works such as the series Room 309, as it was too long, and her distance from the team bothered her. She needs time to get out of the role and the character that she is posing.

Its beginning with acting

After completing her studies, Model worked in a number of singing dogs, the first of which was with the singer Mustafa Sandal.

and she attracted the attention of the directors, as she is a girl by nature, untested. She has a strong presence, and is attractive in front of the cameras,

so I chose her as a director of the series (I Give You a Secret), although it was a small role, but it was influential.

The audience knew her through him, and then she played a bigger role in the series (Leith and
Nora) with the actor Kivanc Tatlitug in 2014.

all of those roles were not starring roles, but rather influential roles that the audience knew about.

Çilek Kokusu series

Her first absolute starring role in the series Çilek Kokusu, which she performed with the actor (Yusef Jim), this work succeeded and got a good following.

And she began a love story between them for a year, until they separated from each other, then she presented the series (Room Number: 309), and it was a romantic comedy series.

It is about a simple girl, whose mother wanted to introduce her to a young man to marry him. She went to meet him after her mother pressured her.

But she met another person with the same name, and when she drank wine, she accidentally formed a relationship with him, which made her get pregnant with a child, and then events began to change after he searched for the father of her child.

demet ozdemir Erkenci Kuş In 2018, she played the role of a hump in the series The Morning Bird, in front of Kan Yaman, his story revolves around the love story of Jan and Sanam.

the hump of a simple, natural and fun girl. She has a mind that keeps numbers quickly and keeps records and keeps many things quickly.

although she used to work in her father’s store, but she decided to change her life to work in a large advertising company, which is the same company that her sister works in, and at that time she got acquainted with Jan the son of the owner of the company.

He is one of the rich people who live their life in travel, but he loved it since he saw it, and their love story began to develop, but just like love stories.

There are a lot of consequences in front of them, as you got involved in many bad deeds under a lie from Jan Emre’s brother, who turned out to be a change of his brother a lot.

seckin ozdemir and demet özdemir relationship

read more about seckin ozdemir is the second man in Demet’s love life, their relationship was so strong, that many expected that they were on the verge of marriage, or living together in one house.

Even when he showed her an old video while she was dancing, he supported her a lot, because before she entered the world of art, she was working as a dancer.

Then the two began searching for a house to rent in the region of Attilar, and at that time it was rumored that they had married and moved to live together officially before marriage.

But that happiness did not last long, suddenly and without any introductions, each of them
deleted any pictures that brought them together from the social networking sites Instagram and Facebook.

they were not following some of them on Instagram, which confirmed the rumor of their separation, and none of them broke their silence, to clarify the truth of what happened.

seckin ozdemir and demet özdemir

read more about can yaman She presented with hem a strong romantic series, each of them showed their great talent and ability to play their characters, as well as how she has a great sense of humor and wit.

But with the intimate scenes between them, the audience began to suspect the existence of a love affair between them, especially after she broke up with the actor Sichkin Ozdemir.

This rumor helped the series as a form of propaganda, and they became the talk of the press and social media for a great time.

journalists began to monitor their movements and actions together.

They were photographed in more than one place together, dancing and having fun, but when asked about can yaman about their relationship he said (no love, we are business friends).

Demet ozdemir series and TV shows

 Erkenci Kuş 2018 m.
Room Number: 309 2016.
Çilek Kokusu 2015.
Kurt Seyit ve ura 2014.
Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim 2013 AD.
evim 2020.

evim demet ozdemir

A new drama series far from comedy and dreamy romance, a new series that may starring actress Demet Ozdemir, a beautiful novel with many traditions, customs, love and romance. Aside from the romantic feel, “A Woman in the Window” is really fun, able to control your heartbeat and raise your adrenaline level by several degrees until you feel a lot of excitement. You will not be able to leave the novel without reaching it to the last point, unlike the rest of the interesting novels, it can hold your breath for several minutes as you wander between the lines, the writer has excelled in both plot and style.

This is the story of the young Mahdi (Ibrahim Shlikol) who grew up in the slums, and the girl Zainab (Demet Ozdemir), who lived her whole life in luxury however. This fact did not make her happy. On the contrary, this is a story about how childhood and youth shape the human personality. The main saying in this series is that you belong to your home and the place you came from. There will be love, betrayal, a psychological clinic, a luxurious life, and poverty.


can yaman and demet ozdemir maldives

The Turkish star Can Yaman sparked a great controversy in the Turkish artistic community after shocking statements he made in his last press interview. He finally admitted that he had an emotional relationship with the Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir during the filming of the famous Turkish series “Erkenci Kuş”.

The sexual desire between the two heroes is the main factor in the success of the series, according to the viewpoint of Jan, who explained this by saying: “Look at the young people whose work has stopped recently. “All of them have partners who do not have sexual desire towards them. When the audience asks whether the two heroes really make love or not, the work does not continue.”

can yaman and demet ozdemir

can’s remarks aroused the ire of many stars and criticized the stars, especially those who had previously participated in the acting work in front of the actor. Including Celine, who commented on these statements, saying: “Thank God, to this day, I have a low and cold libido.”

can, who had previously denied what had been raised about the existence of a love story between him and Demet, returned and confirmed the validity of what was raised and said:

“We became lovers in Episode 20. If Demet was a little cold, there would be no harmony between us, for example for this reason I had problems with my partner Celine Soedar in the series« Who among us did not love ». He added, “How do we start filming in front of the camera with these problems and filming love scenes!”

demet ozdemir news

Since she started acting five years ago, she presented many successful works in them. She climbed the ladder one step, first she worked as a dancer, then she played minor roles.

Until she was able to get the starring roles, she quickly jumped into strong roles, acting became her only dream, and her goal is to continue, succeed and move forward.

She did not dream of reaching fame quickly, and finding love from adults and children.

acted on stage as her first artistic path to stardom, she was an artist disciplined even with her studies, she studied theater for two years, and focused all her focus on studying first, then she looked for the first opportunity to ascend the ladder of glory and stardom.

Despite her love for dancing, but she chose acting, because she believes that dancing needs more time, as she used to design the song with her dances for a whole week.

even though it was only 3.5 minutes long. But acting is not the same amount of effort and fatigue, but she loves the two professions very much, teaching her a lot, the most important of which is patience.

He taught her how to look well for the character to present, to enjoy the representation when presented, to master it, and to be open and open.

But after her fame in acting, a video appeared for her while she was dancing in one of the places designated for this and she was slightly annoyed, but her friend at that time (Sichkin Ozdemir) came out and supported her a lot.

demet özdemir when she small