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rabia soyturk and her lover or husband

1. What is the religion of rabia soyturk?

Rabia Soyturk’s religion is probably Muslim.

2. Who is Habib Rabia Soyturk?

Habib rabia soyturk is unknown.

3. How old is rabia soyturk?

Rabia Soyturk’s age in 2020: 26 years old.

4. What is the length of the rabia soyturk?

Its length is 166 cm.

5 . What is the date of birth of Rabia Soyturk?

March 11, 1996 AD.

rabia soyturk Information about the Turkish actress series, rabia soyturk length, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who was famous for many wonderful roles, and a lot about her in one article.

rabia soyturk religion height weight

What is her date of birth: March 11, 1996 AD, how old is she in 2020: 26 years old, what is her religion: Probably Muslim. What is her height: 166 cm. What is its weight: 55 kg.

Actress rabia soyturk and her life story

Turkish actress Rabia Switurk was born on March 11, 1996 in Istanbul. She completed her primary and secondary studies to complete her university studies as well, where she graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Health. She did not have a great relationship with acting and art, but fate smiled at her when the drama makers chose her to participate in their work.

Although it is the first time she enters the world of acting, which is a world far from her field of specialization, she was able to take a starring role in this dramatic series, where she played one of the main characters in the series, which became a good door for her as she began to be requested by film and television makers, He is expected to have and will be accepted in the field of acting.

rabia soyturk
rabia soyturk

Information about rabia soyturk

English name: Rabia Soyturk.
Arabic name: Rabia Switrock.
Date of birth: March 11, 1996.
Age in 2020: 26 years old.
Birthplace: Istanbul – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Marriage: none
Height: 166 cm.
Hair colour: dark brown.
Eye colour: brown.
Astrological sign: Pisces.
Profession: actress
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2018.
Academic Qualification: Graduated from the Faculty of Health, Nursing Department in Istanbul.

rabia soyturk series movies and tv shows

character series
My Name Angel . series
My name is “Malak” series.

Information about her starring in the series My Name is King

Rabia My Name is Malak shared a series of accidents and new events, the shooting took place on Thursday, July 25, 2019, it was filmed outdoors in Turkey in Gaziantep, Urfa, Mardin and Istanbul and will be chosen, but the main center of the shooting will be Gaziantep, last but not least, Trt 1’d put her hand on the series and a huge success in producing the new drama series called My Name Melek for the audience of Trt 1, My Name is Melek, starring Nehir Erdogan, Kutsi Ugur Yükl Can Kakir Serif Sezer and names like Rabia Switürk and Olvi Kahiooglu.

rabia soyturk and her boyfriend or husband

She studied theater and acting at the Sadri Alışık Cultural Center, and her first artworks were through the character series she shared with Haluk Bilginer, Cansu Dere, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Metin Akdülger, Şebnem Bozoklu and Necip Memili. Through this series, she was able to achieve remarkable success and worked to prove her artistic talent. The Personality series is a Turkish drama series that revolves around Turkish crime and mystery. The series’ author is Hakan Gunday – directed by Onur Saylak and produced by Al-Qamar.

rabia soyturk boyfriend
rabia soyturk boyfriend

My Name is Malak

a Turkish series of romantic drama that was shown in 2019 and its protagonists are Nehir Erdogan Rabia Switruk
As for the story of the series, it revolved around Malak, who lived in Gaziantep, grew up and grew up on love and understanding, got married at a young age and had three children, and she is a mother like most mothers who devoted her life to her children.

She was married to a cruel man and did not love him, and after she left him, she did not think again about marriage. In the events of the series, Khalil appears in her life and becomes a rich businessman. A strong love story arises between them, and this love makes Malak change her view of marriage again and She gives up many things for this love. The artist, Rabia, whose role in the series is one of Malak’s sons.

Duy Beni series

Ekim and Leyla are two young teenagers who are as close as sisters. They live a modest life in a humble neighborhood but they always envied the rich kids who attend Dogru High School, a secondary school exclusively for the children of wealthy families.

Karaca in Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu

The TRT production is a prequel story of Awakening: the Great Seljuk. It depicts the life and triumphs of Sultan Alparslan, the second sultan of the Seljuk dynasty, whose victories expanded the empire in the 11th century.

Karaca Hatun
Karaca Hatun