Evrim Alasya

Evrim Alasya religion, age, husband, info & bio



Evrim Alasya religion, age, husband, info & bio

Evrim Alasya, her religion, age, height, weight, artwork, distinguished roles, and all the details about her are covered in a complete and detailed.

Evrim Alasya is one of the most famous Turkish drama stars since 2000 until now. She has excelled and excelled in providing comedic roles.

And her distinguished role in the series Muhteşem Yüzyıl was one of the most important reasons that made her one of Turkey’s favorite stars among Arabs. Samar’s role in the series Ihlamurlar Altında was the first that led to her fame in Turkey.

And star Evrim still enjoyed many wonderful roles, and we will learn through this report about the birth of Evrim Alasya, her personal and artistic life, and the great success that she achieved.

Information about Evrim Alasya

Date of Birth: August – 02 – 1979
Birthplace: Izmir – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Age in 2020: 41 years
Religion: Muslim
Years of activity: 1999 – now
Length: 1.60 meters
Weight: 60 kg
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
The most famous works: the lost years
Marital status: married
Qualification: Graduated from the Acting Division – Faculty of Fine Arts – University of September 9
Hobbies: gymnastics – acting

The life story of Evrim Alasya

The star Evrim Alasya was born on August 2, 1979, in the Turkish city of Izmir, and then moved to Istanbul to search for the right opportunity.
In her childhood, Ephraim was distinguished in gymnastics, and she started practicing it in her fifth year only, then she won many awards of excellence.

Efrem studied theater and acting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, 9 Eylul University, Turkey, and from here she began looking for an opportunity to prove her talent.
The first opportunity she got in acting was her participation in the Children’s Theater, when she presented several plays that were characterized by lightness of shadows, and Ephraim remained working in the theater until she was able to get the first opportunity to participate in the series “The Story of Istanbul” in 2005.
From here, Ephrem’s real beginning was, and she has fascinated viewers with a large number of wonderful series and roles.

Evrim Alasya Nebahat Çehre Relationship

As we mentioned before, star Evrim Alasya had the great opportunity to play the role of the Sultan’s mother in her youth.
The able actress Nebahat Çehre, who has been an icon of beauty and fashion in Turkey since 1970 until our time, introduced the stage of old age. between them.
Which was the biggest reason for making Evrim play the role of Hafsa in his youth, which made many believe that there is a relationship between the star Evrim Alasya and the able actress Nabahah Tshehra.
However, the two stars denied the existence of any kinship between them, and the similarity that unites them is only a coincidence and nothing more, but this similarity was a clear reason for the expansion of Ephrem’s fame.

Evrim Alasya in the series Ihlamurlar Altında

The series Ihlamurlar Altında was the second Turkish drama to be dubbed into the Syrian dialect to be shown in the Arab world. Indeed, the series achieved unprecedented success at the time of its presentation due to the splendor of the story and the suspense of the episodes.

The series revolves around a poor girl who is preparing to marry her lover and works in a clothing factory, then the son of the owner of the factory feels that he loves her and begins to take care of her, and from here Lamis’ life is turned upside down.

The series deals with many important issues that touched the hearts of all followers, whether in Turkey or in the Arab world, and excelled in presenting the character of Sama, a girl who knows that she cannot have children after marriage. The series was shown in 2005 and it consists of only two parts.

Evrim Alasya in the series Gonulcelen

The role of Evrim in the series Gonulcelen was one of the most important roles that changed Evrim Alasya’s artistic career, by presenting a comic character.

She excelled in presenting it with the required standard, without feeling tired of watching it, but viewers are waiting to watch it in the series. The Gonulcelen series is starring Turkish star Tuba Yokoston, and it is the second time that Evrim Alasya Tuba participates in the championship after the series Lost Years.

The series revolves around a beautiful but sassy girl, everyone refuses to deal with her in her city, but she gets a chance to become a well-known singer, through one of the singing stars who meets her by chance, and from here the life of the poor girl changes, to a girl known in the whole world.

Evrim Alasya in the series Harem Al Sultan

After a large number of successes achieved by Ephraim during her artistic career, it was the series Harem Al Sultan, which is the most famous Turkish series.
One of the series that made her one of the most important stars of Turkey’s drama in the Arab world, star Efrem presented the role of Hafsa, the Sultan’s mother in the youth stage, which was completed by the great star Nabahah Tashar.
The Sultan’s Harem series is a historical series consisting of 4 parts, and it deals with the life story of Caliph Suleiman the Magnificent, who is the most famous caliph in building the Ottoman Empire.
The series is considered the largest production series in this period, in addition to being shown in more than one Arab and foreign country and dubbed into several different languages.

Evrim Alasya in the series “Günesin Kizlari”

During her career, Evrim Alasya was distinguished by her tendency to diversity in roles, and she did not limit herself to presenting one genre or one issue.

Ephrem showed this difference through her participation in the successful youth series “Günesin Kizlari”, which is one of the most successful Turkish youth series, which tries as much as possible to shed light on the problems of young people that they are experiencing at this time. adolescence.

She tries as much as possible to research their problems and confront her with sobriety, but she also gets into a lot of problems due to her young age and beauty, so a man loves her and asks her to marry.

But she enters into a conflict between choosing her love or choosing her daughters, and the series won the admiration of viewers at the time of its presentation, and Efrem also gained the love and appreciation of the Turkish public for her ingenuity in presenting the role of the mother in the series.

The most important works of the star Evrim Alasya

Tv series, lost years
Harmon elsultan series
Gonulcelen series
Series Günesin Kizlari
Benim Adım Gültepe . series
Crazy Domrul series

Actress Evrim Alasya Pictures

Star Evrim Alasya is interested in publishing the newest and latest photos for her fans and followers on social media pages to keep in touch with her fans.

We will present to you the latest and most recent pictures of the beautiful Turkish star Evrim Alasya on the many occasions she attended.

The life story of Evrim Alasya
The life story of Evrim Alasya
The star Evrim Alasya
The star Evrim Alasya
Evrim Alasya in the series Gonulcelen
Evrim Alasya in the series Gonulcelen