Demet Evgar religion, husband, her new series


Information, photos and a full report on the artist Demet Evgar (Deniz) and her life story. In this article, get to know the artist, Demet Evgar, the most beautiful Turkish women.
Demet Evgar

When was she born, her artistic career and whether she is married, who are her parents and whether she is a Muslim, a comprehensive article about everything related to her work, secrets of her life, upcoming projects and biography.

Find out about her height, weight and academic qualification, more details in this article, especially about her life, her talent and her favorite sport.

Who is Demet Evgar?

Date of birth: May 19, 1980 AD.
Age in 2018: 38 years.
Birthplace: Turkey – Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Her religion: Muslim.
Her husband’s name Married to Levent Babataş.
Height: 162 cm.
Weight: 62 kg.
Astrological sign: Taurus.
Academic Qualification: Graduated from the Theater Department at the Conservatory of Istanbul University.

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Secrets and life story of Demet Evgar and biography

A beautiful actress, born in Manisa in 1980, parents: Bingul Evgar, Levent Evgar, of Albanian origin, graduated from Istanbul University, Music Institute, theater department.

Demet Evgar and her husband

She married Levent Babataş in 2022. She is pregnant with her first child.

Demet Evgar and her husband

The beginning of acting

She began her artistic work on stage in an amateur theater, she formed with her friends a theater group and organized several plays, she moved to work on the Turkish National Theater Kinter Theatre.

She started acting on television in the year 2000 AD and presented three TV series and then presented three films also in the period between 2000 AD and 2005 AD, she became one of the most important actresses who excelled in presenting the role of women on the screen.

Ranked among the most beautiful woman in the world on Listal website among 87 Turkish women, Demet received many awards, including in 2009 the Best Comedy Actress Award from the Antalya Festival and also the Best Actress from the Golden Butterfly Festival and the Jim TV Festival.

She played many different roles, including comedic roles, such as her role in the series Asli and Karam, tragic and police roles, such as her role in the series Al-Fana. She did not talk much about her personal life, as it is like a puzzle.

She says that her personal life belongs to her only, but her working life belongs to her audience, as for what distinguishes her, she is ambitious, loves stability and marriage, loves new things, clothes and jewelry, always loves to please herself with gifts and shopping, loves to play swimming as a sport and not entertainment, one of her shortcomings is quick anger and Suspicion and love control, stubborn to the point of rebellion.

The works of Demet Evgar, series, films and plays

Cinema films: Bad Cat – Unbelievable – Jasmine’s Luminous Night in 2013 – Wow – Western Sherlock – I Saw the Sun – Woman – Bathroom.
TV works: Woman and Man – Men Don’t Cry – The Special Order – All My Children – Beautiful Life – My Prayers and Generosity – Number Seven – The Yard.

Beautiful, rare and new photo album of Demet Evgar

The most beautiful pictures of the beautiful Turkish star Demet Evgar. Turkish actress, born on May 19, 1980 in Manisa, Turkey. She has acted in several Turkish series, films and plays.
She was born in the province of Manisa, western Turkey, and one of the actresses who excelled in embodying several distinguished roles on the screen, whether in television or cinema.

The international site listal has made a new classification about the most beautiful women in Turkey and listed 87 women in Turkey as the most beautiful in the history of Turkey, and the list included a large number of them “Beren, Saat, Tuba Buyukustun, Hazal Kaya”.
Among the beauties featured on the list is the 34-year-old Turkish actress, Demet Avgar
Demet is a graduate of the theater department of Istanbul University. She performed her first artwork in 2000. At this time, she was interested in historical works. She also went to the theater and performed more than one theatrical performance.

Beautiful Demet Evgar

Her husband's name Married to Levent Babataş.