The story of the series Avcı – the hunter and the crew


A strong return for the star of the Avcı series “uğur güneş”. Learn the story of the Avcı series in detail. Who are the stars of the entire series.
Avcı is one of the most important Turkish series expected to be shown on TRT1. It is one of the military series. It includes many Turkish stars who are loved by the Arab world and internationally. As one of the most awaited series.


About the series Avcı

Turkish series Avcı is the new TRT1 work. For the Turkish production company Bozdag to produce the series. Those in charge of the work continue to choose the rest of the staff. Filming for the first episodes will start soon.

He will play the character of Selim in the Avcı Burak tozjoparan series. She will be the character of Selim in the Avcı series for Burak tozjoparan, the script of the series was written by Atila Engin and it is also a curious story. The character of Selim will be presented in the series, where Jan Amir sits on the director’s chair.

The story of the series Avcı

This work is a Turkish military series. It revolves around some of the famous military battalions that engage in many matters that require strength, courage and self-sacrifice.

It is worth noting that Atila Engin is the writer of the series and he also wrote the series “Diriliş Ertuğrul” Resurrection Ertuğrul. In it, the story of the Aselsan engineers who died in the plane crash will also be covered.

Display channel and showtime

Gunesh’s new project slated to be shown on TV this season has been announced. This work will be directed by Jean Amir. It will be shown on TRT1 channel. Ugur will give life to a soldier named “Hakan” in the series produced by Bozdağ Film. His co-star has not yet been determined.

Filming of the first episodes of the series was scheduled to begin in October 2022. The first episodes were released in November. But so far, the exact date of the show has not been confirmed, and the entire cast has not been selected.

Avcı Crew

The star will star “uğur güneş” and will play the role of a military character by the name of “Hakan”. Actor Burak tozjoparan also joined the series’ protagonists. in a proper role.

Getting ready to appear before the audience on the screens of TRT 1, actor Burak tozjoparan is one of the main characters of the series. Found in the latest epic series, it will give life to Selim’s character in the Avcı series.

uğur güneş Avcı Champion

Avcı starring Ugur Gunes, he will play the distinguished military role of Hakan.

Turkish actor Ugur Gunes was born on January 13, 1987, his birth was in the town of Ankara in Turkey, he leaves from the Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University, the Turkish star Ugur Güneş studied the Faculty of Agriculture at Ankara University, and apart from that his studies were far from all staying away from Acting except that he participated in the university theater club.

A love and attachment to acting. Actor Ugur Gunes is distinguished by the beauty of his style, as well as his calm and strong testicles, and he has a charming and attractive personality, especially causing him to become one of the most powerful and admired actors in Turkey. The star Ugur Gunes began acting in 2011.

uğur güneş Avcı Champion

more info a bout Ugur Gunes

One of the most important artistic actions to which the star Ugur Gunesh contributed is the historical series Ertugrul Resurrection, which was produced in 2015. The series takes place in the thirteenth century AD, and the series is divided into multiple parts.

The star Ugur Gunes is distinguished by the beauty of his style, as well as by the intensity and his charming and attractive personality, which has caused him to become one of the most exciting and admired actors in Turkey.

Burak tozjoparan first to join

Actor Burak tozjoparan joins the heroes of the Turkish series Avcı. He is considered one of the first to join after the end of his strong role in the epic series. Read more about the story of the epic series. Which is considered one of the most legendary epic series of 2022.

Burak tozjoparan, the star of the epic series “Timur”, who excelled in the series and showed his artistic capabilities and solid acting talent since the first episode. His famous series such as The Sad Flowers, Harem Al Sultan and The Epic.

more info a bout burak tozjoparan

As for his studies, Burak tozjoparan leaves from the Anatolian Kartal School of the Turkish Red Crescent. Later, he continued his education in the Department of Film and Television at Okan University as a scholarship student as much as one hundred percent. He’s a fan of Chad Smith, a percussionist, a young actor in the prime of life, and as a kind of Rasputin during his lifetime, I imagine he’ll excel no matter what he does.”

Burak tozjoparan is a young musician who noted the jury’s consideration at Vodafone High School’s Music Athlete Meet and started his career in a formal style with the group called Probler, with jury members Deniz Tuzkooglu and Olkaytu Ahmet Tugusuz.”

Burak tozjoparan first to join