Hilal Altınbilek religion, husband, many secrets in her life


Hilal Altınbilek Hilal Altınbilek is an artist for television drama and cinema. Get to know Hilal Altınbilek, age, upbringing and marriage, what is her most important work, how was her artistic beginning, and a lot of exclusive and renewable information and news. 

Hilal Altınbilek

Who is Hilal Altınbilek?

Date of birth January 21, 1991 (age 29)
Place of birth Izmir – Turkey
Turkish Nationality
Academic Qualification Ege University Faculty of Business Administration
Marital status –

Birth, upbringing and study

Hilal Altınbilek, star of Cukurova’s Kan Yamkan series published on ATV screens. She is one of the names we follow closely in his successful acting. We have seen the beautiful actress with designs in jewel colors and these colorful squares appeared, Hilal Altınbilek was born in 1991 in Izmir. She was educated in acting at Müjidat Art Center in Istanbul. She also received acting training from the Contemporary Drama Society and Ali Haydar Elçğ. Helal, who appeared on the screens in the series Deep Waters, starred in this series.

She has been interested in theater since primary school. In 2009 and 2010. She studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center (MSM) Actor Studio and also received a high level of training in acting from the contemporary drama community. He started acting while studying at Ege University Business School. She entered the top 5 list in the beauty contest and became a photo model. She studied acting at the Mujdat Gezen Art Center in Istanbul between 2009-2010. He also received acting training from Çağdaş Drama and Ali Haydar Elçğ group.

Hilal Altınbilek’s acting work

Her real debut was in 2011 when she appeared in the title role in the black Derin Sular. It is a Turkish TV series broadcast on Fox TV with the participation of Ece Uslu, Özlem Conker, Mesut Akusta, Ogün Kaptanoğlu and Seerif Sezer.

The series is written by Erkan Birgören and directed by Murat Saraçoğlu. The series, which began broadcasting on March 29, 2013. It made its first season finale on the evening of June 14, 2013, the first time it was published. It has a rating score of 3-4. While in the following sections, the rating has risen to 17, the series was discontinued on Friday, June 10, 2016 with the last episode.

Hayatimin Aski series 2016

Kanal D is a TV series directed by Serkan Çayoğlu, Hande Doğandemir and Berk Hakman. Zafer Algöz, Zeynep Eronat, Yonca Evrimcik, Sadi Celil Cengiz, Seda Türkmen and Deniz Barut, directed by Love of My Life, Lucky Red.

Series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova in 2018

The series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova was a major shift in her artistic life. The work revolves around the period of 1970 AD, in the city of Adana in the Black Sea, there is one of the largest families of Çukurova whose husband died, and she tried to run her farm alone, her name is (Hankar), whose role is presented by the great Turkish artist Vahida, Hankar has one son, Demir, who is a man who loves to dominate, dominate and control his work, and dreams of taking over everything from his mother. On the other hand, Demir Zulila falls in love with a girl and she is in love with a man named Yilmar.


The success of the series “Kan Yamkan in Cukurova” opens the doors of the world to Hilal Al-Tanbelik

Turkey is witnessing the performance of a group of wonderful Turkish skits during that season, whether plays for the first time or plays that continued during the last season. The series “Kan Ya Mawka fi Çukurova” shows that the series “Kanya Mawka fi Çukurova” managed to attract crowds from all over the world. Most watched series.

The series also brought crowds in the Arab world, who were attracted to the story of the series and the most amazing acting performance by the heroes, but the beautiful Hilal Al-Tabelik, who plays the role of “Zulikha” in the series “Kan Ya Maqar” in Cukurova, was the most praised and the crowd loved her, especially in Latin America With this justification, Hilal is scheduled to tour several countries to meet her fans in Colombia, Portugal, Peru and Chile.

Hilal Altınbilek and her husband

It is indicated that the artist Kubilay Aka was in a relationship with the Turkish actress Mireille Danir, who announced her separation from him as a result of her discovery of his betrayal of her. With a fig crescent.

A group of journalists monitored the Turkish singer Hilal Eltin Belek as she left one of the mall stores to ask questions about her, especially when an article related to her relationship with the star Kubilay Aka.

In the opening, Hilal tried to eliminate the question about her relationship with the star Aka, refusing to answer, and after the overwhelming insistence of the journalist, who told her that everyone was talking about the issue, she answered: “The matter was commented on so much that there was nothing for me,” adding: “Will you continue with that? questions? Nothing like that remains.”

Despite her denial of the news, the journalist surprised her by asking her a newer question, saying: Did your relationship with Kubilay start when he was dating Mireille?

With the journalist’s insistence on talking about this matter, Hilal was clearly annoyed, who begged the journalists to let her go on her way.

Hilal Altınbilek