Melis Sevinç religion, age, boyfriend, similar to Beren Saat


Turkish actress Melis Sevinç, who looks like the big star Beren Saat. Melis Sevinç, who started her acting career and attracted everyone’s attention through the series Zalim Istanbul.

To get to know Melis Sevinç, who is she? What is the age of Melis Sevinç? What is her religion? And who is her lover? Her upbringing, childhood, family, her beginnings in acting, and the most important dramas she participated in.

Melis Sevinç

Who is Melis Sevinç?

Melis Sevinç is a Turkish actress who looks like Beren Saat. She started her acting career through a small role in the series Zalim Istanbul. To draw her beauty and resemblance between her and Beren Sat, followers of the Turkish drama.

Melis is a young and beautiful star with a strong presence and talent. The great similarity between her and Beren gave her a greater opportunity to enter the world of art and acting more. There is not much information about it at the moment. Always follow us, as the article is renewed.

Melis sevinç’s religion, age and upbringing

Melis Sevinç Her religion is Islam. Her age is currently unknown. I was born in Istanbul. Her dream was to be an actress. Our rising star since childhood, she was distinguished by her soft and natural Turkish beauty. The resemblance between her and one of the great actresses, was always slandered by Beren, and this never saddened her.

melis sevinç and her boyfriend

Actress Melis Sevinç has a boyfriend who shares photos of him with her. The beautiful Melis is in a relationship with artist “Jim Selleck”. He is a guitarist and game designer for Education Kadıköy ’15 level. International Telecommunication Union.

melis sevinç and her boyfriend

melis sevinç series

The first work of the actress Melis Sevinç is the Istanbul series The Unjust in 2019. It represents the novel of the Unjust Istanbul series, which can be obtained on the hand and other websites; One of the important drama novels that can be described as written with perfect craftsmanship in a professional manner, which made the spectators in the Arab world who tend in the last years of Turkish art, to search for that novel in order to complete the series, which has become one of the desired serial episodes due to the complete examination of human psychology in it.

The Unjust Istanbul series, whose information can be obtained through Wikipedia and other sites specialized in showing the series and its details, On the basis that it is a Turkish series of the year 2019 AD, and it is a drama, family and romantic series, and it is called in Turkish by the name: Zalim Istanbul, and in Arabic it has a newer name other than unfair Istanbul, which is: Cruel Istanbul, and the story of that series was written by Serma Yank.


Laly in the series Hayaller Ve Hayatlar

It is considered one of the series that starred in the year 2019, and the number of seasons of that series is two seasons, the number of its episodes is 39, and the duration of the episode is 120 minutes, and the producer of that series is Shukri Afshar, and the commercial establishment that produced that effort is Afshar Film Foundation And the Turkish channel that promoted its broadcast is Kanal D, and the series was clarified for the first time in the largest month of April of the year 2019 AD, and the last time it was published and rumored was on the twenty-second of June of the year 2020.

As for the cast, Koshkan thought of the role of Agha Karachay. Turkish Deniz Ugur in Gur Seher Yilmaz. Mina Tugai as Shenez Karachay. Mehmet Ozan Dolunay, as Genk Karachay. Simai Barlas, played by Damla Karachay. Baker Kutlubay as Jamra Yilmaz Karachay.

Laly in the series Hayaller Ve Hayatlar

Melis Sevinç co-starred in the series Hayaller Ve Hayatlar. Starring Ceren Bozoglu as Malika, Akin Mert Gemaz as Emra, Ezoji Gurel as Tigris, Tugusha Karapalk, Khalil Ibrahim and Melissa Asli Pamuk, Ibuki Insha, Sirkai Totongo, Alikan Aitken, Beza Chikirji.

He is one of the actresses that has won huge fame in Arab drama, and the Turkish series has diversified and expanded strongly and was able to invade Arab and international homes and compete with others. . Arab representations. It premiered in the New Year, 2022, and was classified under the romantic and comedy series at the same time. The series included a limited number of comedy clips.

She belongs to a romantic comedy-drama series at the same time. It was filmed in Istanbul, Turkey, and featured a unique elite of people. The series Dreams and Reality was released on February 17, 2022, and although not all episodes were shown, the series “Hayaller Ve Hayatlar” managed to gain a high visibility.

Instagram melis sevinç

Melis sevinç has a social media account. Instagram and Facebook. And her pictures are always posted on the account.