Turkish series Selma

The story of Selma series and the cast



Turkish series Selma

TMC Film has started preparations for a new series. He started preparations for TMC Film Selma series, which was previously signed to several TV series. Who is the representative of Salma? What is the topic of Salma series? On which channel will the Salma series be broadcast? Information about the Selma series will be in our next topic.

Turkish series Selma

Zeinab Chamchi is the star of the Selma series, produced by TMC Film for TRT channel. Olgun Toker will participate in the tournament. The return of the star Zainab Chamchi, the heroine of the series “Selma”, produced by TMC Film for TRT channel
Olgun Toker will participate in the tournament. It will tell a very touching story written by Celine Tonch (The Stranger, Same for Same).

Selma, produced by TMC Film, will be broadcast. A new series coming from TMC Film, which previously produced TV series such as Hekayet Basem, Nafs Nafs, and The Great Duo. He prepared the series “At Midnight”, which will be shown in the new season.

The script was written by Celine Tonch, but as the name suggests, the life and events of a woman named Selma will be discussed.

What is the story of the Salma series?

The story of the series Selma will tell a very exciting and touching story about the girl Selma and what will fall upon her to try to live a better life. Selma series written by Celine Tonch. Turkish star Zeynep Chamci is back with a new drama called “Salma”. Selma, which is said to have an impressive backstory, will be one of the most talked about series about TRT1 in the new season.

The crew of the series Selma and its heroes

One of the most important stars of the work is actor Olgun Toker and co-starring Zeinab Chamchi. Celine Tong is writing the script for the Selma series, which will be produced by TMC Film. Selma will be broadcast on TRT1 screens.

We will add to our topic the actors of Selma, which is preparing to be one of the ambitious productions of TRT1. TRT 1 broadcasts TV series that have ranked first in the rating recently. The Selma series will be one of them.

Turkish star Zeynep Çamci is back with a new drama called “Salma”. Selma, which is said to have an impressive backstory, will be one of the most talked about series about TRT1 in the new season.

Zainab Chamchi returns to the drama in Salma

Turkish star Zeynep Chamci is back with a new drama called “Salma”. Selma, which is said to have an impressive backstory, will be one of the most talked about series about TRT1 in the new season.

Journalist Persen Altintas, via social media, announced the preparations for TMC Film’s Selma series, who is also the producer of the TV series “Cyprus to Victory” on TRT1.

Zainab is one of the most influential actors in the art world, and that is why she had a strong love for art since her childhood. Despite appearing in minor roles in the opening, they are pivotal roles. She attracted the attention of the onlookers, and she had followers who supported her and continued all her work, and Zainab performed her roles with creativity and skillful experience.

Our star appeared in a large number of solid technical procedures with the beginning of her artistic career in 2009. Offering all kinds of roles, whether comedic, romantic or social. As it appears in cinematic or dramatic practices, it is creative in presenting these roles because it exerts the most burden. With the aim of showing her role in this luxurious way, our star Zainab experienced many successes, despite the conditions she faced during filming.

Our star contributed to the presentation of many cinematic actions. And she achieved a huge win and a high percentage of views, such as her contribution to the famous movie “Recep Ivedik 2”. Which was shown on the thirteenth day of February 2009 and was classified as a social comedy and work by Faruk Aksoy and Mehmet Soyarslan. Directed by Tojan and starring Eve Babacan with a number of stars of Turkish art.

The hero of the Salma series

The hero of the series is the Turkish actor Olgun Toker. He is a famous Turkish artist and famous among the stars of Turkey, and Olgun Tokar is characterized as an ambitious person and is constantly trying to meet and achieve his dream that he wants to reach. A filmmaker under the title Saklı Hayatlar, with whom he contributed to the film work competition Kurtuluş Son Durak, Hükümet Kadın and Küçük EsnafWikipedia.

In the year 2014, he made his debut in Turkish dramas as soon as he participated in a series under the title Son, and in the same year, he appeared in a new role in the Karadayi series and participated in a new drama series, My Name is Gültepe / After that Olgun Tokar contributed several roles Secondary in the large number of unique dramas, including the series Pretty Little Liars, the series A Question of Honor, the Song of Life series, and the Circle series.

In 2017, the actor Olgun Tokar got his first divorced role in dramas during the series Asrar Al-Hayat. Then he participated in a series called Qaa, and his breakthrough, fame and victory came when he starred in the series Bir Family Story in 2019 and stood on his feet with the embodiment of Maher’s character and later contributed to the series “Eib” and the previous summer series, the last of which was the Fatima series in 2021.