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Actress Sedef Avci is one of Turkey’s most famous stars. She has a large and well-known artistic credit. Let’s know the detailed information about Sedef Avci, her husband, her age and her life story. We also collected a lot about her acting career, Sedef Avci series and movies, all in one article.


Who is Sedef Avci?

Sedef Avci is one of Turkey’s most famous stars, who became famous in many works, most notably Mirna and Khalil. Here is the most important information about it:

Sedef Avci’s birthday is January 22, 1982
Her age in 2022 is 40 years
Her religion is Muslim
Place of birth Istanbul
Her husband is Kivanc Kaspali in 2005
Sedef Avci is 179 cm tall
Her eyes are hazel
Her hair color is brown

Sedef Avci her upbringing her birth age

Sedef Avci was born in Istanbul in 1982. She lived with his father from Erzincan and his mother from Sarajevo. Avci, who started ballet at the age of four, trained in the field for 8 years. Graduated from Kocaeli University, Department of Labor Economics. She took acting lessons from the Mahşeri Cümbüş community. Later, she took acting lessons from Epek Bilgin. Coming from the Actors Studio in New York, she has attended Anthony Vincent Bova’s workshops three times.

She worked as a model for Gaye Sökmen Agency. In 1997, she was awarded Elite Model Look Turkey. She placed second in the Miss Turkey contest in 2001 and represented Turkey in the Miss Universe contest in 2001. In 2007, he played a leading role with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in the TV series Menekşe ile Halil.

Graduated from Kocaeli University Labor Economics. She received acting training from Mahseri Cumbus and Ipek Bilgin. She ranked first in the Turkish Elite Model Look Contest in 1997. She won the second place in the Miss Turkey competition in 2001. She represented the Miss Universe beauty contest in Turkey in 2001. Sedef Avci became the main actress in the Turkish series Menekse and Halil and acted with Kivanc Tatlitug. After that, she participated in many TV series and movies.

Sedef Avci and her husband

Sedef Avci’s husband is “Kivang Kaspali”. They married in 2005. She married Kivanc Kasabali, an actor and model like her, on July 29, 2005. He had a son named Kaan (2013) from this marriage. In an interview, Sedef Avci said that she usually plays pure, clear and naive roles

She said, “Up until now, I’ve always been in these kinds of roles. I loved them all a lot and they all have very special roles in a place for me. But it’s true that I want to be involved in different characters too. I don’t think seeing me in a different character will disappoint the audience. I’m sure They would love it too if you gave it all.He declares that he wants to appear in public by giving life to an extraordinary character.

Sedef Avci's husband is “Kivang Kaspali”

She got her start in acting,

Actress Sedef Avci started acting with the series “Böyle mi olacakti” and his story was about the life story of three loyal schoolmates: Pervin, Jules and Ice. As they go through life’s struggles, they always support each other.

Sadaf Afjah also participated in the series “Ashes of Love”. The Celebi family is a well-known and respected family in Bursa (the city in western Turkey). The eldest son, Ghalib (Yavuz Bingol), runs the textile-based family business. Galeb is married to Hanzad (Basak Koklukaya) and has a son, Amirasaf. Hanzad is a beautiful young woman who has a secret that not even Ghalib can tell.

This secret has been haunting her for most of her life and it is a heavy burden on her shoulders. Although Hanzad kept her family secret for ten years, Ghalib discovers this secret by chance. An unforgettable tragedy has so drastically changed Galep’s life that he will never be able to go back to the way he used to live and his whole life will change.

One of the most famous roles in which she participated in the series Khalil and Mirna is the role of Mirna. The story of a girl named Mirna who was forced to marry her brother’s friend until she decided to escape from Germany to Turkey with her lover Khalil.

Sidef Ivichi series

Our star, Sadaf Afjah, has participated in many wonderful series, including the series “The Penthouse in the Role of Zulekha”. And his story is about fighting for her dreams, Izu has two things to stick to in this life; Memories and what’s left of her mother – so a bunch of hope. However, everything in his hand was immediately taken by his family, who are being persecuted. Ezo has two methods. Either give up or fight. He chooses to fight, to the death – Aaron and his mother Nermin, who take advantage of Izu’s predicament, set their sights on Izu, whom they see as the weakest link, in order to reclaim their old times, but there is something I don’t know. Izu is not as helpless and helpless as they think. Unaware of what he has done and what he will do, they will become prey on their way to hunt.

Sadaf Afjah also participated in the series “Call My Business” at the talent agency in Istanbul. Agents are scrambling to please their star clients and keep their business in full swing. Agents will reconcile from case to case in circumstances that blend their personal and professional lives.

We also see Sedev in the series “Without Judgment” about Esma, a beautiful, ambitious and strong woman, who is the second director of her father’s law firm. Velez is a stubborn but fragile lawyer candidate. One murder will cross the path of these two different women. but how?

Sedef Avci Instagram

Sedef Avci has an account on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites. Sedef Avci always posts pictures of her with her friends and family and of the business she promotes.

We remember her role in the series “Sultan Abdul Hamid the First” as Zainab. About the battle of Abdul Hamid II to keep the Ottoman Empire and the Caliphate alive Seydef loves historical series very much, and we mention her participation in the Fatih series. The events of the Fateh series revolve around the life of the Ottoman Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmed.

Actress Sedef Avci