Melisa Berberoğlu religion lover Instagram and information

Turkish actress Melisa Berberoğlu

Melisa Berberoğlu religion lover Instagram and information

Turkish actress Melisa Berberoğlu  Üç Kiz Kardes star Melissa Berberoglu. A rising actress who has appeared in many works. Let’s learn a lot of information about her age and religion. Who is her lover? The story of her life and her beginnings in acting. And her first experience in TV drama.

Who is Melisa Berberoğlu?

Melissa is a rising star who has a strong presence especially when she played her role in Three Sisters. Here is the most important information about it:

Born March 23, 1996 AD
Her age in 2022 is 26 years old
Her religion is Muslim.
Place of birth in Istanbul
She started acting in 2019
Her astrological sign is Aries
Her lover is not there
She is 166 cm tall and weighs 55 kg

her life story

Melissa Berberoglu is one of the rising stars of Turkish drama. Her artistic life does not exceed a few years. But she managed to attract viewers, especially after her appearance in the series Three Sisters. Melissa Berberoglu was born on March 22, 1996. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey.

Melissa Berberoglu is about 166 cm tall. Her eyes and hair are brown. Melissa Berberoglu studied at Bilkent University – Theater (Bilkent University Bolomo Theatre); Kadir Has University – Master’s degree in Film and Drama.

The agency in charge of her is Talent Agency: PH7 Entertainment Management.

Melisa Berberoğlu and her lover

Our star is not in a romantic relationship yet. She received a master’s degree in Film and Drama at Kadir Has University. She made her debut with the short film Otis Tarda. Melissa Berberoglu became very famous for her role as Derya in the popular Turkish series Three Sisters.

Our star also co-starred in the series Yeşilçam. The story of the survival of a producer during the golden years of Turkish cinema known as Yeşilçam. Samih Ates is a young, handsome and ambitious film producer and owner of Attis Film. When he is betrayed by his business partner Wehbe, Sameeh is forced to leave everything behind and start a journey from scratch. He immediately opened a new company called Buyuk Ates Film and aims to produce a successful film as soon as possible in order to survive in the Turkish film industry.

At the same time, he is trying to win back his unforgettable ex-wife, famous actress Yeşilçam Mine Cansu. Hakan, Semih’s partner and Lee’s brother, introduces Tulin to Semih, whom he sees by chance and thinks he is carrying starlight. Tolen, a young and talented girl, will slowly change the balance in Sameeh’s life.

Melisa Berberoğlu starts acting

Melisa Berberoğlu started acting with a short work “Otis Tarda”. But her real beginning through the series Red Chamber. She presented the role of “Menekse” as the red room is located in a therapist’s office in Istanbul, where we see vulnerable women and men who pass through it to get treatment and deal with their trauma and problems.

Melissa continued to act in an attempt to stand out and get the desired fame. Where she presented the role of Borshaw in the series “The Agency -Acans” in a comic framework, the work events revolve around the daily crises facing the work team in an advertising agency.

She co-starred in the Shelcham series, in which the events of the Yesilcham series revolve within an exciting and interesting social drama. The series talks about the history of Turkish cinema in the sixties and tells how Turkish cinema flourished from the sixties to the present time.

The series stars Çağatay Ulusoy, Afra Saraçoğlu and Selin Şırkı, in addition to Konjur Perak, Nilufer Açıkalin, Altan Erkili, Tekin Dickensler, Özgür Çevik, Aita Sukzeri. The work is produced by Eastern Sunrise and produced by Sibel Tuna. Written by Levent Cantek and Volkan Sümbül This is the biggest work And the most budgetary Blutv produced, it’s enough to bring the king back to Çağatay Al-Wasawi as Samih atish.

Melissa Berberoglu series

Melissa has appeared in a number of series, which we will list to you in full:

The Red Room series in 2020 in the role of Menksha
And in the agency series, she played the role of Borso in 2021
In 2021, she played the character Nessa in the series Yesilçam
In 2022, she co-starred in the series Üç Kiz Kardes – Üç Kiz Kardes, and played the character of Derya.

Derya in the series Three Sisters

Melissa Berberoglu participated in the series Üç Kiz Kardes where she played Derya, the little sister of three sisters. The head of the family works as a postmaster in the place where they live, the mother works as a teacher, and the series begins with the progression of one of the young men from the wealthy class to the big girl’s sermon, the matter that is opposed by his mother, except that they agree to complete the marriage, and the facts begin to take a dramatic turn when exposed The eldest girl in the wake of her marriage to many situations as a result of this marriage.

They live a very beautiful life with their father Sadeq Bey and their mother Nesrin. Turkan, Derya and Donim did not face real life problems in their lives in the beautiful streets of Ayvalik. The book describes a limited number of negatives that happened to these three brothers and their efforts to stay to support each other.

Melisa Berberoğlu as Derya is the youngest of three sisters. She is like a fearless boy and a leader. She studies architecture in Istanbul. Derya is married to Erdem, whom she met in college. And they have a daughter.

Melisa Berberoğlu Instagram

Actress Melissa Berberoglu is an actress who became famous in Yesilgam (2021), Üç Kiz Kardes (2022) and The Agency (2021).

Melisa Berberoğlu
Melisa Berberoğlu