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Actress Asude Kalebek,

one of the rising stars of Turkish art. She appeared in the cabaret series and became very famous in this role. Let’s get to know this beautiful actress, Asude Kalebek, her age, her religion, her date of birth. A lot about Asude Kalebek, her life story and her acting career. And who will be her lover?

Who is Asude Kalebek?

That young actress who played a strong role in the cabaret series. Let’s get to know the most important information about the actress:

Asude Kalebek’s birthday: June 18, 1999
Asude Kalebek’s age is 23 years old
Her astrological sign is Gemini
Her religion is Islam
Place of birth in Istanbul
Asude Kalebek is 172 cm tall
Her weight is 55 kg
Her eye color is brown and her hair color is light brown.

The life story of Asude Kalebek and her family

Our young star Souda Kalibek is one of the girls who is passionate about acting and art. Born in Istanbul, Turkey. She was born on June 18, 1999. Her astrological sign is Gemini. Souda says that she is one of the owners of this sign and has many common traits between her and the owners of this sign.

Her eyes are light brown, and her real hair color is brown as well. Her undergraduate studies were in translation sciences at Bogazici University. Responsible for its work: Talent Agency: Benbir Alitsim Representation Agency.

Kalebek Lions was born on June 18, 1999 in Istanbul. She teaches translation education at Bogazici University. At the same time, she is taking acting lessons at the Istanbul Theater of Performing Arts in order to prepare for her TV career. She made her debut with her role in the Netflix original TV series The Club (Kulup). Black Selma Kalebec knows both English and French.

The beginning of acting

Actress Aswadah says in an interview: The fact that I was going to take on such a big job came out of nowhere when I was a regular student transferring to school. I didn’t know how people would react to me, how I would feel when I saw myself on screen, and how much my life would change. I was afraid that my life and relationships would change a lot. After the broadcast of the series Club (Kulüp), I received congratulations from the big names in Turkey. I’m still used to being in the spotlight. My daily life has not changed, I go to school and act as I am.

She also continued, saying: There are six or seven notebooks that I filled from the age of 11 to 17 to write my future plans, and no one knows but those closest to me. I’ve always set goals like learning French, I’ll be an actress. Until today, I would view them as childish dreams. But it may be in my subconscious mind. When I read what I’ve written, I realize I’m making decisions based on my goals.

Asude Kalebek series

Asude Kalebek presented her first series in 2021-2022 through the club series The Nightclub. The name of the famous star Barış Arduç topped the various electronic communication platforms, after the “Netflix Corporation” presented, through its government page on the “Twitter” micro-blogging site, the largest promotional video for his new series “Kulüp”, which has been able to track high views since its launch, Likewise, followers are wondering about the date of its presentation, and about the personality of “Barish”, which is modern in it.

The “Netflix” network announced the date for the release of the series “Kulüp”, by Barış Arduç, which will be on November 5, as well as that effort will include a large number of Turkish stars, including: Gökçe Bahadur, Salih Badamci, Serenay Sarikaya, Firat. Tanis, Mitin Akdulger, and other artists.

The series “Kulüp” consists of 8 episodes, which is filmed and produced by “O3 Medya”, directed by Zainab Günay and Seren Yogi, and the script was written by: Rana Denzir, Serkan Yoruk, Ishan Bulut.

The largest promotional video clip for the series “Kulüp” shows that the series has been filmed in the fifties of the last century, in Istanbul, and a lot of action, excitement and mystery revolve around it.

The novel “Kulüp” revolves around the life of a woman named “Matilda”, a former decision-maker, who worked in the revolutionary nightclub, and her daughter Rachel had no knowledge of her existence until the day she was released from prison.

On the other hand, Matilda will try to rectify her relationship with her daughter, Rachel, and keep her away from the troubled handsome Ismet, the taxi driver, whose role is Barış Arduç, just as the club will take a modern spirit and interesting events with Matilda’s release from prison.

Asude Kalebek and her lover or boyfriend

Actress Asude Kalebek has no known boyfriend

The most famous roles of Asude Kalebek

Asude Kalebek portrayed “Rachel”, Matilda’s daughter, in the soap opera The Club. The novel takes place in 1955 in Istanbul, and narrates the life of Matilda (Gökçe Bahadir), who was working in the revolutionary nightclub at this time, and her daughter Rachel (Kalibek Lions), who was not aware of her existence until the day she was released from prison.

In return, Matilda will attempt to mend her relationship with her daughter, Russell, and distance her from the handsome, mischievous Festik Ismet of Barış Arduç; In return, he will try to manage the ego of his fellow nightlife, brave boss Orhan, jealous manager Celebi and watch star Selim.

Heaven for customers and hell for employees, the team will take on a completely close spirit with the arrival of Matilda; It will also change into a home for our characters, each one of them being the “other” in his novel. Perhaps the most beautiful family is what the homeless look like.

Asude Kalebek
Asude Kalebek
The young actress Asude Kalebek
The young actress Asude Kalebek
Asude Kalebek Instagram photos
Asude Kalebek Instagram photos