Cihat Suvarioglu religion lover, serials and biography

Turkish actor Cihat Suvarioglu, one of the stars of Turkish drama. He worked in theater and television, and one of the most famous works in which he participated is “Mountain of the Heart”. Let’s get to know Cihat Suvarioglu, who is he, date of birth, religion. His sweetheart relationships and more information about his soap operas.


Who is Cihat Suvarioglu

Cihat Suvarioglu is a star actor in Turkey who has done a lot of business. Among the most important information about him:

Cihat Suvarioglu was born on September 23, 1990
Place of birth Konya, Turkey
The age of Cihat Suvarioglu in 2022 is
His religion is Muslim.
Studies at Marmara University
He started his acting career in 2014.
Marital Status Not married
his life story

Cihat Suvarioglu is a Turkish actor who lived his childhood in Quseri. He continued to live there until he completed his primary education at Kayseri Ahmed Pasha Primary School.

His passion for acting was growing with him year after year. He continued to participate in the school theater. Cihat graduated from Marmara University and began his artistic career as a theater and television actor. Cihat holds a master’s degree in Acting Department at Bahcesehir University.

Cihat Suvarioglu and his wife

Our star is not married yet. He is not in a personal relationship yet. Star Cihat Suvarioglu is known to have made his first acting debut in 2014 through the TV series Unfinished Love, which was shown on Canal D.

Of the series in which Jihat participated. Until I Die is a Turkish drama and love television series signed by Tims Productions and broadcast on ATV in 2017. The series concluded with its thirteenth episode.

The works of Cihat Suvarioglu

The first work in which Cihat Suvarioglu participated in 2014 through the role of Mehmet. And he became more famous with his participation in the series The Unfinished Love Circle in 2020.

The series revolves around journalist Ozan who is about to marry Elif, a journalist known for his pursuit of vague and tiring developments. The joyful picture in the life of the spouses, who are madly in love with a few, will end in a terrible aftermath: his existence in this world has been weighed in a traffic accident. With this, he will find the weights of his life lost in the hull of Modern a second time. Returning to life with another body, Ozan is faced with two difficult tasks: finding out who killed him and telling Elif all the facts.

He was one of Barto’s first stars
Written by Bartu Küçükçağlayan in the lead role and released on October 18, 2018, it is a BluTv special production.

This 10-episode series is directed by Tolga Karajilik.
There are names like Barto Kuchuk Caglayan, Nazli Bollum, Wolf Wiener Ozer and Moffit Kayakan in the lead roles.

Barto Benn is a comedy series about the loss of fame of a famous person in his time. Barto, who had a short life of fame thanks to the popular TV series he starred in, is tired of participating in these regular TV series.

In the process, Barto tries to make money without acting in the series he doesn’t want, while at the same time searching for his own identity.

Series Cihat Suvarioglu

Our star Cihat Suvarioglu has participated in many series, including the series The Unfinished Circle of Love. We also mention his participation in the series The Protector. It is a work of science fiction and a terrifying fantasy, in which we watch a struggle between good and evil, and how good resists evil and fights it by all means. The series takes place in the city of Istanbul, which is occupied by the horrific forces of evil that are controlling the country.

But there is only one hope, one man, who is the guard or the governor, a man called Hakan the governor. Who will save the homeland from the forces of evil controlling it, given the mysterious forces through a sectarian souvenir. A young man embarks on an attempt to battle mysterious forces and solve a mystery from his past, will that man ever appear. And how will he be, and can he confront the strong evil. Will evil let him win over him, all that we will see in the episodes when they are shown.

One of the most important series in which “Mountain of the Heart” participated in 2020. The series “Mount Gonul”, which reflects the story of our people on the TRT News screen, takes place from the long distances that his presence in the world consumes to the stations where he takes a break.

It is shown on TRT News daily from 21.20. The name of the series that will be filmed by the Ferhat Eshzyz Foundation is the head of the Gonul Mountain District. The series, which will be directed by Yahya Samanci, will be filmed outside Istanbul. The writing of a cinematic work “Gönül Dağı”, in which the cast was directed by Yelda Gürkan, ended against the background of Mustafa Shaftci’s steppe novels.

Cihat Suvarioglu Instagram Photos

Star Cihat Suvarioglu is one of the most interactive actors on social media. We recall that Cihat Suvarioglu participated in the Turkish series “The Confrontation. Directed by Umar Faruk Sorek and Burak Arlil, the first episode of it aired on March 5, 2019. The fourth episode that was released on March 26, 2019 ended by reaching the final.

He also participated in the series The Unfinished Circle of Love. is a Turkish action and fantasy web series signed by BluTV and Tims & B Productions, the first episode aired on September 10, 2020, directed by Umur Turagay and written by Ethem Özışık, Hakan Bonomo and Ercan Uğur.

He also played a strong role in Mount Gonul, a Turkish TV series of family, comedy, love and drama that began broadcasting on TRT1 on October 17, 2020. The series is inspired by the steppe stories of writer Mustafa Ceftci. Ferhat Eshaiz is the producer of the Kopro Films production chain. In the chair is director Yahya Semanci, who was also the director of the Yeşil Deniz series, who had previously reached a large audience. The main roles in the series are Berk Atan, Esim Ozkaya, Verdi Sancar, Cihat Suvariooglu and Semih Erturk.

Cihat Suvarioglu and his wife