Bir Peri Masalı

the story of Bir Peri Masalı series A Fairy Tale



The story of the series, Bir Peri Masalı, A Fairy Tale

the young Turkish blessing Elena Boz returns with a new series called the rich girl.

Is her story similar to the story of her last series? Let’s get to know a lot of information in detail about the series, who are its heroes? And what is his story?

Turkish series Bir Peri Masalı, A Fairy Tale

A strong comeback for actress Elena Bose after starring in many strong works. For the lead role in the series “Bir Peri Masalı”. Produced by Medyapım for FOX Channel.

Deniz Akshay’s script will be shown on Fox in the new season. You will play Zainab, a babysitter. She has a useless father who is a fan of horse racing, she aspires to a rich life instead of a life of poverty, and on her birthday she receives and finds a large sum of money and there are negotiations with Nazal Kisal to join the series.

The story of the series, Bir Peri Masalı, A Fairy Tale

Bir Peri Masalı series revolves around Zainab, the girl who supports her family. She has a useless father. He wastes his money on horse racing he always loses the bet.

Zainab works as a babysitter, but she always dreams of becoming a rich girl and living the life of the rich. Instead of a boring poor stressful life. On her birthday, Zainab received a large amount of money. Will Zainab’s life change for the better, as she dreams?

The cast of the series, Bir Peri Masalı, A Fairy Tale

Bir Peri Masalı series, Ve Kızları, stars Elena Boz, the star of Don’t Leave My Hand. An agreement is now being made with the rest of the working group. Negotiations are also underway about what major stars, including the artist Nazal Kisal, will be.

Elina Boz, who played the role of a virgin in the Turkish series Don’t Let Elimi Birakma, was the absolute starring role, that effort competed (Elbe Navruz – Batuhan Eski – star Serai Gozler) and a huge selection of old and young artists. The series is in the emotional drama category, with many The exciting facts, which allow a modern character and a role that is not similar to her past roles, (virgin) the girl who loses her father and becomes lonely in the wake of the loss of all her father’s wealth. She gets to know Jin, the spoiled boy of a hugely wealthy and well-known family, standing next to her.

The return of Elena Boz in Bir Peri Masalı

Elena has agreed to star in Bir Peri Masalı series, where she will play the role of Zainab, a girl who works as a babysitter and dreams of becoming rich one day. The first artistic presentation in which the star Elena contributed was the series “The Courageous Nurse”, which was produced during the year 2014 AD, and despite the fact that she played a small role in that series, she was able to prove the talent inside her and her ability to act in the best performance, regardless of that Her first role, however, was enjoying a solid presence. The few said that she represented a project for the emergence of a soon-to-be artist with a high value of success.

After her distinction in that series, she was able to take over her second role in the world of art, as she was embodying the character “Hazel” in the huge artistic proposal “Wreck”, and he was participating in the sports competition at the time, the young star “Nurgul Yesiljay”, as he also remained both of the huge star “Leyla Tanlar” and the young singer “Zawya Betakkaya” and after filming that series got a high percentage of excellence. As for Lalena, her superiority was from the series’ victory and made all eyes turn to her, which made everyone expect her to have a great future in the field of acting.

However, in the middle of her artistic career, the star Elina decided to stop continuing her studies in the world of aviation and to abandon her dream and to turn all her attention to her work as an artist and to cancel her education in the world of art and acting.

After abandoning the field of aviation and studying it, she decided to study another world, such as the world of the past, the conference, or the soul. However, the conclusion of the topic was based on studying psychology, and the reason for choosing that department is that it will greatly help her in shining within the world of art.

Who is the hero of the series “Bir Peri Masalı” A Fairy Tale

There is no confirmed information about the main hero of the work. But there are negotiations with the star Nazal Kisal. Nazan Kisal has successfully played a large number of mission roles in plays, serials and films, but the job that she was able to do with her attention was the series Kayıp Şehi, which was shown on Kanal D channel, which was the role of the main sports competition. It belongs to both Gökçe Bahadır and İlker Kaleli. Nazan Kisal stood on her feet by embodying the character of Maryam in that series.