The stoty of gizli sakli series

Halit Özgür is the protagonist of the series gizli sakli. And co-star Sinem
Ünsal. Which will be shown on Fox. We collected for you a lot of information
about the series Gizli Sakli, who is the cast, what is its story, and a lot
about its first teaser. And the date of the first episode of it.


Turkish series gizli sakli

Filming of the first episodes of the new
Turkish series, Gizli Sakli, began in May 2022. It will be shown in the summer
season of the same year. This work is shown on FOX.

Written and
directed by Shaheen El-Tog (Outlaw – I’ve Been Waiting For You Too Long).
Secret series. Produced by No 9 Yapım for Fox.

The story of the series gizli sakli

From the first trailer, it was revealed that the story of the series,
gizli sakli, revolved around “Naz” who ended her final police training
experience. Commissioner “Pamir” is one of the skilled officers who did not
abandon him in any covert operation.

Thus, both Naz and Pamir enter
into a new operation aimed at exposing a major arms dealer. They disguise
themselves as grandfather’s neighbors in the same area in which this criminal

Pamir gets into an argument with Naz for refusing her to
enter this operation or marry her. To enter the two of them also in a romantic
comedy cute conflict. Will Pamir fall in love with Naz and vice versa? And
what about that hidden process?

Stars of the series in secret and in secret

The heroes of the series “Gizli Sakli” are the Turkish actor, the hero
of the “My Brothers” series, who left work a month ago, “Khaled Ozgur”. Where
I choose to rest a little before entering a new job. But this did not last
long to enter a new business quickly.

The second is the heroine of
the “Miracle Doctor”, Turkish actress Sinem Ünsal. To be the heroine in front
of Khaled Ozgur.

Halit Özgür is a hero in secret and in secret

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The hero of our series is the Turkish actor “Khaled Ozgur” who plays the role
of Commissioner “Pamir” and who will change his name to “Levent” for the new
secret operation.

Khaled is a young Turkish actor in the prime of
life who is famous for his large number of Turkish serials. We mention the Red
Room series, and before that, the Protector series. He excelled in a large
number of other procedures.

Let’s all get to know a star, his star
quickly began to acquire close roles, the role of the hero. As he rises the
ladder of glory and fame. Our star was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1993, his
religion is Islam. Zhi is not romantically involved until our time.

star has studied at university, as she is leaving from Bilgi University with
an economics department. While the few are surprised by the huge difference
between his education in economics and his love for acting. If his love and
passion for art were revealed on stage. His dream is to rise above the
stillness of glory. Through representation, not investment.

Khaled began acting in 2019 by performing the role of “Ibn Suleiman”
from Selkan Hanim in the series Ertugrul Resurrection. It is a Turkish
historical fiction and adventure television series created by Mehmet Bozdag,
for the TRT Engin Altan Dozyatan competition in the role of Sports Encounter.
The series takes place in the thirteenth century and is based on the life of
Ertuğrul, the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Filmed in
Riva, a village within the boundaries of the Beykoz district in Istanbul,
Turkey, and first illustrated on TRT1 in Turkey on December 10, 2014.


Halit Özgür

Sinem Ünsal is the heroine of gizli sakli

Actress Sinem Ünsal will co-star in the series. She will play
Commissioner “Naz” and her name will be changed to “Yaz” to be Levent’s wife.
Sinem Unsal is a Turkish actress. She was born in Izmir, Turkey on June 21,
1993. She is 28 years old and her astrological sign is Cancer. She is 162 cm
tall and weighs 54 kg. She embraces the Islamic religion. She is the second
daughter of a Circassian mother and an Azerbaijani father. Her passion and
love for acting began when she was a small girl, as she wanted from her
childhood to become a famous actress, and she wanted to study theater, but
after completing her high school studies, she did not succeed in entering the
College of Fine Arts, so she studied literature and graduated from Osman Gazi
University and Eskişehir.

As a result of her love for acting, she
decided to acquire several courses in acting to study it close to training
above him in the large number of well-known acting sessions to begin her
artistic career in 2017, through her contribution to the series “Black and
White” in the same year, as she embodied the character of Golsom in that
series The hero of that series was the Turkish artist Ibrahim Celikol and the
artist Birgi Aklay, and after that she participated in the series “The
Shepherd Star” as she embodied the character of Gunesh in that series.

recently participated in the competition of the series “My Daughter” in 2018,
which co-starred with Bora Gulsoy and the talented Turkish boy Beren Rit
Kildis, and she stood on her feet, she will sleep by embodying the character
of the teacher Sevgi in that series, and in 2019 she played the role of a
doctor (assistant surgeon) in the series “Dr. The Miracle” is taken from a
famous American series (The Good Doctor) to play the role of Dr. Nazli in her
twenties, working as a surgeon’s assistant in one of the hospitals, and the
hero of that series was the Turkish star Taner Olmaz, the handsome Turkish
artist Onur Tuna and the Turkish artist Reha Ozkan. 

the series gizli sakli