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Cemre Baysel, (Meles) is the heroine of a series that does not leave my hand, complete data and the story of her age, all you want to know about Cemre Baysel, what is the date of birth, when did she start her artistic career, who is her lover, her religion is Islam and her astrological sign, for all fans of the actress, this is a whole topic about Everything you like to know about her, her nationality, the social media sites dedicated to her, for all fans of the actress, a complete and comprehensive text about everything she likes to know about her from her work, the secrets of her age, her upcoming projects and her biography, what is her height, weight and academic qualification, special details about her presence in the world, her talent, her favorite sport and her star Preferred if any, and how it exists in the daily world, know its role in the series Do not leave my hand

Who is Cemre Baysel?

Cemre Baysel was born on February 5, 1999 AD.
Cemre Baysel’s age in 2018: 19 years old.
Place of birth: I was born in Turkey – Izmir.
Nationality: Turkish.
Cemre Baysel’s religion: Muslim.
Cemre Baysel’s husband or boyfriend’s name: Unmarried.
Weight: 54 kg.
Height: 166 cm.
Hair colour: brown.
Eye colour: green.
Astrological sign: Aquarius.
Academic qualification: Ege University, Department of Painting.
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2014.
What is her favorite sport: She loves to swim, besides doing daily sports.

What is her talent: Her talent is drawing.

The works of Cemre Baysel, series, films and plays

The Green Sea in 2014, starring (Mert Turak, Ali Barkin, Elvan Desli) – Sultan Abdul Hamid I 2017 AD, starring (Bulent Inal, Hakan Boyaf, Ozlem Konker, Selin Ozturk, Diego Gurkan, Hasi Ali Konuk, Yusuf Aitken, Gözde Kaya, Kevork Malikayan, Bahadir Yenisirlioglu, Iray Türk, Erkment Fidan, Ali Nuri Turkoglu) – a series that does not leave my hand in 2018, starring (Alp Navruz, Elina Boz, Batuhan Ekşe, Dolnai Susert, Seri Gozler, Cemre Gomli, Ertuğrul Postoglu, Burak Tamdogan) .

Secrets and life story of the actress and biography

Cemre Besal was born in Izmir in 1999. She was born a beautiful girl, with beautiful and abundant hair, and wide green eyes, loved by her friends and teachers. She is a cheerful girl and has a great talent for drawing. She is a girl who has an abundance of talents who are not only drawing, and she has worked as a girl advertising actress.

Since her biggest day at school, she has been participating in all efforts, artistic activities such as drawing, music and acting, despite her interest in drawing in a larger way, she took intensive lessons to study drawing, contributed to many television commercials and through her started her love for acting and fame also to progress.

Since her first day at school, she is participating in all activities, artistic activities such as drawing, music and acting, despite her interest in drawing more.

Her studies and her artistic beginnings in acting

Actress Cemre Besal studied painting at the university as a result of her great talent from a young age, besides drawing, she appeared on television as an advertising actress, from which she began the effort as a theater actress, at the hands of the university theater, she presented abundant amounts of plays with the university club, until she got a real possibility to work in acting in general 2014 AD by her role in the Green Sea series, her life was only 15 years, but she was represented in the face of great actors, and she learned many of them and hoped to provide more and more important works. All (Mert Turak, Ali Barkin, Elvan Disley).

Rather, her real beginning was when she contributed to the larger Payitaht Abdülhamid series in the role of Fairouz, in 2017. The series revolves around the position of Payitaht Abdülhamid to protect and preserve the Ottoman Empire and the Caliphate. Those facts began in 1896 AD (the Greek battle), the Zionist conspiracy, and the issues of the Palestinian territories, his victory in the railway business Hijaz Iron near significant historical events,

Cemre Baysel series

It is a historical series, but she learned a lot from it, and stood in front of the great Turkish artists, she said that she studied well this historical period in order to be good at acting, everything in this period of time is beautiful, even her clothes, she learned the history of her homeland and how this period was important, she felt in this work that she is a real sultana One of the most important scenes that she presented in the series is the scene in which she ran after Theodor Herzl. She expressed her happiness with her participation in the championship of this work, especially fashion, representing antiquity and discovering its history. Hase Ali Konuk, Yusuf Aitken, Guzdi Kaya, Kevork Malekayan, Bahadir Yenisirlioglu, Iray Türk).

You wish to present many works with such work, as it is an epic of history and romance and you give all your talent in one scene. In front of them, she wants to play the role of (Uma Thurman), and she admits that she is a very lucky girl when she participated in her first job.

Summer of 2018, I participated in the drama series (Elimi birakma) in the role of Melis. The series is considered her first real starring. It has received a large viewership since its first episodes. The work did not start with romantic or comedic moments like the rest of the works this year, on the contrary, it is a dramatic work in it. A lot of feelings, sadness and romance, and drew the attention of viewers, the series starring (Alina Boz, Alp Navruz, Seri Guzler, Cemre Gomli, Ertuğrul Postoglu, Burak Tamdogan, Batuhan Ekşe, Dolnay Swisert).

Cemre Baysel
Cemre Baysel

Secrets of Cemre Baysel and her lover

She loves acting a lot. She hopes that there will be a large number of important practices in the coming period. She loves drawing and reading. She became an actress without having to practice acting or studying. She had huge followers, her audience reached more than fifty 1,000 followers on Instagram, her friend. The close one is Volkan Keskin, but she is not related to anyone, as she is interested in her work and artistic future in drawing and acting, and all she dreams about is excelling in her work, and moving from victory to greater excellence.

Cemre Baysel boyfriend
Cemre Baysel boyfriend

She feels immensely happy when she acts, as for her she is a future job, and that the most difficult steps for her is the first time for her to face the cameras, but she got noticed by her followers and became better at acting with time, she reported in a Turkish topic that she acts in her room and in front of the mirror In order to master the next role above it, and that she cannot advance a role she does not rehearse before it.

Ramo’s series starring

Our star won the series Ramo, in the role of Fatoush. Ramo’s little sister who stands next to her brother.