The story of içimdeki ateş series – fire inside me


içimdeki ateş has begun preparing for the story of a new series called içimdeki ateş. Which brings together many Turkish stars in one work with the power of the series içimdeki ateş. Filming will be in May to air in the summer season on ATV. Let’s get acquainted with his story, heroes and more updated information about the work in detail.


The story of içimdeki ateş series

Heroes of the series içimdeki ateş

The içimdeki ateş series or the içimdeki ateş series is a co-starring work of Burak Sevinç who plays Dogan. Young star İpek Filiz Yazıcı will be co-starring in the female lead as Hala.

Atakan Hoşgören, actor Atakan Hoşgören, has also joined the cast of içimdeki ateş and will play the character Aeg. Turkish actress Ceren Benderlioglu also participated in the role of Tolin and Gizem Arkan in the character Bahar.

It is worth noting that the series began filming in May 2022. It will be shown in June on ATV. Produced by Fabrika Yapım, directed by Murat Onbul, and script written by Nimet Erdem and Velikaya.

What is the story of the series The Fire Within Us?

içimdeki ateş The story of four young people will tell a touching story for each of them. You will live in it. Will it be affected or will it be against them? Follow the work on the atv channel to enjoy an interesting viewing.


What is the story of the series The Fire Within Us?

Burak Sevinç, the hero of the series “The Fire Within”

Burak Sevinch began his artistic career in 2006 through the series “Two families” and has a strong and beautiful voice that made him work in the field of music and singing, and Burak gained great fame through the series “My Father,” which he presented in 2011.

He played a large number of dramatic roles that made him one of the famous artists, including the role of Timur in the series “Valley of the Wolves”, as he acted in many comedy series episodes such as “Angry Wives”, which is an emotional comedy series, Burak Sevinch’s man for the theater is one play, which is a play. Females of Izmir”, which was shown in 2020.

Burak Sevinc participated in the “Al-Ahed” series competition, which is an action drama series, which was shown in 2017, directed by Yagiz Alp Akaydin, and written by Adham Ozchik, and a large selection of Turkish stars contributed to that series, including the star Tolga Sarıtaş, Burak Sevinc, Serhat Kilic.

İpek Filiz Yazıcı, the heroine of the series The Fire Within Us

One of the recent faces that appeared on television. Her face became familiar to the viewer. She has a beautiful face, unique blue eyes, and luxurious golden hair. And a tremendous talent despite her young life, she turned to acting, as it was her first talent that she had always dreamed of. She looked for many ways to enter that world, she began to contribute to television commercials, which made her dare to face the cameras.
Losing the focus of İpek Filiz Yazıcı, who appeared in commercials for companies such as LCW and Çokokrem, she was noticed by producers with her good looks and she began receiving job offers in TV dramas. Ipek became a well-known artist despite her small number of works and her small age. Her beauty helped her a lot in entering and participating in the most important practices. Especially after she appeared in the series My Father and My Family Babam ve Ailesi. She appeared with all her innocence and beautiful childhood, and she became more fond of acting with time. And more fond of it, she goes to several places to practice acting. And the attendance of some individuals from important acting workshops, close to their participation in artistic actions and competitions at the school.

Actor Atakan Hochguran joins

The hero of the teen series (4N1K) Ali, Atkin is a young young artist in the prime of life. His birth was in Istanbul. His astrological sign is Leo. He is the least of his three sisters. He has three brother sons. He studied at Dogus University for the benefit of British language procedures. His working age began working in Commercial advertising, he became the star of many commercial brands such as Fanta, Vodafone, Tadele and Eti Tunco.

The effort began with acting in 2017, in the series Yillar Shahidim. In 2018, he participated in the competition of the first love series (4N1K) or four boys and a girl. The series is a romantic comedy youth and tells the story of four young people and a girl who have had a great friendship since their childhood, and they are at this moment in the high school period before university, The series contains a large amount of excitement and youthful adventures, talking about the connections between the youth in that period, since the release of the first episode of the series, and it became a modern one, and it got a population of 7.4/10 since the first episode.

Pictures from behind the scenes and heroes of the work

A set of photos from behind the scenes of the work and the heroes of the series. 

the heroine of the series