Reha Özcan religion, his wife, age & information


Reha Özcan, the Turkish actor, Adel Irink in the series “Mucize Doktor”, is the younger brother of the Turkish artist Serhat Ozcan, his religion, is he a Muslim or a Christian, who is his wife, his life story, his artistic career, his series, his films, his plays, his most important works, the most important Awards, most important titles, complete information about him.

Information about Reha Özcan

Nationality: Turkish
Birthdate: July 5, 1965
Age in 2021: 56 years
Birthplace: Bingol, Turkey
Marital status: Married
Wife’s name: Yessem Ozjan
Number of children: two
Children’s names: Rüya and Rüzgar
Profession: Turkish actor
Academic qualification: Graduated from the State Music Institute of Mimar Sinan University
Height: 176 cm
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
Beginning of artistic activity: 1985
Years of artistic activity: 1985 – until now (36) years
The most important works: the series “Mucize Doktor”, “Our Story”
Most Important Awards: Best Actor Award at the 4th Bursa International Film Festival 2009

Life Story of Reha Özcan

Turkish actor Reha Özcan, born on July 5, 1965, age 56, astrological sign Cancer, born in Banjul, Turkey, his brother is actor Serhat Özcan, Reha Özcan joined Kartal Anatolia High School, then joined the State Music Institute of Mimar Sinan University and graduated from it In 1987, he then entered the field of acting through the theater and participated in many important works. During his acting career, he received many awards, including: Best Actor Award at the 3rd Malatya International Film Festival in 2012.

As for his personal life, he is married to Yeşim Ozcan and has two children with her, Rüya and Rüzgar. His wife, Yessem Ozcan, works as a nutritionist and a member of the scientific committee of the functional medicine platform, and he is keen to hide his wife away from the media.

The acting career of Reha Özcan

He began his acting career in 1985 through his participation in a number of plays, then in 1987 he joined the Trabzon State Theater and participated in his plays, then joined the Istanbul State Theater from 1990 until 1991, then joined the Antalya State Theater in 1992 and continued to work there Until 1993, he worked as a theater director and resided in Antalya during this period.

Then he held the position of theater director at Akdeniz University and was training the theater club at the university, and worked as director of the theater club at the Mediterranean University, and held positions in the film and television sectors, and worked in Istanbul State Theater for the second time from 2010 to 2011. The character of Halis in the series “Maral”, and participated in the series “Queen of the Night”, for which he gained wide fame.

In 2017, he played the role of Fikri Elibol in the series “Bizim Hikaye”, and this series was one of his most important television works and earned him great fame, and he was nominated for many important awards, including: Most Successful Actor of the Year Award from the 8th Lions Theater Awards in 2008, Best Actor Award At the Tahrir Road Film Festival in 2009, the Best Male Actor award in 2011 from the 15th Afif Theater Awards, Reha Özcan presented more than 30 works of art in various fields during his acting career.

Reha Özcan and “TRRT1 80s”

The Turkish actor Reha Özcan recently joined the famous Turkish series “TRT1 Eighties”, and the series of the eighties series presents the names that are scheduled to participate in the new season, including Reha Özcan. Actor Reha Özcan’s participation in the series, which is characterized by a wonderful crew, will add great strength to the series’ strength, and about his participation, Reha Özcan stated that the eighties and nineties had an important place in his life because he was born in 1965, and he explained that he is excited to participate in the eighties series that talks about stories These years, everyone is waiting for the role that Reha Özcan will play in the series.

This series was developed and used to take the audience every day of the week until the eighties, and after the eighties series was shown, the audience took care of it and the audience noticed the expansion of the crew of the series with the participation of big stars, including: Reha Özcan, Irfan Kanji, Zeynep Demirel, and the eighties series is one of the series TRT1 which is every day of the week at 5 o’clock before the main newscast.

The decor was changed specifically for the series, and the costumes were done in a professional manner for the actors, and many filming scenes were filmed outside Istanbul this time. For filming, the series was shown for 6 seasons on TRT1 channels, and its show was ended in 2017. At that time, viewers expressed their desire to see this series on screens again, and it seems that its show this time will be stronger than previous times.

Reha Özcan and Serhat Özcan

Reha Özcan is not the only actor in the Özcan family. His older brother is the famous Turkish actor Serhat Özcan. After Reha participated in a number of plays at the Istanbul State Theater and won many awards, he gained great fame and many wanted to know more details about his life and his brother, everyone notes that Reha and Serhat Özcan joke around constantly, but Serhat is more brave and sane than Reha Özcan being the youngest of 5 siblings, and Serhat Özcan has stated that he is very proud of his brother because he is a very good actor, hardworking and committed man.

He also stated that he went many times to see him in the plays in which he participates, as he watched him behind the scenes and saw that he was making a great effort to produce the best performance for the audience, and Serhat added that he and his brother struggle together in order to be known by many of the audience, and Reha Özcan stated that he watches and follows his brother Serhat. Permanently because his brother is his first role model, and that if he does something wrong, this will not affect their family because his brother has done a lot on the stage, and he calls him the nickname “The Key.” He added that they play pool together and spend a long time together if the opportunity allows, and he explained that he annoys his brother. a lot, and that his older brother Sarhat would hit him sometimes when he was a boxer, but he loves him despite everything that happened between them.

Series Reha Özcan

The series “Majnoun Al-Jebal” in 2007.
The series “Valley of the Wolves: Ambush” is important 2007.
series “Al-Mirsad” in 2008.
The series “Sleepers” in 2012.
The series “Queen of the Night” in 2015.
series “Our Story” in 2017, in which he played an intellectual role.