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Information about Ece Yuksel

Ece Yüksel, a Turkish actress who became famous for the role of “Inci” she played in the series Yargi or Judgment, and although she appeared in a few episodes, the story was built on it. Let’s get to know this actress Ece Yüksel and find out all the available information about her in detail:

Ece Yüksel’s birthday is October 6, 1997.
Her age in 2022 is 25 years old
Her religion is Islam.
She studied at the Department of Theater at Kadir Has College
Ece Yüksel is 155 cm tall.
She weighs 45 kg.
She started with acting through the series Harem Al Sultan

her life story

Ece Yüksel was born in Istanbul in 1997. She has natural red hair and foreign features. White skin is a great talent since childhood. She participated in a number of theatrical productions at the school. To be her dream to become an actress when she grows up and this is what Ege did to enter the world of art and acting at the first opportunity she had.

Her parents didn’t want her to be an actress at first, but when they saw her desire, they supported her. “The awards took their place in the corner of our hall. Her family got more excited than her at every award ceremony. Every time you get an award, they are happier than her. Iggy tells us she wouldn’t have gotten to this point without their support.”

Who is Ece Yuksel?

Ece Yüksel is born under the sign of Libra. It is characterized by common traits with those born in this sign. She has a charming personality. She loves sermons, debates and speaking in various articles, and always seeks to balance topics and achieve justice and fairness, is balanced and possesses an attractive spirit. She is interested in sports and considers it an essential part of her life. Eiji enjoys a sophisticated and diplomatic manner that enables her to persuade and influence others.

She is distinguished by a strict intelligence, which she shows in her choices that are dominated by taste and ingenuity. She adds a charming touch to every work she contributes to, and the strength of the Libra woman lies in her ability to see the good and motivating side of the characters; Where you do not care about the flaws and the negatives unless you take into account the preservation of discovering the positives and the points of strength in the personalities you deal with so that you can realize their personality and influence them well. Despite this, Libra women are keen to choose companions.

The character of Ece Yüksel is considered one of the most beautiful people of that generation, as it is characterized by being located in a circumstance between rationality and emotionality, as it seeks all the time to find a balance between them, so that it is not romantic or rational in a way that is too much, and is also characterized by diplomacy and eagerness to listen to She constantly voices the truth, just as she does not mind admitting her mistakes if she finds herself wrong, and that is what makes her distinct from her generation.

her lover and boyfriend

Our young star has a love affair with one of them. Where she posted a picture of her with him. Ece Yüksel is emotional, has social strength, is good at communicating with others, has a friendly and cheerful personality, and has a charming and charming spirit. She can find a balance between mind and emotion, so neither one of them can beat the other, and that is what usually wins her. Delight her partner in all ways.

Although she is sentimental, she simply does not fall in love. And as soon as she falls in love, she succeeds in the success of the relationship, because she understands greatly for her partner, as she is clever in influencing her lover and simply absorbing his anger. She has a creative side in the moments when she expresses her emotions, she yearns for pleasure and harmony, and is in harmony with the unique individual who is aware of her need for emotionality, she has a longing to experiment with different types of bonds, representing that she and the lover are an individual in that life. Once married, she becomes a complete wife and an ideal mother who takes care of her family and makes sure that all the affairs of her home go according to a specific approach.

Getting started with acting

Her enthusiasm for acting started at an early age. Iggy said, “I was a very active kid when I was younger. I loved the tradition. I was feeling bored. I was a little insistent on my family and they sent me to a theater course when I was seven. I didn’t even know how to read or write when I went to school. I loved the theatre. My teachers there found me talented and directed me to the agency. This is how I entered the world of theater and television series… I loved acting.

The games my peers were playing at the time seemed childish to me anyway. I was 10 years old and I would tell them ‘I have a job’. Because I was memorizing. I guess I didn’t see myself as a kid, it was better to hang out with the adults…

Ece Yüksel started acting and posing in front of the camera with the series “The Blade”. Then she played Idris’ daughter, played by Cem Yilmaz in Yavuz Turgul’s Av Season. After this movie, I prepared to act in TV dramas.

How did you get into acting?

The changing point of her existence in the world: a cinematic work “Til I Breathe” was a turning point in her existence in the world. “My parents didn’t want me to be an actress when I came to high school, they wanted me to have a decent craft. They saw the procedure as a hobby. They thought it wasn’t true for me as a profession. They advised me to go to the relevant course and study in a good department at the university. Back then, there wasn’t much effort involved, so I said “okay” and focused on the lessons. Til I Breathe

I became one of the breaking points in my world. Thanks to that film work, I entered the world of independent cinema for the first time. The matter was quite contrasting, the people in the film work were more bottomless. The characters who made that effort worked happily. After that film work, I decided to become an actress. Whenever I received the Young Promising Singer Türkan Şoray award at the Adana Film Festival, I realized that my decision was right. That award convinced my family, too. She began studying theater at Kadir Has University.

Ece Yüksel
Ece Yüksel