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Celil Nalcakan

Celil Nalcakan – Kardeslerim Akif Atakul

Celil Nalcakan, his religion, his age, his series, his movies, his wife, full information about him, he is one of the most important stars of Turkish drama. Celil Nalcakan has many of his works in the Arab world, which made him one of the most famous stars of Turkey among the Arabs. In addition to knowing details about his most important and most famous works, the report will also talk about the most important and famous Turkish series in which Jalil participated, and the most important and closest roles he played during his artistic career.

Information about Celil Nalcakan

Birthdate: June 10, 1978
Birthplace: Sivas, Turkey
Residence: Istanbul
Age in 2020: 42 years
Religion of Islam
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological sign: Gemini
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering, University of the Republic, Hotel Management, University of Baleksir
Artistic debut: Sila series
Most important works: Poyraz Karayel
Years of activity: 2006 – now
Length: 1.80 meters
Weight: 78 kg
Hair color: black
Eye color: black
Marital status: married

Celil Nalcakan’s life story

Celil Nalcakan is one of the most famous Turkish drama actors, who has appeared in many dramas, the most famous of which is the series “Poyraz Karael”. Jalil was known through the role of Zulfiqar in the series. Celil Nalcakan had no connection with acting or the artistic community in his childhood. Rather, his entry into the artistic community was by chance, but now he has become one of the most important stars of Turkish drama, which gives weight to everything he participates in. The artist, Jalil Nalcikan, was born on the tenth day of June 1978 in the city of Sivas.

Celil Nalcakan
Celil Nalcakan

Jalil has one sister, who is 17 years younger than him, and Jalil considers his sister to be his young daughter due to the great age difference between them. Both Jalil’s father and mother worked in the field of teaching, but after completing secondary school, he decided to enroll in the College of Engineering to study geoengineering, and indeed he finished Jalil studied engineering from the University of the Republic, but his dream did not stop there.

After 7 years of studying geoengineering related to Earth science, Jalil turned to another direction in the field of education and decided to study hotel management due to the importance of this field in the Turkish state. From studying acting for a while, then he got the opportunity to participate in his first artistic work, which is the series “Sila”, and indeed this was the beginning of Jalil with art, and after that he became one of the biggest stars of Turkey.

Celil Nalcakan in the movie Winter Story

Celil Nalcakan appeared in many Turkish cinematic and dramatic works. In a very short time, Jalil was able to prove his invaluable talent. Many of Celil Nalcakan’s artworks were shown in the Arab world after being translated or dubbed, and among the most famous Turkish films shown in the Arab world And won the admiration of the audience is the movie “Winter Story”, which is very similar to the life of Disney.

The events of the film revolve within a framework of fantasy adorned with a measure of romance. The film revolves in the year 1916 about a poor young man named “Peter” who sees a large dark palace and thinks that no one will live in it and enters to rob it, as he is surprised by the presence of “Beverly” and from here the events begin.

Celil Nalcakan in the series “The Farm Lady”

There are many Turkish dramas that have won the admiration of Arab viewers, but the series “The Lady of the Farm” is the most famous without any comparison. The series “The Lady of the Farm” is a drama series adapted from the novel of the Turkish writer “Orhan Kemal”, and the series shows the class disparity in the Turkish society, trying to shed light on this problem that all Turks suffer from, and the events of the series revolve around “Kholud”, a poor girl who works at the “Mutafar Bey” factory. Khuloud falls in love with one of her colleagues and they agree to marry, but her brother rejects this marriage and asks Immortal marriage to “Nizar”, a relative of Muzaffar Bek, so that they can get the money.

After a lot of difficulties and problems faced by both Kholoud and her lover, Kholoud decided to leave her lover to marry “Nizar.” By killing “Muzaffar Bek” and admits that Muzaffar’s partner forced him to kill him after threatening him.

From here begins the conflict between the Muzaffar Bey family and Kholoud, and the events of the series take place in the city of Adana in 1950. The series was dubbed into Moroccan and Syrian dialects, and the series was shown in Serbia, Croatia, Morocco, Romania and many Western countries.

Celil Nalcakan son
Celil Nalcakan son

Celil Nalcakan in the series Revenge

After the successive successes in Celil Nalcakan’s life, Jalil managed to get a major role in a series starring the international star “Beren Sat”, which is the series “Revenge”. Beren Sat is considered one of Turkey’s most famous stars in the Western and Arab world as well. The series was shown in 2013, The series is one of the most popular modified series.

The series is adapted from the events of the foreign series “Revenge”, and the events of the series revolve around a girl who fabricates an accusation against her father in her childhood, so that her father is imprisoned, then a group of villains conspire against him to kill him inside the prison, then the girl grows up and returns to the old neighborhood again, She is working on arranging revenge against those who killed her father, and the series was able to achieve great success when it was shown, whether in the Arab world or in Turkey, and Jalil became one of the distinguished drama stars in the Arab world.

The most important works of Celil Nalcakan

Kardeslerim (TV Series) Akif Atakul
A Family Story (Cem)
Partner (Rıfat)
Ağlak Arif
Hayati and Others (Hayati Chief Superintendent
Poyraz Karayel: Global Capital (Zülfikar Ülgen)
Poyraz Karayel (Zülfikar)
Revenge (Adam)
Vicdan (Faruk)
Galip Derviş (Selim)
Çanakkale 1915 (Şefik Aker)
Keşanlı Ali Epic (Hüseyin)
Endless Song (Necip)
Lady’s Farm
Winter’s Tale
Sıla (Dilaver)