Ozge Demirtel religion boyfrienf Biricik story of island

Ozge Demirtel religion boyfriend



Ozge Demirtel religion boyfrienf Biricik story of island

Who is the Turkish actress Ozge Demirtel? heroine the series of Beirijek story of island. Let us know the beautiful girl Biricik Ozge Demirtel and get to know the story of her life and look at her representation. Lots of information about her lover, valid and other information you want to know about Ozge Demirtel.

Basic Information About Ozge Demirtel

Ozgi The beautiful girl who broke the role of Biricik the thin girl, one of the stars of the summer drama series “The story of the island” Aisha Touran and Alp Naverz. Let us recognize the most important information:

The birthday of Ozge Demirtel 25 May 1994.
Her age in 2021 is 27 years old.
Ozge Demirtel is her religion is Christian.
Her astronomy is Gemini.
The length of Ozge Demirtel 160 cm.
The weight is 45 kg.
It’s start with representation in 2021.

Actress appeared for the first time through the series “An island’s story” and although it has its first role but has a very big attraction and a strong presence. He won a strong role close to the tournament. Ozji was born in Istanbul in 1994. It is born in Gemini Tower. Her religion is Christianity.

Its personal qualities

It is skilled, dignified, social, you enjoy caresa, loves independence, optimistic and objective. Thanks to the influence of Mercury planet, women belonging to Gemini are characterized by culture and intelligence, as well as their love for the abundance of interviews and meetings to meet new figures. As they are known for their charm and attractiveness and their impact on those around and so the mixture of higher intelligence, sporadic and magic serves well, so she has a large number of owners and knowledge who love her.

It is clear that it is volatile and does not know the stability of her life. As they have a speed of slaughter and skip to any failed association, they may appear on the basis they are one non-sensitive.

As it is taken above it is superficial, a limited number of things, envying those who are most successful, as you question all around. The most prominent superficial, nervous, spontaneous, reluctant and dodgy. Also, Gemini women tend to complicate things, as their volatile character makes their feelings contradictory and difficult to expect.

Ozge Demirtel and her lover

Do not let their partner safely, they intervene with the details of its presence in this world and is constantly seeking to know more about its partner who knows he is the same.

Try all of them to return and make the partner fond of them. She is a woman who is a privilege and axis of love. However, conflicting in her mood is sometimes pushing it into a mysterious episode that does not know.

You like who makes them laugh, so do not mean that you have to be a clown and pass jokes once again. But to be an individual enjoying a comic sense, and the sarcastic nature, is what women attracts you. She dreams of a neoplar who is pleased with ethics, values ​​and principles, showing your respect for her and others, respect for them.

It is a female and donated and lovingly loving the fall in love. Close to them. Although it is dramatically romantic and excellence only, they are not simply loving although they are not taking place in the search for love and passion, they do not give her emotion quickly while the passion given to her quickly.

The beginning of representation

Uzhi began to work in 2021. Through the series of island’s story.
The Navroz and the beautiful star Alasha Turan met with the latest Turkish series, which carries the name of the island – Ada Masalı. It counts from the unique procedures in which Hassan and the nice drama meet in the series of individuals presented during the summer 2021. Ligdo among the nice novels serial emotional modern It is a champion of the most popular and famous representatives in the Arab world especially during the recent period. The story of the series of the island of Troy for a love story that will be between Navruz and Ayash Touran with strange circumstances that are axis on the island.

The effort of output Ali Blagin and the issuance of Kerem Katay. The team consists of Yilda Iroglu and Wassim Chetak. He is the director of the issuance of serial Sida Shift and accompanied by the executive product, Ali Demer, as well as Mr. Mohamed Aydin and others from the coordination band, including the Coordinator of the Edogo Zafer, as well as the supervisor of the group will be shaken.

Instagram Ozge Demirtel and Facebook

Although it is in its artistic independence as an example, but it has been attracted attention to viewers. He has more than 100,000 followers with her first work.

An obvious speed and capacity of a modern opening with any and what an article is chosen and easily, from politics to travel, sports, even art and famous, artificially on all subjects due to its curiosity.

It can be included at the bottom of the bugs and the bottoms, inability to express their sensations, which may make them isolated from its surroundings. As her hesitation in taking sentences makes them sustainable tension and nervous.

Instagram Ozge Demirtel
Instagram Ozge Demirtel