Lizge Comert religion, boyfriend age info

Lizge Comert religion

Lizge Comert religion, boyfriend age info

Süsen Star Serial My brothers, to get to know the upside of Lizge Cömert What is real? How did the world of representation and art entered. What is its religion. Lots of information about the following article.


A rising star begins its first steps by representation through the Turkish drama series (my brothers) to learn about the most important personal information about:

The birthday of Lizge Cömert 16 August 1999.
Lizge Cömert in 2021 is 22 years.
The religion of Lizge Cömert is Islam.
Her birthday in Izmir.
Its study at Ozjein University, representation department.
LIZGE CÖMERT length 164 cm weighing 60 cm.
Her astronomy is Lion.

The story of her life

Turkish actress Lizge Cömert is an upward representative begins its first steps. It is studying representation at the university now. Our beautiful brown star was born in Izmir in 1999. her astronomical tower is the lion tower. It has a lot of common qualities and the owners of this strong tower.

Its primary studies ended in her dazir. Then she moved and her family to Istanbul. Its studying there. Now that acting at the university is considered to be dedicated to work for the work they love, representation of television and cinema.

It is characterized by nervousness. It is very effective and dignity, and increases its anger as soon as it ends its provocation or conflict, and in that position will be unleashed in anyone who is angered, and do not regret any means. Annia is one of its most vulnerable dots.

Its personal qualities

Lizji daughter, creative, and a bit of personal and express in its positions and their views, as you like to be the sight of everyone’s eyes, and often succeeds in pointing their attention and attracting them. Their favorite colors are: orange, dark yellow, gold, red, and loved the precious rocks for her heart: diamonds and sapphire, metal gold, my favorite pink is poppy, just like she likes shepherds and lily, and her favorite fruit cards.

Shaguity and fireproof, love themselves, you love who gives it much like more. Lynn is liked to limit or even love, but it is not possible if he has been a person who is compatible and appreciated with him. Like the insulation you like emotional in the first components, but it is simply disappointed if anything is little impact.

Personality and migrant, they represent the same queen length, and they are the most beautiful and considered that property of the selected qualities of Lion’s women, which paid people to stay away. He refuses to draw her views even if they are friends and close friends. It fully refuses to interfere with their affairs and angered this quickly taking into account that they are very criticized, and their criticism is sometimes vulnerable, but the tower is not mandated by other feelings.

The beginning of representation

Lizge Cömert started with representation in 2021 through the Summer Serial “My brothers” and was very successful and very successful in terms of viewing and working quality.

And the tale of the series, with the tale of the series, as the events of the large number of sadness, sorrow and drama in the same time, and there are four brothers or brothers, Kadir, Omar Asia and hope. Their mother and father will lose unfortunate, but they have not separated from each other despite all things, and nothing remains anything they can do with some of them, and they can not constipate any other hand and therefore to meet the difficult life, and throughout their entry into the high school of Akef. This is what we discovered in the episodes of my brothers we will see modern affairs and early secrets.

Süsen in the series of my brothers

Despite its small role but the public knows on Süsen perfectly. Where the beautiful star has simple and strong influence. The role of Süsen was a pre-rich girl-friendly girl stage close to a number of female students. It has a separate story as she lives away from her family. Its family acted and does not deprive them of the requirements of life.

That girl Süsen or Lizji attracted public attention to this only role. We expect a large and dazzling future with age and Turkish dramas.

Instagram Lizge Cömert

You trust her person, and it is difficult to change its opinion on it. A coherent woman, can not be patient in any way, and all things will want to inform them instantaneously, as they are hasty in their decisions and do not bear the skin in thinking and plan.

Volatile and change her views and without earlier, and is not possible to violate her mood in no way, which causes problems with others, especially in effort. It is one of the death and sincere personnel.

They seek to acquire their independence at any value. They hate restrictions and fear them, and resort to the length of time to develop their relevant work. It can not be done by commitment to laws, and submission to the system and routine.

The religion of Lizge Cömert is Islam
The religion of Lizge Cömert is Islam
Süsen in the series of my brothers
Süsen in the series of my brothers