Burçin Abdullah religion, husband, information

Burçin Abdullah and her husband and children

Burçin Abdullah in the Fatima series, which gained great fame through a number of other works. Let’s get to know Burçin Abdullah, the Turkish actress who gained great fame in the previous period. What is her religion and is she Muslim or Christian? Who is her husband and does she have children? Her personal qualities and a lot about her life.

Who is Burçin Abdullah?

Burçin Abdullah is a Turkish actress, born in Bursa, Turkey. She worked mainly in Turkish series. Let’s get to know some important information about her:

Burçin Abdullah’s birthday: July 22, 1987.
Burçin Abdullah’s age in 2021: 34 years old.
Her religion is Muslim.
Her studies graduated from the Faculty of Economics.
Its beginnings are in 1998.
Its length is 165 cm.
She weighs 65 kg.

The story of her life and the beginning

Burchin was born on July 22, 1987, in Bursa. Graduated from Marmara University, Department of Investment in British Language. Burçin Abdullah, who first appeared on camera in the TV series Hot Days, became famous as Lamia in 1998.

After that, she contributed to many television acts, including:

1998 – All Things Will Be Well (Motion Picture)

1998 – Arranged (Aisha) (Motion Picture)

1998-2004 – Mother Consort (Lamia) (TV series)

2004-2006 – The Colossal Forum (Pinar) (TV series)

Burçin Abdullah’s Personal Attributes

Berchin Abdullah, born in Istanbul, born in 1987, is a television and film actress, who has been critically active in her contributions to theatrical framework and has had an attempt at film acting at the hands of my work. She was duly active in her contributions in the framework of serial episodes, and she had an endeavor in cinematography at the hands of my work. Goodbye Ankara, and welcome to you. I knew her role in the 2017 Ertugrul Resurrection series.

A loyal personality who can create a solid bond with her partner. Often she likes silence and not to provoke problems because she is a woman with a diplomatic personality.

It is also characterized by shyness and sensitive personality. A woman who loves solitude, for her staying at home after doing all her daily meals and getting some rest and stillness is considered one of the best things about her, far from enjoying a trip outside the house. She loves volunteer work, sharing with others, and giving assistance.

She is very intuitive and enables her to thank subjects to the max. Usually she tends to adopt axioms and uses a limited number of vocabulary that expresses her sincere feeling, such as: the words I feel, I think, and I see, and her thinking often stems from her mind.

Searching for everything that is modern and seeking all the time to reach the unknown and go to any headquarters in order to reach what you want to know. She is very sensitive to others when they try to mess with her feelings and she becomes very cruel with them, so it takes longer to be able to get out of a failed attempt. Very vague and closed, she does not reveal what is inside her and what is on her mind to others, even if they are the closest people to her.

Burçin Abdullah and her husband and children

Nervous and difficult to act in her company, but in the real world she is completely against that, as she is more romantic and her heart is filled with love for all people, especially her family. A very ambitious woman who loves to give what she does, and often likes to highlight her talent. A personality that can be patient with responsibility, and can receive, entrust and care for its young children with all care, as it enjoys a personality that loves greatly at home.

She is moody, sometimes in a wave of rage, crying and strong screaming, but she quickly returns to her calmness and nature. You have a personality with complex aspects that are difficult to understand, and sometimes you do things that are not at all. She cannot fail to remember which one would someday torment her emotions, leaving her heart wracked with grudges against them.

Burçin Abdullah and her husband and children
Burçin Abdullah and her husband and children

her series

2005 – Breaking Away 5 (Bud) (TV series)
2007 – The Brown Pearl (Dharmananka) (TV series)
2008 – The Pursuit (Pearl) (TV series)
2011 – What is wrong with Fatima the bogeyman? (Aisha) (TV series)
2012 – Land of the Ottomans: Resurrection (TV series)

2012 – Della Hanim (Fatima) (TV series) – Bad Road (Feliz) (TV Series) – Sakina (Flower) (Motion Picture) – I’ll Bring You the Sea (Smurfs) (Motion Picture) – All is well (Dilek) (TV series)

2013 – Dorson Raghib (Delek) (Motion Picture) – Donny (Miral) (Motion Picture)
2014 – Let Them Think Now (Sida) (TV series)
2014 – No One Is Without Error (Janan) (TV series)
2015 – Rich and Poor (Alif) (TV series)
2015 – My father told me (Janan) (TV series) – You left me and I went (Fidan) (TV movie)

2016 – Are you a man? (Nazli) (film film work)
2016 – Good Luck (Bossi) (Motion Picture) – Telegram and Bug of Ankara (Jasmine) (Motion)
2017 – Resurrection of Ertuğrul (Helena) (TV series) – On the Edge of Hope (Motion Picture)
2017 – Open the Door, I’m So Bad (Motion Picture).

Burçin Abdullah in the series Fatima

She co-starred in the series Fatima. It is a Turkish crime drama series, version 2021, from the competition of Borgo Berecik, Ugur Yucel and Hazal Tursan. The largest season was shown on Netflix on April 27, 2021, the largest season consisting of 6 episodes.

The events of the Fatima series revolve around a female cleaner who arrives from effort (35), not unmarried to one of the men, her husband has entered prison as a result of a few procedures, and after his release from prison he suddenly disappeared after his release, and she began to search for him in various directions You may find it in him, but unfortunately you commit an unexpected murder.

Fatima’s life has changed, especially until now, her knowledge of the dark life of her companion, which made her enter from a murder felony to another crime in order to continue alive only, however, Fatima decided to take revenge on all the things she faced one day, becoming really a killer. sneaking up on her revenge, too.

On the other hand, her innocent and wronged son remains in the midst of a huge and unjust world, so she becomes a mother who wants revenge for her son as well, and in return she continues to live as a cleaner in the homes so that no one suspects her and that she is the cause of these various crimes while continuing to search for her companion In the different headquarters you mean.

Burçin Abdullah
Burçin Abdullah