Beril Pozam's religion is Muslim

Beril Pozam religion husband, series, information



Beril Pozam religion husband, series, information

Beril Pozam, an actress who always appears as the beautiful blonde girl who is trying to get a lover who is not her own. Beril Pozam as the second villain. But her creativity always makes Beril Pozam a special and beloved artist, and she has always won the admiration of viewers, despite her role, which is called “the warrior”. Beril Pozam has given her most famous roles such as that of Idel in The Tale of an Island. And Issam in the Scorpio and Nazmia in the luxurious adoration. Let’s get to know together this beautiful Turkish actress and a lot of information about her personal and professional life and her beginnings as an actress.

Who is Beril Pozam?

Beril Pozam is the heroine of the series “The Story of an Island”, here are the 7 most important information about Beril Pozam:

Beril Pozam’s birth date is January 1, 1995.
Her age in 2021 is 26 years old.
Beril Pozam’s religion is Muslim.
Her place of birth is
Beril Pozam is 170 cm tall.
Beril Pozam’s weight is 55 cm.
Beril Pozam’s lover is actor Ugur Uzunil.

her life story

Beril Pozam was born in Istanbul in 1995. She studied Mant through the Faculty of Dramatic Art and Music at Bilkent University. Our star has loved acting and art since childhood. She participated in a number of school plays. This made the love of acting born in her heart and growing every day from the other.

Beril Pozam personal traits

As for the characteristics of Beril Pozam, it is the refusal to attempt modern things: routine and stability are counted among the necessary topics for her, since the real achievement for her lies in setting up a measure and sticking to it without daring, transgressing and trying new things. Being considerate and caring for others is noticeable: as this issue may constitute a huge responsibility and may not be necessary on its shoulders, as it is necessary to strike a balance in that.

Significantly critical opinion: as it often seeks diligent effort to meet and accomplish high achievements, this may generate high standards that require adherence to, and when any failure occurs, it is not in any way confused by criticism. Authoritarianism: as it is usually born with a leadership personality and possesses high self-illness, so it is usually a gift in administrative and supervisory functions, because it likes to dictate to others their actions and the way to do them.

Intolerance: As she may find it difficult to forgive at times, especially if it is related to hurting her emotions, and therefore because she believes that forgiveness may prove deteriorating at times. Obsession at work: most of what a Capricorn woman thinks about is effort, style, and how to master it with the aim of collecting property.

Beril Pozam and her lover and boyfriend

Followers of the actress ask Beril Pozam who her lover is. Everyone was surprised that Beril Pozam’s lover is actor Ugur Uzunil.

Requires surrender to her feelings before engaging in any association, as she prefers to think carefully and slowly and not rush to make judgments, especially when the topic is related to choosing ties, as she seeks not to allow herself to make a mistake or engage in one of the failed connections, as she constantly searches for excellence in her age, and above Choosing a partner is a heavy responsibility in relation to her, as she often loves with her mind and not with her heart, just as she is characterized by sincerity, honesty and rationality, so she searches for characters who look like her and fit her personality with the intention of sticking to them and staying with them without thinking about abandoning them in one day, as she She supports her partner and tries hard to keep him happy

Beril Pozam started acting

Actress Beril Pozam started acting in 2017 through the series “AVM Sakini”. But her real beginning came through the series Al-Ashq Al-Fakheriya. The events of the series revolve around a good, simple, and beautiful girl named Aisha, and her role is represented by (Borgo Ozberk), who coincidentally meets with generosity. This type of girl falls in love with her and tries to get close to her, only to discover that she is in a relationship with a new person called Burke, so he moves away, then fate brings them together in a formal marriage based on a lie, but can this lie become true?

Aisha resides with her mother, and her brother, Reda, who is known for her strictness and firmness, which suffers from his control over many of her life’s affairs, especially until now, her father’s death. For the first time, Aisha is in the Uncle Mojad institution, and from here he begins his attempts to entrap her, as he does with the rest of the females.

Aisha’s brother Reda seeks to marry her to Sabri, their neighbor in the neighborhood who asked him to, because Aisha refuses to marry him.

After that, Aisha goes to the commercial establishment, to find Karam and tells him what happened with her, so that Aisha’s family comes to the company. They believe that Karam stood on his feet by kidnapping her, to complicate the events of the series, so will the lie change to the truth?

Instagram Beril Pozam

Our star Beryl has a large following on her social media sites. The number of her followers on Instagram reached more than 220 thousand followers in 2021. This growth has continued to grow since her first appearance on television.

Discipline is known for our star. She is distinguished by discipline and the ability to control herself, as she is a practical woman who is interested in reaching her goals, and above all, she has a high sense of responsibility and a high ability to form psychological self-supervision.
Idealism: She usually accomplishes her work with great care and skill to reach the highest level of perfection, because all the time she is not looking for idealism at her age and hopes to reach it.

Endurance: It is believed that she is remarkably patient, due to her complete conviction that all things must be taken in due time, especially as soon as it becomes related to the issue of making connections, as she thinks well before taking any decree.

Self-confidence: It is believed that she is one of the most important people with self-satisfaction, as she is constantly proud of and cherishes her achievements and often takes care of her appearance. Not to waste: It is believed that she could be one of the frugal individuals, that is, she does not like wasting in general, as she always seeks to reach essential stability through diligent effort to collect property. She may be ambiguous at times, as she does not reveal her cards quickly and easily to anyone, apart from being a kind and loving person who loves to help others.

Beril Pozam is 170 cm tall
Beril Pozam is 170 cm tall