The story of Yalancı series actors and dates

The story of Yalancı series, actors and dates



The awaited Turkish series Yalancı. Yalancı is one of the summer series for 2021. To become a year full of series and wonderful events with every action. Let’s get acquainted with the Turkish series Yalancı, starring Salih Bademci and Burçin Terzioğlu. Filming will start very soon on August 1, 2021. Let’s know together his story and his story in detail. And a lot about his heroes and those in charge.

The first promotional advertisement for the series Yalancı on Show tv
The series competes with Burçin Tarzioglu and Salih Bademci. Deniz is a shrewd, talented and dedicated literature teacher. Muhammad Amir is a famous surgeon. His son is a student of Deniz. Both did not allow anyone to enter into his existence in the world for a long time. The attraction between them leads them to dinner together and then to a series of events that will turn their lives upside down. He did not cross their minds so much that an innocent eater would bind them and their families to great devastation.

Yalancı series

For the first time, they worked with the wonderful actor Salih Bademci, to be a hero in front of a big star, which is Burchin. He is one of the stars that truly deserves this distinction. He has a large list of beautiful, distinctive and diverse works as well. Is Singh “Saleh” to be the first star of this work.

And a happy return to Turkish actress Burchin. To be the heroine of a wonderful series Yalancı taken from the British series of the same name Liar. The show will be on Show TV.

The heroes of our series in detail

The stars of our series are not ordinary actors, each of them has its own audience who loves to represent them. Let’s get acquainted together with a list of the actors of the Lieber series:

Salih Bademci .
Burçin Terzioğlu

The story of the Turkish series Yalancı

His story revolves around a woman who works as a teacher in an educational institution. Despite her great beauty, she decided not to be associated with anyone who would enter her life. With time, I got to know a surgeon, a man who was very successful in his work, and they became close to each other. Suddenly the story turns from two people, including an affair of love and understanding, to a rape case. Where the beautiful teacher accuses him of raping her. What will happen next between them and is there a big secret about that woman? Did this surgeon really rape her?

The heroine of this series, who plays the role of the teacher, is the beautiful Turkish star Burçin Terzioğlu, born on March 9, 1980. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and is from a family of five. Her father is Yilmaz Terzioğlu, and her mother is Maqbola Terzioğlu, and she has a brother who is Bulent. Terzioglu and sister, Bukit Terzioglu, Burchin studied acting at the Mujadat Gezen Art Center, and was known for her obsession with raising dogs, as well as photography and swimming.
Singer Burçin Terzioğlu married Turkish singer Murat Yildirim, known in the Arab world as “Emir” on June 20, 2008, and their marriage lasted for six years until they decided to separate on June 30, 2014, and after their separation during a period that spread and expanded the news about the singer’s relationship Burçin Terzioğlu and actor İlker Kaleli, the star of the Poyraz Karayil series.

The heroine of our wonderful series, Burçin Terzioğlu

The famous Turkish star Burchin is the heroine of the work. Burchin will play the teacher who doesn’t think about getting confused or having an affair. She accuses Jarrah of raping her. Let’s get to know a little more about our star in the next lines.

Burchin first appeared as the heroine in the series The Hurricane in 2006 as Zeinab, then the series “Al-Rahma” as “Deniz, and her fame expanded through the series “Ezel” as “Added”, which won a huge reputation, competing with the star Kenan Imirzalioglu and Jansu Deri, whose events take place After Omar Ozar is betrayed by his trusted friends and the woman he loves, Ezel returns to Ezel to get his revenge, a young man in the prime of life full of beauty and a kind soul. He has just returned from his conscription and is about to marry the girl of his dreams, Esan, his two best friends, Cengiz and Ali, like his two brothers, and he trusts them with all his heart, but his presence in the world in general is facing him.

The drama begins when the security forces break into Omar’s slumber room while he is still sleeping, and he is arrested for murder and theft in the casino last night. Coming: Why? It is noticeable that Omar was set up, but was it most likely actually the design for such a terrible offense by two of his best friends and fiancé Isan? Public notice of Omar’s death is crossed out as a consequence of his imprisonment, but death is a cover-up for revenge. Following a plastic surgery, Omar returns to Ezel, with only one job in life.

The hero of the Turkish drama Salih Bademci

The main actor of this series is Salih Bademci. Our star plays a surgeon who dates a woman teacher who accuses him of trying to rape her. Saleh has started his artistic career since he was ten years in the world, and a man of roles in a large number of dramatic and theatrical practices. Film works in 2006

In 2007, he participated in a role in the series (Prada), which revolves around a number of young friends from high society, who meet in one of the bars of one of their friends, and they are leaving from the bar, they are held under the extortion of peace by five characters, they torture and rape them, and there was no The only reason for that gang is to discipline them.

He contributed to many episodes of the Turkish drama series, including, over time, Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki, a Turkish drama television series of the year 2010, from the Zawaya Betekkia and Ayesha Bengul competition, written by Kozkin Ermak and directed by Zeinab Junay, and the soundtrack for the series, composer Erkan Koray. . He became famous by presenting the character of Ghassan the always oppressed, who works to win the heart of his beloved Nevin, but to no avail, but he remains in love with her sincerely and loyally until the conclusion. Followers, especially the Arab, sympathized with this character and loved Saleh since then.

Yalancı’s Controversial Tale

Yalancı is the story of a famous surgeon, a gentleman who has been very successful in his career. Suddenly he meets a beautiful woman who is successful in her work as a teacher. So that woman begins dating him and the events turn from a growing love story to a rape case, so what happened to turn the story in this way Follow the events of the series soon after it was shown on Show TV.

The hero of our work is the artist Salih Bademci, who plays the role of a surgeon. A Turkish actor, born in Izmir on August 15, 1984. He completed his secondary education at Bornova Anadolu Lisesi High School. His presence in the artistic world began early in 1994 with the movie (M?ym?nt?lar Kral?.) and then in 2006 by The series (Barda) played a secondary role, then between 2007-2009 he participated in the series (Elveda Rumeli), between 2010-2013 he appeared in the series (?yle Bir Geçer Zaman ki), in 2014 he also participated in the series (Zeytin Tepesi), in In 2014, he participated in a cinematic work (Arkada?lar Aras?nda), his latest contribution was in 2015 through the series (Kiral?k A?k). As for the personal south of Egypt, Saleh has been married to Qamar Ozgun (?mer ?zgün) since 2015.