Zerrin Tekindor religion, age, husband, information

Zerrin Tekindor, the Turkish actress, her religion, is she Muslim or Christian, her age and date of birth and what is her astrological sign, her husband who is and information about him. Years of activity, her artwork and the awards she received.

Information about Zerrin Tekindor

Birthdate: August 5, 1964
Age in 2021: 57 years
Astrological sign: Leo
Birthplace: Burhaniya, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Marital status: separate
Ex-husband’s name: Tahsin Tkindor
Number of children: 1
Children’s names: Hera
Occupation: Theater and television actress and painter
The most important roles: the role of Lamis Khanum in the series “Ask-i Memnu”
The beginning of the artistic career: started in 1987
Years of activity: since 1987 until now.


The life story of Zerrin Tekindor

Turkish actress Zerrin Tekindor was born on August 5, 1964, so she is 57 years old and her astrological sign is Leo. Ankara then joined the State Conservatory of Music at Hacettepe University, from which she graduated from the theater department in 1985. In the same year, she began working on the State Theater and presented a variety of successful theatrical performances, and one of the most famous plays she presented was the play “Who Is Afraid of the Traitorous Wolf” in 2014, she also participated in the play “Antonius and Cleopatra” in 2012.

She won many awards during her artistic career, and in 1990 she continued her studies as a student at the Department of Painting at Bilkent University and continued there until 1994. For painting, she is a painter and theater and television actress, and one of her most famous dramas was the series “Ask-i Memnu”, in which she embodied the character of Lamis Khanum or Mademoiselle with the Turkish star Kivanc Tatlitug, the star Beren Sat, the star Hazal Kaya and others, she presented many works of art. Variety during her career and distinguished by her wonderful performance.


The life story of Zerrin Tekindor

Zerrin Tekindor and her husband

In 1987, the Turkish star, Zerrin Tekindor, married the well-known Turkish actor, Tahsin Tekindor, but she only lasted with him for ten months and then separated from him. It is worth noting that the Turkish actor Tahsin Tekindor was born on July 16, 1945, and therefore he is 86 years old.

He is a TV actor, born in the Turkish city of Sivas and holds the Islamic religion. He studied at the National Conservatory of Music at Ankara University, and his most important artwork is the movie “My Father and My Son” in 2005, and the movie “Daughter of War” in 2017, and it is worth noting that the Turkish star Zerrin Tekindor announced that she was in a romantic relationship with Turkey’s Haluk Bellingar in 2014.


Zerrin Tekindor and her husband

Zerrin Tekindor in “Ask-i Memnu”

Turkish actress Zerrin Tekindor participated in the series “Ask-i Memnu”, which is one of the most important and prominent Turkish series, which was widely popular and very successful. 2008 and continued until 2011.

Where Mr. Adnan Ziakil decides to marry after the death of his wife by 11 years, he marries Samar Yoroglu, a girl who is many years younger than him, and he also has a son, Murad, and an older daughter, Nihal. Samar, Muhannad is the nephew of Mr. Adnan and lives with them at home and has many relationships with women. His cousin Nihal loves him and wishes to marry him, but the betrayal comes from the closest people, as Muhannad betrays his uncle with his wife after the feelings of love become mutual between them.

The matter begins to develop and the events intertwine, and Miss Lamis discovers what is going on between Muhannad and Samar of betrayal. serial.

Also participating in the series are a group of stars, led by Beren Sat, Kivanc Tatlitug, actor Selcuk Yuntam, actress Hazal Kaya, actress Nepahat Giri, Batuhan Kerjikia and others. Directed by Hilal Saral, Barish Yosh.

Zerrin Tekindor plays

The play “A Woman’s Dream” in 1987.
The play “Farhat and Sherine” in 1992.
“A Loud Tale” in 1993
The play “The Master of Istanbul” in 1993
The play “The Last Love Result” in 1995
“The Open Window to Heaven” in 1997.
The play “Curses of the Deer” in 1999.
The play “From war to peace and from love to battle” in 1999.
“The Killing of Love” in 1999.
The play “The Inspector” in 2003.
The play “A Place in the Middle of the World” in 2007.
“God of the Universe” in 2009
The play “Antonius and Cleopatra” in 2012.
The play “Who’s Afraid of the Traitorous Wolf” in 2013.

Series Zerrin Tekindor

2021 Mucize Doktor (TV Series) 2020 Zemheri (TV Series) 2018 Sahin Tepesi (TV Series) 2015-2017 Kara Sevda (TV Series) 2014 Kurt Seyit ve Sura (TV Series) 2011-2013 Kuzey Güney (TV Series) 2009-2010 Yaprak Dökümü (TV Series) 2008-2010 Ask-i Memnu (TV Series).

Zerrin Tekindor Awards

She won the Best Actress Award in the Comedy and Musical category from the 8th Afifa Theater Awards for her role as Mother Andreevna in the play “The Inspector” in 2004.
She won the Best Actress Award in 2012 for her role as Anita Riley in the play “God of the Universe.”
She won the Best Actress Award for her role in the play “Antonius and Cleopatra” for the role of Cleopatra in 2012.
She won the Best Actress Award for her role in the series “The Return of Muhannad” or “North and South” in 2013 among the Best Website Awards.
She won the Best Actress award for 2013 and 2014, among the Theater Critics Association Awards, for her role in the play “Who Is Afraid of the Traitorous Wolf”.
She received the award for the most successful actress in 2014 from the 18th Afifa Theater Awards for her role in the play “Who Is Afraid of the Traitorous Wolf”.