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Nilsu Yilmaz, the star of My Brothers series, who appeared in the second season of the series. Which played an elegant and beautiful role. A rising actress has drawn attention since she appeared in the series Sultan Abdul Hamid, and the Kirmizi Oda series. She made a very strong impression. Let’s get acquainted together with the Turkish actress Nilsu Yilmaz, her religion is her age, does Habib have who her lover is? Her artistic beginnings and a lot of information about her life and personality.

Information about Nilsu Yilmaz

Here is the most important information about the Turkish actress Nilsu Yilmaz:

Nilsu Yilmaz was born on August 16, 2002.
Nilsu Yilmaz’s age in 2021: 19 years old.
Nilsu Yilmaz’s religion is Muslim.
Nilsu Yilmaz was born in Istanbul.
Nilsu Yilmaz is 170 cm tall.
Nilsu Yilmaz weighed 49 kg.
Her astrological sign is Leo.


Nilsu Yilmaz

Her age, religion and her life story

Nilsu Yilmaz is a young Turkish actress whose age has not exceeded twenty years in 2021. Her star has shined since she entered the world of acting. Her religion is Islam. She is 170 cm tall and our beautiful star is tall.

Nilsu Yilmaz is distinguished by her physical agility, as she is interested in exercising regularly. She also eats healthy food and loves eating healthy fruits. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts from Pera High School. She is now studying theater at Mimar Sinan College.


Her astrological sign and personality

Her astrological sign and personality

Nilsu Yilmaz one of her personal qualities is her enthusiasm and her violent desire to do whatever she wants, especially the subjects she loves and favors, and in the special relations with her she gives the other side all her feelings and in return she does not accept anything less than this, thanks to that she seeks to satisfy and achieve excellence, and often benefits.

Impulsivity does not wait or wait in making its decisions, nor does it ask itself if it requires that it follow its intuition, except to move towards its desires impulsively without any thought. Expressing the proposal: Do not be afraid of anyone when it comes to expressing her opinion and saying what she thinks, and that is what makes her make it clear that she is stubborn, and this character makes the legal profession compatible and realistic for her.

Self-confidence, the characteristic of hesitation, is completely eliminated from its dictionary; Her confidence in her person is extremely high, and she is not affected by any of the issue, which makes her clarified frightening in a limited number of periods, thanks to that she does not care in any way about those around her when she feels satisfied with herself, and her comfort is the source of her approval.

An artistic personality tends to constantly express herself and her personality, and to receive and pledge great attention to her specialized feelings, and given those qualities she possesses, it would have been appropriate for her to exert effort in the field of art and acting, given her ability to start expressing in the face of everyone, as she behaves as if the world is a stage for representation.


Nilsu Yilmaz and her lover

Love, according to Nilsu Yilmaz, is either all things, or else it is unnecessary, and since your intensity is related to all the affairs of your personal life, the case is also with regard to passion, it is closely related to the manifestations of intensity and passion you have, and if you love, you will love strongly.

You give love in a larger way, which is seen and heard in films, books and love novels, and your loose love ignites with more madness and pleasure, and when you obtain love, you give it the necessary order and the first attention in your life, and you do not accept from your partner in love less than that degree in emotions, as You offer him your heart and you want to take possession of the proverb from him as well.

And you may fall in love quickly and easily, except that if that happens, you break into it with all your strength and fall in love completely, but that does not mean that you are easy and accessible to everyone, but the issue is that if you find the person with whom you see your dreams, and he deserves your feelings sooner than you receive With your feelings of love for him, and you give your whole heart to him.

But she is not related and not in love with anyone yet.

Her beginnings in acting

Our young star Nelso started acting through the series “20 Minutes”, and it was one of the most important works that the rising actress participated in in her artistic career as the first work of a novice actress. Then she participated in a middle role in the series Small Crimes. And she was able to snatch a wonderful role in the drama, Love Loves the Impossible.

One of the most important series in which she participated is “Kirmizi Oda” and played the role of a king. And that was in 2020. It was one of the most important dramas of this year. The Red Room is located in a therapist’s office in Istanbul, where we see vulnerable women and men pass through to get treatment and deal with their trauma and problems.

The Red Room is a Turkish series of the psychological category, and it is the first Turkish series of that category. The series is shown on TV8 and released by OGM pictures. The series tells true stories based on the books of psychologist Gulceran. It is reported that the series brought together actors Burak Sevinc and Meric Aral for the second time following the series Al-Ahed.

Series Nilsu Yilmaz

Our rising star is co-starring in the My Brothers series in its second season. The Kardeşlerim Brothers series (My Sisters series) is one of the most successful Turkish dramas that were shown during the previous season, as the series managed to achieve high levels of viewership on TV screens and on the account of the main, documented and official YouTube channel. My Brothers series, the first episode, which was shown on Monday, February 20, 2021, managed to gain more than 8.2 1,000,000 views on YouTube, while most of the episodes of the first season of the series managed to track the number of views that exceeded 10 1,000,000 views on YouTube. The episodes of the first season have achieved ten million views in less than a month, and it counts a great number for the Turkish series, which ends explaining its episodes on TV screens and on the YouTube platform.


Instagram Nilsu Yilmaz and Facebook

Our star is considered a rising actress with reasonable artistic credit who is trying to reach her audience more through social media. One of her most difficult qualities is her strong stubbornness. It is self-confidence rising above importance, in addition to arrogance or arrogance. It is difficult for you to convince her of any point of view that differs from her opinion. The personality of a Leo female tends to advance and dominate all those around her. The matter that is the cause of her many clashes and problems.

She is a character who does not accept criticism in any way from others, even if they are friends or partners. One of its disadvantages is the penetration of the skin and recklessness over and over again. If she wants something, it must be immediately available to her, and she will not have to bear it. One of her most important negatives is that she loves possession, as whenever she enters into a relationship, she has an unnatural sense of domination and ownership, the issue that causes many problems with the partner. One of the best flaws and shortcomings is the exaggeration and exaggeration of problems.

Nilsu Yilmaz is a young Turkish actress