Melis Minkari religion, age, lover, and information

Melis Minkari, one of the stars of the Turkish series My Brothers. Which was liked and watched a lot. Actress She started working as an actress at the age of 16. Let’s get to know Melis Minkari, how old is she? And what is her religion? So much about her personal and emotional life. She got her start in acting.

7 Information about Melis Minkari

The 7 most important information about the Turkish star Melis Minkari

Melis Minkari was born on August 20, 1998.
Age in 2021: 23.
Melis Minkari religion: Muslim.
Birthplace: Istanbul.
Length: 160 cm.
Weighing: 50 kg.
Her husband: Not married.

Her childhood life, her religion

Let’s start with the life, childhood and upbringing of our star, a Leo girl. She was born in 1998. She came to the world in Istanbul. She has a natural beauty and a real presence. Her talent is so great since she was a child. In order to work in acting, he received intensive training courses in acting. Through many training courses in professional acting workshops. To be her debut in 2016 in one of the Turkish dramas.

Her personality is her zodiac sign

Melis Minkari is the hot-tempered daughter of Leo. She has a loud laugh and a bright smile. She loves life, joy, and play, just as she loves the attention of those around her, and she succeeds in investigating this. She is clever, has a strong personality, is frank in her opinions and positions, is creative and has a sense of humor. Rather, if she is angry, she will not retreat from expressing her anger and highlighting the other side of her.

She may use the strength of her character in an exaggerated manner due to her overconfidence in her person, which makes her arrogant and arrogant in the eyes of the few. Romantic to the utmost degree, except that she soon turns against this sheer fall of her companion in a gag, she confesses her delicate sense, and the many that she warns others to fall into ill-treatment with her, she is in this like a lioness who sharpens her claws repeatedly every day waiting for the hour to pounce on her its prey.

No matter how it goes, it captures the sights around it. She is the ideal woman for a man with a confident, assertive personality. She loves gifts and attention to the man she loves, but she expects the other person to reciprocate her with the same amount of love and consideration. She does not mind the campaign is first towards the person she loves, because love is one of the most important things to her in life. Despite this, she does not simply fall in love until she is in a romantic period and feels that person is the best for her. She is loyal, loyal, generous and affectionate and hates routine and classic things.

Melis Minkari and her lover

Actress Melis Minkari is not in a romantic relationship at the time of this article and any new about her romances will be talking regularly here. She is faithful to her husband as long as he is faithful to her. The concentration of men in her does not in any way disturb her; Where this is evidence of her femininity and attractiveness. However, there is a person who is reserved and superior to others.
She is a wonderful housewife and a luxurious host who knows how to supervise the silence of her guests. She is also an exemplary mother who praises the good deeds of her young children without turning a blind eye to their shortcomings.

Wearing traditional and sporty clothes is preferable to other clothes, and she chooses the most valuable fabrics and the best shapes. A rare gem that cannot be found in any newer location, and there is something in the Leo woman that can frighten men, and it is her popularity among males, and few are like the Leo woman who lives surrounded by many male companions and possesses a number of past friends, and it is not possible to reconcile her heart that easily, It is not possible to dominate them or force them to do something.

She hates being managed or ruled, has self-esteem and consideration, has a clean personality, and is a woman who is difficult to overcome, and cannot be bought unless a loving, attractive, educated man appears to make her joyful. She likes to be looked at with abundant eyes, and she does this quite rightly, and one of the factors in doing so is that she likes to get to know new people who have a little influence that can help her pursue the ends of her life, just as she likes to feel wanted and can’t feel the sense of being ignored. .

She possesses an inner sense of loyalty, and once her trust is won, she will be your ally the domain of life, giving warmth and true romantic commitment, appearing beautiful even in adverse situations, being optimistic and constantly able to find the non-negative side of any circumstance and favoring the good over the bad.

Her start in acting

Melis Minkari started working as an actress in 2016. But she soon moved away again and decided to go to study to develop her talent. She has completed her professional acting course at Dialog Lecture Communication, just as she is continuing her acting study in the craft acting workshop, which she started in February 2016.

It is noteworthy that Melis converses fluently in English, and that she is a talented and professional player, especially on the drums and the guitar. My Brothers series is her first acting attempt, at the same time she also contributed to the series Al-Ashq 101 in its second part, which will be shown on Netflix in September.

Melis Minkari series

One of the most important series that Melis Minkari has participated in is “My Brothers”. She played Ibeca, the beautiful, fierce girl who stands next to her cousins. The novel of the series revolves around a number of brothers whose lives were stable among their family, despite their poverty and difficult circumstances.

The protagonists of the series My Brothers are Jalil Nalıkkan, as Akif Atakul, Ahu Yağtu as Susan Maniasli, Kunit Miti as Orhan Eren, Fadik Sevin Atasoy as Singul Eren, Halit Ozgur Sari as Kadir Eren, Wigit Kocak as Omar Eren, and Su Bursu Yazigi Koskion as Asi. and Eileen Akpinar as Emil Erin.

The Turkish series My Brothers is released by NGM Media, which is one of the recent releases of Nazli Hepturk, the producer of the Turkish drama series, The Daughter of the Diplomatic Attaché. The crowd interacted significantly when the series was shown on television.

The series is shown on the ATV channel as well as the Hekaya Ashq website. The heroine of the series, Ahu Yagtu, is famous for her distinguished roles in Turkish cinema and TV shows. She also created her YouTube channel dedicated to video clips, and dedicated her channel to talking about fashion and beauty.

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