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Açelya Topaloglu, the heroine of the “Early Bird” series, her religion, is she Muslim or Christian, what is her relationship with the star Jan Yaman, Furat Alba Jayam, Serhat Kilic, her real age, date of birth, her artistic beginning, her most important works, her lover, the most famous rumors about her, And more information we learn about her through a report detailing the biography of the Turkish star Açelya Topaloglu, who is now considered one of the most prominent stars of Turkish drama

Information about Açelya Topaloglu

Date of Birth: November – 19 – 1986
Age in 2021: 35 years
Birthplace: Izmir – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Profession: actress
Hobbies: Dancing – Singing
Her most famous series: Early Bird
Technical beginnings: 2008 – now
Marital Status: Unmarried
Ex-boyfriend: Jan Yaman
Current lover/friend: Kenan Acar
Father’s name: Omer Topaloglu
Mother’s name: Gülor Topaloglu
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 56 kg

Açelya Topaloglu


Açelya Topaloglu’s life story

Turkish actress Açelya Topaloglu is one of the drama stars who shined in the sky of Turkey since her first appearance in 2008 until this time. Especially in dancing, she made her stand out among her friends in the school classes, and because her mother was very interested in her talents, she decided to enroll her in a school to teach dance arts, and Achilla became a skilled dancer at a very young age.

But her love did not stop at dancing only, but later became interested in everything related to art from acting, singing and music, until she later decided to look for an opportunity among the stars of Turkish drama, and did not know that she would become one of the most successful stars due to her first dependence on her talent Apart from the beauty of her features, in addition to her accuracy in choosing roles, what distinguishes Achelia from other stars, is that she is not interested in appearing much in unimportant roles, but she is interested in appearing a few in roles that leave an impact on the hearts of viewers.

Açelya Topaloglu and her lover

In addition to being interested in dramas, every girl who works in the field of acting is looking for true love for her, and she dreams of finding it, especially since the stars of the drama believe that getting real love while they work in acting is very difficult, and given the great fame that Acelia enjoys in Turkey and in the Arab world. Also, the news of her engagement did not last long until it became the talk of the news.


Açelya Topaloglu and her lover

During the filming of the series “Early Bird” in front of the handsome artist Jan Yaman, this friendship that began very spontaneously turned into a love story, and indeed Jan was associated with Achillia for a while, and this duo became the talk of the hour, whether in Turkey, or in the Arab world, especially after the great fame that happened Jeanne upon her after the series was shown in more than one Arab country, and after a while of their association, the separation occurred without either party announcing the reasons, so that Achillea would go on with her life, and Jean would announce his association again. Will Achilia announce her association with another star, the actor Kenan Acar.


Açelya Topaloglu's boyfriend

Açelya Topaloglu and Firat Albayram

Can Yaman was not the only love story that Turkish actress Açelya Topaloglu experienced. During the filming of her first series in 2008, she fell in love with the hero, the star Fırat Alba Fine, and despite the success that this duo achieved together, this relationship did not last long. .

Achelia stated that she was young at the time, so she was making many decisions quickly and without thinking, and after separating from Firat, she was associated with Jan Yaman, the hero of the series “The Early Bird,” and later with the artist Serhat Kilic, but this relationship also ended in separation.

Açelya Topaloglu and her brother

One of the unknown things about the Turkish artist Açelya Topaloglu is that she is one of the people who sanctify their family, as she considers the family in the first place in her life, and comes after the family anything and everything. This made her take her to private schools to teach dance, which benefited her greatly in her artistic career. As for her brother, Achilla describes him as her first and last love. Her brother Aito, who is always older than her, used to provide her with care and attention, even after marriage, her brother’s wife became her closest friend.


Açelya Topaloglu and her brother

Açelya Topaloglu in the series Early Bird

One of the most successful Turkish series that has been shown in the Arab world is the romantic series “The Early Bird”, which has received high ratings in a number of Arab countries. The series revolves around Sanam, a poor girl who works in her father’s grocery store, but finds herself in front of circumstances that force her. Have to look for another job, or else you will be forced to marry someone you don’t love.

Despite Sanam’s cheerful personality, life circumstances were difficult and always made her feel sad, and while searching for work, Sanam found an advertisement for the company where her sister works, asking for new employees. Sanam applied and was accepted to work with them, and from here Sanam’s life will change upside down after Jan meets the son of the owner of the company, who will fall in love with her. Will Jan and Sanam face the social differences between them, and how will his father react after he knows that he wants to marry a poor girl.

The most important works of Açelya Topaloglu

2021 Sihirli Annem (TV Series) 2019-2021 Güldür Güldür Show (TV Series) 2019 Cinayet Süsü 2019 Öldür Beni Sevgilim 2018 Darisi Basimiza (TV Series) 2018 Arapsaçi 2017-2018 Meryem (TV Series) 2017 Damat Takimi 2016 Görevimiz komedi (TV Series) 2015-2016 Inadina Ask (TV Series) 2014-2015 Kaçak Gelinler (TV Series) 2013 Arkadaslar Arasinda 2010/II I Love Me (Short).


The most important works of Açelya Topaloglu